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  1. This is awesome!! Gotta save it!
  2. I normally don't have issues with egg, but I have been eating it a LOT more since going Paleo, so I should probably cut it back a bit and try focusing more on other things for breakfast. Coffee is a great idea - that definitely helps me usually. I know I also want to try to stick to as natural a solution as possible. I've heard magnesium helps, so maybe I'll try to eat some fish for dinner tonight. Thanks!!
  3. Okay so this maaaaaay get into the "TMI gray area" of things. You've been warned... Today I'm feeling especially icky in the midsection. The symptom I've felt most often is bloating/discomfort. I've been eating a lot of carrots, and think it may be associated with that. I've also recently decided to cut out soy sauce because I found out it was even more un-Paleo than previously thought. Not sure, but it might also be sodium intake? (Also still having issues with... ahem... not being able to "go" regularly.) Here's what I've had to eat so far today: Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs topped with salsa, 1 chicken and apple sausage Snacks: A handful of cucumber slices dipped in balsamic vinegar, baggy of baby cut carrots (maybe about.... 15 total? Also had approximately that many last night for a snack) Lunch: Small salad (iceberg lettuce mostly just for texture) topped with tuna, celery, cucumber/tomato/red onion salad thingie (looks like it's tossed in oil and pepper), three slices of beets, 1 hardboiled egg, all topped with a drizzle of EVOO and balsamic vinegar; Gala apple Snack: Handful of sunflower seeds Any ideas?
  4. Way to not let minor slip ups define your progress. Always make what you do AFTER the minor slip ups be what defines it
  5. I definitely considered the "allergy" angle, but if I do decide after the challenge (thinking about extending it into a 60-day challenge) to incorporate a tad of dairy into my diet, or indulge in treats on the rare occasion, I don't want him to be all, "But... I thought you were allergic..." I guess that'd convince me to stick to Paleo ;-) @ryanmercer - stay strong (love the avatar) @ETF - I have candy at my desk too. My main job is managing the front desk, so my boss has me put out candy every day. I am so proud to say that I've been tempted a couple times, but have not had any since before the Paleo challenge began I'm thinking about bringing in some Paleo-friendly treats to put out. In my experience, if fruit and veggies are there, people will eat them.
  6. That is fantastic progress. I know how hard it can be to kick a habit like caffeine. I used to hate having coffee black, but then I bought a French press and started making some coffee at home for myself when I was in the mood. It. tastes. so. good. A couple times now I've stopped at Dunkin Donuts and gotten a small coffee with a "little bit of cream" (because they don't have non-dairy creamer) and two Splenda. That feels really sweet to me now since I cut out soda.
  7. So I have a little bit of a dilemma. I'm currently doing the 30-Day Paleo Challenge, and so far I feel like I've been doing really well. I've resisted all the office treats that have been available, and turn down all offers. Today someone in my office who I'm friendly with brought in some homemade fudge (with marshmallows and walnuts). I'd heard he had some so I planned to not pass his desk (why tempt myself if I don't have to?). He was nice enough to bring me three pieces of fudge to my desk and when I tried to politely decline, he seemed slightly offended and determined to have me try his fudge. Fortunately he just left it on my desk and walked away. I put the fudge in my desk drawer (out of sight, out of mind), but now I don't know what to do. Do I: 1. Take a bite and throw the rest away so I can say how good it was. 2. Throw it away and LIE ("It was DELICIOUS, thank you so much!" - which could just encourage him to give me more treats in the future). 3. Throw it away/give to someone else and, if he asks, explain why I can't have it (he didn't let me explain before that it's not part of my "nutrition plan" as I've been telling people) How do you deal with temptations/tricky situations such as this? I'm pretty sure I'm going with 3., but I'm always worried about offending someone :-/ Edit: Before I had a chance to post this, said fudge-maker came by and asked if I'd tried it. I quickly told him I was saving it for my roommate because he loves fudge (might not exactly be a lie), and thanked him. He said, "Okay..." like "You don't know what you're missing." No, sir. I DO know what I'm missing. *crunches on a carrot stick*
  8. That sounds SO good. I've got a pork loin sitting at home that I need to cook somehow, but I'm thinking of saving that until Thursday when I get paid so I can make some really awesome side dishes to go with it. Tonight will be chicken and veggies, lol. Sounds like fantastic work! (fish and chips is a worthy detour, in my opinion - but you never heard me say that!) I'm trying to expand my list of veggies I eat and want to try new things and new methods of cooking. Which article did you read? Sweeeet! What's the restaurant? So true! Have you tasted a strawberry lately? I can't imagine how good they'll taste in season. And blueberries, omgosh! I know the feeling! Do you have any snacks with you to help with the craving/hunger? What I do when I hit my afternoon slump is kinda weird. I get up and go to the bathroom, taking my time to walk around, then make the rounds to say hello to people. I also try to drink lots of cold water - it really works!
  9. *sound of roaring crowd* haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Fantastic!!! That is some incredible progress. Keep up the amazing work!
