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  1. I've only ever baked/cooked with all purpose flour before. I was wondering if there was something better for me that I could use to substitute that won't seriously compromise the texture? I'm specifically thinking of this casserole recipe I found that sounds great, except for the 1/4 cup of flour. There's gotta be some other kind of meal I can use to substitute, but I've never cooked with anything else, so I thought I'd turn to the forums to see what y'all think. Any advice is much appreciated!
  2. Oh okay. Will y'all be comparing stats on a specific day of the week, kind of to see who's "in the lead," so to speak? Lol. I'm just curious since I wouldn't mind doing a PvP myself one of these days.
  3. Wednesday, 14 December 2011: Yesterday I only managed to go on a walk that I estimated to be about a mile (maybe under, like about 0.8) on my lunchbreak. I tried to keep a brisk pace (about 3.3-3.5mph), but it was an impromptu walk, so my work shoes were a bit of a hindrance. I've actually got a couple little blisters on my feet, and these are my comfy work shoes too :/ I was too tired after choir to go to the fitness center, but these long practices will end soon since our Christmas concert is on Sunday. I'm so proud of myself. I packed my gym clothes and running shoes so I can go to the gym. I really do enjoy my gym, it's just not in a very convenient location at the moment, so it just makes it even easier to put off going. I'd like to do a solid workout tonight, get in my cardio, etc. Next week my cardio goal is to walk at least a mile every day. I can easily walk a mile in 20 minutes, so I shouldn't have a problem finding time to do it.
  4. *rolls on the floor laughing*... *subscribes*... *continues laughing*
  5. So weird that he referred to himself as an ex-marine - how were you to know otherwise?? Haha, when referring to my brother, I usually say "He served in the Marines" or about my dad "retired Air Force" because he served 20 years, so he's technically "retired." Otherwise I say "former military" about someone that served less than 20 years. Sorry, tangent. haha Anywho, I MEANT to comment on your calorie intake. Was there was reason you were eating so few calories to start off with? I'm not sure if it was a medical reason or not, so I didn't want to go against doctor's advice or anything! I was going to suggest something like Ensure or Glucerna if you're having difficulty reaching your daily calorie intake. Since you're coming off such a low calorie diet anyway I think you should be okay for the time being where you're at. But once you get back to about 1800-2000 calories a day (depending on your BMR), 1200 is typically when your body goes into "starvation mode," where it stores your fat, making it harder to lose weight. Just something to keep in mind for the future! You're doing fantastic so far - keep up the great work!
  6. It is awesome! Also, you're a beast. I couldn't imagine having such a physically demanding job. I say this as I sit behind my desk at my cushy office job But you love it, and that's what counts! I was going to comment on how your body will eventually acclimate to the level of physical activity you do, but it seems like your job changes from day to day, ergo so does the level of intensity. My suggestion: I see no reason for you to workout at the gym during the week, and worrying too much about getting to the gym will just be unnecessary stress. Just focus on your diet during the week since it'll make you feel better overall, and since you like the gym do that on the weekends as a treat to yourself
  7. For homemade meals, you can always use something like MyFitnessPal. They have an option where you can enter an entire recipe to calculate the calories, save it to your account, and when you log you can just enter the number of servings you had. I've done that before, and while it may be a bit time consuming, if it's something you make often enough it's worth it. The calories will of course just be approximate since the it can't account for cooking and all that, but it helps!
  8. I'm not necessarily trying to go full paleo, but "it couldn't hurt" is my theory right now. I might be checking out some of the forums soon. I'll keep my eye open for a PVP!
  9. Great work so far! I look forward to watching your progress
  10. I'd do it, but I don't feel like I have my non-paleo diet under wraps enough yet to kick as much ass as I know I would. Gimme a month and we'll talk.
  11. Hollaaaaa! That is awesome. I'm actually getting super pumped to track y'alls progress. I almost wanna do my on PvP, but I'll need a second P in there, haha.
  12. Monday, 12 December 2011: Walking (treadmill) - 5k (3.3 miles); appx 50-60 minutes (avg speed 3.0) Tuesday, 13 December 2011: Warmup on rowing machine: 500m 2:20.1 Deadlift: 95x5 Bench press: 45x5x3 Squat: 55x5x3 I hadn't lifted in maybe 5 weeks or longer, so I'm almost way back where I started at the beginning of September. Two months of hard work, almost completely down the tubes. I could've gone for more weight, but I didn't want to do too much too soon. Next time (Saturday morning) I'll be increasing the weight from 2.5-5lbs on each lift, re-introducing two-arm kettlebell swings (26lbs - goal to get to 100 swings in one set by my birthday on March 11 (get it? 3/11?)), and need to work out a schedule for when I should get back to 5k meters rowing. My main concern is getting in my cardio and trying to run with the oncoming winter weather. I need to condition my legs (I get really bad pains from extremely tight calf muscles), but the treadmill is just too rough on them right now. I may have to brave the cold and dark and find a safe trail/grassy area to jog on, or just wait until the weekends when I can do it in the daylight. I'm training for the Warrior Dash (May 20th), and having fallen off the wagon for these past 6 weeks has been horrible for my training schedule, so any advice would be most appreciated and will garner mucho hugs. Tonight I have choir from 6:30-9pm, we're gearing up for our big Christmas concert at church, so it may be another night for walking. I'm hoping tomorrow to get to the gym and kick ass in that Latin Fusion class I enjoyed so much
  13. Awesome Day 2!!! I have noticed in the past after cutting out treats or fast food that they just don't taste right when I try them again. On a tangent: My dad went TDY (like a military business trip) for three months to Panama, and while he was on base all he did was workout to keep him from getting too distracted or homesick. He lost a TON of weight (we didn't even recognize him when he got off the plane) and hadn't eaten a bite of fast food that whole time. A couple weeks after he got back he was in a rush and got McDonald's, not thinking anything of it. He got sick as a dog! I've heard of the same thing happening to long-time vegetarians who choose to eat meat for dietary reasons. Another tangent: No such thing as an "ex-marine" - once a Marine, always a Marine, just ask my big brother! ;-) Marines are beasts in the gym, and generally have great fitness advice from all the training they do!
