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  1. Way to go! I'm happy for you! I'm sure once she sees your amazing progress she'll want to jump on board with us :-) I haven't had a chance yet to dig into those new blogs, but I'll definitely be checking them out later today to see if it's something better the challenge could use besides the threads :-)
  2. Alright my paleo pals! We're counting down to midnight here on the east coast, and I am ready to whup this challenge in the bootay!! What about you?? Are you ready to be awesome????
  3. Just wait until you can take your after pics! Then you won't have a sadface!
  4. Yay! Welcome! So glad you decided to join us, and I sincerely hope Paleo will help you with your health issues. Looking forward to tracking your progress (I just know we're all gonna kick some serious Paleo ass!)!!
  5. This is going to be so awesome! And to be honest, I think you are to thank for starting this as well by asking me if I wanted a challenge buddy! It was really after that so many people started jumping on board with the idea. So thank YOU!
  6. This guy is AWESOME. Check out this article I stumbled upon and just had to share: Romeo Dev, world's smallest bodybuilder
  7. AGREED. Those tall ladies are so gorgeous! I'm only 5'8", but am taller than many people I know, including both my parents, haha.
  8. My mom adds a splash of pickle juice for a bit of tang. SO GOOD.
  9. No thanks necessary, but you are more than welcome. It's really been a collaborative effort. I started it as my own challenge, and was SO thrilled to see other people hop on board with me. I'm so glad you're participating, and can't wait to get the ball rolling!
  10. *bows down to your awesomeness* I can haz internet hug? This is absolutely incredible, thank you so much! AND thank you for posting it to the paleo challenge thread too, it'll definitely come in handy and will help all of us so much.
  11. So I realized I never posted my OWN intro post - ha! Reason(s) for participating: - Nothing else has worked for me (I haven't stuck with anything else, to be frank), and this could end up being just the kick in the ass I need to get me on my way to awesome. - I'm participating in the Warrior Dash this May and want to be able to say, "I kicked ASS," instead of, "I survived." It's the first organized athletic event (besides sports as a kid) that I'll be participating in, and I'm super excited. - I want to get my diet cleaned up and not feel gross anymore. I want to feel as awesome as I know I can be Personal goals: - No cheating. This means working on my willpower and self discipline. I have a support group, including my BFF - she's my archenemy, Steve inspired this - and my parents. - Complete The Paleo Solution and Good Calories, Bad Calories. Both have got me hooked so far! - Develop - and stick to! - an exercise routine that will include bodyweight exercises, running (and by running I mean working on being able to run longer), and strength training. Perhaps will follow the Rebel Fitness Guide (I need to finish reading it anyway). - Don't skip scheduled workouts. Workout 4-5 times a week (2 strength, 2 running, 1 bodyweight). Starting Stats: Female, 24, 5'8", 228.7lbs, ~38% bf (I'll be checking this again on Sunday for a more accurate number) Before pics *cringe*: [ATTACH=CONFIG]1287[/ATTACH] Let's do this!
  12. YES. Heck yes! Fantastic! I'm doing the Warrior Dash in May, and want to do a Tough Mudder as well. You've got some excellent reasons (being a good role model trumps all, especially when it's for your kid). Welcome! Even more yes! Awww, c'mon. Look at the title - all the cool kids are doing it I'll put it this way - you won't regret it if you try it! Woohoo! Welcome welcome! And we LOVE newbies **Welcome everyone! I'm getting SO excited! And I'm so so so happy to see how many of us are participating in this challenge. Can't wait to get this party started!!**
  13. I second this. Example: actress Adrianne Palicki, who is about 6'0" I think, and positively gorgeous. Wonder Woman
  14. Yes! I know what it's like to gain weight from medication and depression, it becomes a vicious cycle. We can do this!
  15. For me it varies day by day. Tuesday was a very good day, but it's been so bad before I've had to go home before I reached a quarter-mile. Those are GREAT places to walk. I love King St (isn't Old Town AWESOME??), but I need to try W&OD and Roosevelt Island. Glad to hear you'll be back in the area!
  16. Yes! Me either! w00t! Here. We. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Huzzah! I've been there, honey. You're ALREADY looking better, cuz you don't have that bum standing next to you anymore ;-) Way to go! Let's do this! *brakes squeal* Lemme stop you right there. You were super, BECAUSE you were a soldier. Thank you for your service and kickassedness! I understand though the need to show yourself that you can kick ass again - one of my reasons for doing this challenge. OORAH! Hooray! We have a groupie! Yay!! Score! It'll be really interesting to see your experience in Paleo, since you'll be on a budget. I feel like someone sent me a link to a blog, perhaps it maybe could've been called Broke Ass Gourmet? I'll see if I can find it for you, lots of tips on eating great on a budget, and quite humorous from what I remember. I just got The Paleo Solution last night and didn't want to put it down! (But I had to sleep *sadface*) ***WARRIOR BATTLE CRY*** I AM PUMPED. RAWR! *tears phonebook in half*
  17. Welcome! Great goals. Glad to have you aboard It's nice to have a well-rounded group of individuals participating! You're gonna have to post some of your most successful paleo recipes so we can all enjoy! I know I'd definitely like to be a better cook (like you said, I want to want my food), and the less alcohol goal is a good one.
  18. That challenge. Is epic. I cannot wait to read the whole thread! You, my friend, are an inspiration to us all.
  19. Guuuurl, you are on FI-YAH! So happy to see your amazing progress!! How are you feeling overall? I know that when I workout regularly I notice that I'm just a lot more comfortable throughout the day, if that makes sense. Maybe it's the increased energy, or sleeping better, but I just FEEL better. I would also say keep up the good work on increasing your water intake. It helps hydrate you and keep you full. Could you maybe keep the nuts in your car to snack on after you leave work/before the gym? Great source of protein and fiber, and very filling.
  20. Funny you should say that, because I was also about to comment and say, "nice gams," lol. It's rare to find such a fine candidate for Dr. Frankenfurter, ETF. Be flattered
  21. Yesssss - that article was amazeballs. Great info. My brother is a former Marine, so I know he was taught a lot of good skills, but like Carjack said - awareness is key. You can have the skills, but if you're not prepared/aware of your surroundings, you're a sitting duck, skills or no.
  22. Thank you!! I found out pretty quickly that my running shoes have waterproof soles, but that part over your toes that "breathes" is certainly not waterproof. It was uncomfortable, especially once the rain just soaked my face and my eyelashes were dripping (thank goodness I wasn't wearing makeup, that would've sucked worse), but I had long pants on and a long-sleeve jacket on over my tee. Waterproof or not, having some kind of protection from the wind helped immensely. I bet having just gotten hot at the gym and then getting chilled in the rain sucked.
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