  10. I, too, struggled this weekend with being at home. During the week I have a set schedule/routine, but I barely had anything to do this weekend (absolutely nothing to do yesterday - but at least I got all my laundry done finally!). I've known that I do better with a routine, but sometimes on the weekend you just want to veg out. I overdid the vegging, however. I managed to stay paleo, except for the bit of Coke Zero I had Saturday night. I was craving it so badly (my parents always have an abundant supply of it at their house, where I was hanging out), I justified it in my mind by saying if I allowed myself a little bit now, I'd be more likely to stick to Paleo later in other tempting situations. I only drank about 3-4oz., but I'm convinced the huge headache I had last night was from caffeine withdrawals. I also craved soda again this morning. I'm not feeling energized at all this morning, but I'm guessing that's because I didn't do anything active yesterday and didn't get enough sleep. I just want to go back to bed
  11. You don't have to "keep up" with us - just yourself! If you feel good, you're doing good That's my opinion at least! I really need to try out those pancakes. They sound delicious. Great food choices! Keep at it! Do you mind if I ask how you and your boyfriend resolved his concern? I know my parents were a bit thrown by me announcing the challenge to them, and they didn't seem to really understand the concept of Paleo. And don't worry - I'm doing Paleo as long as possible, so I'll be right there with ya! Recommendation: Try to eat as paleo as possible at the catered event (btw, I am SO jealous you're going to a larp event!). Depending on the meal that's catered, you could find sandwich fixings, in which case you could just forego the bread. I bet there will also be veggie and fruit displays/trays to munch on Great mindset! And I bet that bbq chicken was delicious! You can have tequila and red wine! A friend of mine told me of a cocktail he has that's paleo friendly: tequila, club soda, and lots of lime. I still have to try it, but it sounds good to me! While diet coke is technically paleo, it's very processed, so I'd suggest cutting back significantly, or cutting it out completely. A lot of studies show that your insulin spikes in response to the receptors in your brain going, "ooh, sweet! I must be getting sugar soon!" (I can try to find some sources if you're interested) What made you decide to stick with primal instead of going full paleo, if I might ask? Did you read The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf?
  12. Ahaha - this made me laugh so hard. My speakers were up a little too loud here at my desk, but hey, who wouldn't love that?? Thanks for the giggles
  13. Sounds like you've got a good handle on listening to what your body needs vs. what it wants. If you're continuing to get the headaches, or they get worse, try incorporating more fruit into your diet first, then slowly switch to more veggies. Sounds awesome! Could you by any chance post that chicken cacciatore recipe? It sounds delicious!!
  14. I wish hummus was paleo! It's made from chickpeas (or garbanzo beans, same thing), which is part of the legume family :-(
  15. Glad to hear you're giving Paleo the full 30 days - the challenge is still young! My headache has gone away as well for the most part, and I'm feeling fuller, longer, on less food. Looks like you're off to a great start. Do you think your headache could have been from the lack of refined sugar/carbs? I'm thinking that might be one reason my head still feels a bit funky. I thought I was eating too much as well the first few days, but I think I'm finally starting to adjust. Try planning out simple meals that you know won't take much time/effort when you're tired after work. Stir fry made with a mixed bag of frozen veggies and some meat tossed in is very easy! Keep up the great positive attitude!
  16. Awesome start! I hope you live in an area where it's not too cold for biking this time of year - bundle up! On your comment about an almond allergy - are you allergic to Niacin (Vitamin B3)? Just did a quick Google search and found this paragraph on foods that naturally contain Niacin: According to www.bitelog.com, 1oz of almonds (about 23 whole kernels) contains just under 1mg of Niacin, about 5% recommended daily value. Do you know how many almonds you usually eat before you notice the flushed skin? Is there any itching/swelling in your skin/throat? Not sure if this is helpful or not, but food allergies are definitely something to take seriously. Hope you're not allergic - almonds are so delicious! P.S. Glad to hear your girlfriend is doing Paleo with you
  17. mmmm shrimp. omg, three days of caffeine headaches? Not good. I haven't had soda (Coke Zero is my drug of choice) in a few days, and today is the first headache I've gotten, but it's pretty bad. I'm not even craving a soda though, so I'm taking it as a sign of progress
  18. So it's the third day of our challenge - or second and a halfth day - how's it going?? I want to be able to follow everyone's progress, either through the forums, blogs, or PMs. If you have a blog, please let me know so I can subscribe! I'll be dropping in to the forum and posting a "check up" post to the challenge thread periodically throughout the month. Yay! PALEO! Kicking butt! Whoo!!
  19. Awesome! And don't worry, we don't discriminate ;-) Welcome! You'll catch up with your brother in no time - if you can, try to make working out a fun activity for the both of you. I'm going to enlist my brother to teach me some of his Marine Corps self defense training
  20. Alright everybody! Time to move this shindig over to the blogs. The new system should definitely let us all keep track of our individual progress, as well as see everyone else's, without flooding the forum threads. It should all be much more organized and easier to manage. You're all more than welcome to post in this thread, but I think--like the workout logs--it'll be moving to the Archives, since all challenges are moving to the blogs. The blog system will be new to all of us, so please bear with each other as we all get it figured out and find a good system that works for our challenge. I'm really excited to subscribe to everyones' blogs! I'll be starting my own as soon as I finish this post. If you haven't already, I highly encourage you to read the post by spezzy explaining the categories and tags you'll need to use in each of your blog posts. We want to be able to find everyone! If any of you have questions about the move, or the challenge, or you just wanna say hi,please feel free to PM me at any time! So excited!!!
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