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  1. Alrighty everyone, Do any of you feel maybe a bit confused or lost after your 30 days? Not quite sure where to go from here? Check out this GREAT article I found on www.robbwolf.com that gives some really good advice on handling those days following the challenge. Enjoy! Cross-posted to my blog, and will be posted in the Paleo forum.
  2. Thanks bigm and ETF!! I really appreciate the kind words and kudos!! I was actually thinking about going to Sakura, my favorite hibachi restaurant. But I'm sure I could find a hibachi place at Disney World, so why not both?? But seriously, next I'll be working on fine tuning the diet since I learned a lot this first month. I've got a few cheat days coming up, spread out over the next two months, so I'm hoping that will encourage me to stay even stricter. I'm also considering keeping track of my macros. This month was more diet focused, the coming months will be maintaining that diet and focusing more on fitness/training for the Warrior Dash. I'm so proud of everyone who tried the 30-day challenge!!
  3. *crowd roars* WE DID IT! WE MADE THE 30 DAYS! Everyone post your finishing stats! Here are mine: Weight: 219.8lbs Total lost: 10.2lbs Bodyfat: 35.7% Total lost: 2.3% RyanSannar made a great suggestion to me the other day. I'd like all of you to post your upcoming goals. Think farther in the future, but start small. Don't be afraid to push yourselves! Goals in next 6 weeks Goals in next 3 months Goals in next 6 months Where do you see yourself in a year? Where do you WANT to see yourself in a year?
  4. TWO DAYS LEFT! As we approach the end of our 30-day challenge, I'd like each of you to name something you learned over the past month. In the coming days I'd like you to post your ending stats! YAY! What I've learned: - I have a lot more willpower than I thought I did, and that's given me fantastic motivation to continue with Paleo - Fresh food, and food made from scratch, is way more delicious than processed - I can go a full month without any fast food - I love experimenting in the kitchen - ALWAYS CHECK THE LABELS (those corn and soy byproducts are sneaky)
  5. I plan on doing a lot of my own research but I was wondering if anyone here has experience with an IUD (hormonal or non) and an ongoing diagnosis of depression or other mental health diagnoses (anxiety, in particular). I was diagnosed with depression when I was 13, so I've been on some kind of medication for the last 11-12 years. I've finally found an antidepressant that helps me immensely with my symptoms. I've also grown, matured, and learned to use coping skills and what I need to do to take care of myself. Eventually I hope to go off all prescription medications, but if that's not an option I won't fight it. I started taking birth control when I was 17 because I was having extremely heavy, irregular periods. I'm now wondering if an IUD would benefit me since I do experience noticeable PMS symptoms (actually, since going Paleo I barely noticed anything this month except slightly increased appetite, some cravings, and bloating for a couple days). Is there anyone out there that may have their own experiences, or know anything that could help me? I'll post any relevant research I can dig up on this subject. Thanks!
  6. Great tasting whey protein powder I've found online is the milk chocolate flavor by Gaspari Nutrition. Pretty affordable IMO, tastes almost like a milkshake, and has a good protein-to-card ratio. I haven't been drinking it since I went Paleo, but I may incorporate it back in once I get to the point of doing heavy lifts again and am focusing on strength goals. Just don't go crazy with protein shakes - they pack a lot of calories.
  7. Just as a heads up, the reason fewer servings of fruit are recommended is because of the amount of fructose. A lot of people experience resulting sugar crashes and cravings if they have too much fruit, or rely too much on fruit for their food. I'd also recommend adding kale to those smoothies - I've heard the taste is easily masked
  8. Hahaha! Okay, I'm normally not the vengeful/spiteful type, but that is kinda funny Sounds like you've got a great plan going - do you intend to keep blogging as you transition? As of now I'm almost to the point of counting down the days/hours until I can have my "rest days" from Paleo. I'm kinda making a running list of all the things I'm going to try - I'm thinking of treating myself to a dinner at my favorite hibachi restaurant and getting some sushi as well. Then I'll have some ice cream. I'll probably just have a little bit of steamed rice, even though the fried rice is just SO good. I don't want to overdo the treating though, because as soon as it's over I'm doing another 30 days of Paleo, slowing tweaking my diet. I'm also going to be researcing local co-ops, farmers markets and farms to try and start buying more seasonal, locally grown produce. I'm also going to be looking into a nearby farm where I can get a quarter to half a grass fed cow (if it's more than a quarter, I'll be trying to get my dad to go in with me).
  9. I'm so glad to hear everyone is doing so well on Paleo and that you're all seeing and feeling progress!! I just went to the doctor this morning for a check up and I seem to be doing quite well myself. I'm down 20lbs since August, 12 since October, and my blood pressure has gone down to 126/80! I'm getting my Vitamin D and Iron checked, and if they're low (which I suspect they may be since I've been so tired and have been getting restless legs again) I may have to adjust my diet a bit (more leafy greens!) and take a supplement. Who is going to go beyond the 30 days with Paleo? I'm considering having one cheat day, then going another 30 days. There's a lot I'm noticing has non-Paleo ingredients in it (freakin' canned tuna has soy in it!), so there's quite a bit of tweaking I could stand to do. Plus, it's not like it's hurting me, lol.