  14. Sleeeeeep. You're feeling verrrrrrry sleeeeeeeeepyyyyyyy... Zzz... Zzz... Wait, wuh? Sorry about that. Sleep is the most important thing you can do, as all the others have already (so brilliantly) stated. Without sleep, you go crazy. Literally. 3 days with no sleep and you can legally be declared temporarily insane. Your body needs sleep to repair itself. Once you get used to this new schedule your energy will start to come back and you'll start to find little pockets of time to pop a few squats (*giggle*) or something else fitness oriented. What were your workouts like before this change in your work schedule? Maybe we can help suggest alternatives for you to do during the day if you really want to workout. Otherwise I'd suggest focusing on your diet and sleep above all, then get in a solid workout on the weekend.
  15. Fantastic progress! And in only 3 days! I call this a success For the muscle soreness - drink tons of water, increase protein intake, and pop a couple ibuprofen. You'll feel better in no time. Don't be afraid to take a day off, or to decrease the intensity of your workout. This is the beginning, so your muscles aren't used to this kind of consistent workout yet. You don't want to injure yourself or be too sore to stay active and lose this awesome momentum you've got! Try to find a location you can work out in that gives you plenty of room to move around freely and the ability to tune out distractions. I know all about the pup with no regard for one's "bubble." Especially when he thinks lunges and squats mean "play with me!"
  16. I will second ALL of this. I use Fitocracy (got out of the habit and have JUST recently started logging again) and LOVE IT. It's such a fun way to "level up your life," as our dear Rebel Leader Steve would say. Tons of groups to join, and everyone is so encouraging. A couple things I will mention is that the site is still in beta testing, so you will need an invite like Jessie mentioned, and the last I checked the points system seemed very geared toward weightlifting. However, there's a slew of activities available to log on the site, so don't let the weightlifting thing sway you. It's super fun, and there are people of all different levels there just waiting to encourage you--including me!! :-D
  17. Hey greenthumb! So glad to see you setting your mind to reach your goals - I wish you the best of luck and will be cheering you on from the sidelines! I like that you've quantified your goals and set achievable ones, as well as setting a time to evaluate your progress. MyFitnessPal helped me immensely in the beginning because it made me a lot more aware of what I was putting into my body. I don't track my calories right now, but if I go back to it (especially as I get closer to my goal weight) I am definitely going to use MFP. About protein powder: I can totally see how you'd prefer eating an egg as opposed to mixing a protein shake, but don't completely dismiss it as an option down the road. I used to hate the idea of drinking a protein shake, but now I actually like them - I get Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion Milk Chocolate, sooooo tasty and filling. They're great for post workout - especially if lifting weights becomes a part of your routine, as it'll replenish your energy and help your muscles repair faster. It's also great if you're struggling to cut down on the calories while still keeping your protein intake up. They may not be right for you at this stage, but don't be afraid to try them at a later date! Best of luck! If you're ever looking for an "accountability buddy" I'll be around
  18. Sounds delicious! I may have to try this out. I'm always looking for variety
  19. These all sound so delicious, I can't wait to try my hand at roasting the chicken - you make it sound so easy! It'll be an adventure for sure ;-)
  20. Brilliant! This was the exact thread I needed to find to solve my breakfast woes. Thank you everyone for you delicious input.
  21. Omg, I'm SOOO trying that this week!! Will update
  22. I did it! And it turned out VERY tasty! I've got leftovers with me for lunch today Here's a link to a thread I started to track my new "quest for fitness" - in an update I talk about how the recipe turned out for me http://nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?6601-My-Own-Personal-Challenge-Follow-me!!&p=89140&viewfull=1#post89140
  23. So I JUST stumbled upon this thread. I'm not going full paleo (at least not yet), but I'm trying to cut out a lot of processed foods from my diet and focus a lot on fresh foods. For someone that isn't full paleo yet, would bacon (the good kind) be better in more moderated amounts than paleo encourages/suggests because of the amount of sodium? I'm also currently on high blood pressure medication... I kind of feel like I just answered my own question there. Anywho, awesome recipes - can't wait to try them all!
  24. This sounds like it'd be absolutely delicious. I think I might try to make this within the next couple days, so I'll go ahead and add those ingredients to my shopping list now. I''ll be sure to check back in and let you know how it turns out!
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