  10. Thank you everyone for chiming in, I appreciate it! I actually ended up going home early yesterday since I started feeling worse. It must be my body fighting off a cold. I am rather new to low carb, started transitioning to Paleo in early-mid December, and am still in the midst of completing the whole 30 days. I had some extra carbs last night (vegetable chips), and actually felt energized enough to workout. Still feeling pretty tired today, but not as crappy as yesterday
  11. I'm assuming what I'm feeling is a massive sugar crash, though I don't exactly know what to attribute it to yet. Symtoms: - Tired/groggy - Unfocused - Little energy (my limbs feel heavy) - stomach ache The only things I can think to blame are the 2 clementines I ate yesterday morning and the veggie chips last night which I discovered have dextrose (and are made with canola oil - not sure if that matters to paleo since it's mainly rapeseed oil). I definitely felt the sugar crash from the clementines yesterday. I got cravings for sugar/carbs, restless legs, achy muscles, etc. What I've eaten today: Breakfast - 3 eggs, 2 strips bacon, salsa, dash of Worcestershire Snack - Intending to snack on some veggies I prepared, I ate a couple grape tomatoes, a few slices cucumber, two pieces of red bell pepper but was almost immediately turned off and didn't want the veggies at all so I put them away. Had an upset stomach and thought eating something would help, so I grabbed my lunch (leftover spaghetti squash with meat sauce) and ate that. Seemed to help a tad. Can a sugar crash last into the next day? I had the veggie chips at least a few hours before going to bed. Could it be a cold coming on? I need to know why I feel like crap!
  12. Okay everyone - we're over halfway through with this challenge!!! Check-in tiiiiiiiiime! How's everyone doing? How do you feel? I know many of us have talked about doing Paleo in conjunction with the first 6-week challenge, including myself - do you feel that Paleo is helping you reach your personal goals? Why/Why not? Looking back: So far, has it been harder/easier to stick to Paleo than you thought it'd be? Looking forward: Is Paleo something you'd consider doing long-term? For LIFE?? Do you never want to hear the word "Paleo" again??? All of you are doing fantastic!!!!! Keep up the amazing work - 13 days to go!! As always, feel free to PM me at any time with questions/concerns/just a "hey there, how's your mama an' 'em?" WE CAN DO THIS! *flexes newly discovered biceps*
  13. Hey! Really enjoyed reading the progress you've made over the last couple months. Keep up that fantastic work!
  14. P.S. This totally made me think of the song Bad Touch by the Bloodhound Gang. "I want you smothered, want you covered, like my Waffle House hashbrowns."
  15. ^^ Just one more example of why I love Nerd Fitness peeps. So encouraging! Bahaha! I have yet to have food dreams, but I miss cheese too! Would it be bad for me to ask what kind of cheese was at this dream tasting of yours? I'd like to live vicariously for a minute here, lol.
  16. This made me laugh so effing hard. I was having a horrible night when I saw this and you put a huge smile on my face, so thank you!
  17. w00t! I was feeling the exact same way. It's awesome to feel progress, y/y? That IS amazing! I'm so happy for you! I used to have bad problems with my sugar crashing all the time, but I never attributed it to the TYPE of food I was eating (silly me). I haven't gotten shaky or woozy ONCE since starting Paleo. Granted, I've been paying a lot better attention to when I'm eating and bringing snacks to work (I had the problem with not enough protein as well), so I think that plays into it. But still. I've had problems with blood sugar crashes for YEARS. Now all I feel is hungry, and not the "AHM HUNGREH" ogre kind either.
  18. I don't want to give him the complete benefit of the doubt (I do think it was a tad rude of him to completely disregard my wishes), but I think it could have also been in the way I said no thank you. Looking back, it probably come across as, "Oh, I couldn't POSSibly!" as opposed to, "Oh, no thank you *winning smile/get back to business*" Though I do recall saying, "I can't..." Seems like I need to be more firm in my delivery. Also, THIS. I think I'll be incorporating this into my now-firm "no thank yous." Thanks! And thank you to everyone else for the awesome advice
  19. I actually just recently started eating beets, but knew they had sugar (and was sad!). I think I'm going to have to limit them for that reason. I had them again today with my salad for lunch and haven't had any bloating/discomfort issues. I may still try the acidopholus supplement like you suggested, and adding back in a magnesium supplement as well. Couldn't hurt. Thanks! @RyanSannar - is this something you've been experiencing just since switching to Paleo? @DustMite - It could be that your body was adjusting to the amount of fiber in your diet.
  20. Is it a rash, or just flushing of your skin? I know some people flush more when they drink (my friend's face flushes SO bad whenever he drinks). Do you have any other ill effects when you drink wine high in sulphates/alcohol in general? Be careful if you do have an allergy because there are lots of medications that contain sulphur.
  21. That's great! What an awesome positive reinforcement. You've got a very healthy attitude!
  22. Ahahahaha! This. Also this. Great article, I should really check out that site more often!
  23. Fantastic progress! Don't push yourself too hard on the weight loss, you want your behaviors and lifestyle to change in tandem with the weight loss so you're able to maintain it long term Keep up the great work! Awesome I've noticed that I'm waking up feeling much more refreshed and energized than I was before. Today was the first time I overslept in weeks! Do you use any sort of application or website to help plan your meals? Thanks for posting! Looks like you've made some great progress so far - Congrats!! I'm so glad you're working on quitting smoking - what a great decision for your health!! Is there a reason for the lack of sleep? That's a great idea to use cinammon in black coffee, I'll definitely have to try that out since cutting out sweetener and creamer is really hard. I've gotten weird cravings too, specifically for Asian food and cookies. Sounds like you're doing a great job!
  24. You could get tested by an allergist. It could be a mild allergy, but something still to be aware of. Some medications contain niacin, so be careful and read labels. You could always try cashew butter (not sure about niacin content).
  25. Bahaha! I've actually noticed a decrease in my gaseous emissions since switching (girls don't fart).
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