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  1. That is a proper pushup, you should let your elbows come out too far from your sides amd hand positioning makes it a lot easier.
  2. I use half mayo and half mustard, it tastes like sardines :-D
  3. It is definitely a pain thing so I usually just explore it for a rep or two and stay at half rom for the rest of the reps. I'm hoping I can slowly work toward the bottom half. I do a lot of posterior shoulder work and rotations just not german hangs. I guess I can try to incorporate them in after my warm up or maybe right before dips and leave the bottom half of the dip alone for a while. I am in no rush.
  4. Funny story, I always had rangers for a long time, loved those little trucks. Until one day when I was driving home from school and the control module for the 4 wheel drive went haywire and shifted me into 4 LO while I was going 50. It sounded like I hit a landmine and I had to limp it home another 15 or so miles after I managed tl get it to shift to 4 HI and sold it the next day when I found out that was a common problem around 100k miles on that year AND the only way to replace the module was to have a dealership program a new one to your truck. Then I bought a jeep, the end
  5. One more thing about the jetta I forgot to type out. You know how every car has those problems that are common to that make and model? The jetta has a huge list of those. My trunk doesn't lock anymore. My window doesn't work anymore, my a/c doesn't work anymore. Passenger side heated seat doesn't work anymore. The transmission has been replaced. Been through 2 water pumps which by the way can seize and snap the timing belt and in a diesel will blow your whole damned engine All of these are common to that car except the tranny. I think the PO was rough on it I've spent many times more on
  6. I currently drive a 92 jeep 4 cylinder and an 04 jetta diesel. The jetta is a mountain goat, front wheel drive with a manual has to be the easiest car I have ever driven in the snow by a good margin. Last winter I drove my jetta in bad weather more than the jeep. It also gets over 40 mpg and I drive like I'm on fire most of the time. Now that I worm less than 10 miles from home I refill the jetta once a month at most. The 4 banger jeep... I get 13-15mpg mainly because you have to keep it floored to keep from being road hazard.I can only go 70+ mph if I go downhill with a favorable wind. Bu
  7. A 300 lbs man doing a chin up is pretty damned impressive in my book. Get to 250 and you will be slamming them out like nobodies business!
  8. Try doing pushups at an incline (like a coffee table or a park bench) instead of on your knees. When you can do 3x8 or so either decrease the incline or try them on the floor again. Inverted rows would probably help with your pull ups and wouldn't hurt to do in any case.
  9. Your chest looks fine, not even the slightest hint of man boobs. That probably means it is all in your head and you may need counseling. Also you can get as big as you want on bodyweight exercises, size is all in the diet. That being said at your age and weight you will probably be able to blast through a lot of the bodyweight progressions and be doing shit next year that will take me 5 to reach and that makes me more than a little jealous. >
  10. Now that that's out of my head... Last November I screwed up my shoulder a good one on either ring dips or skin the cats. Now that I'm all better and getting decently stronger I'm trying to bring dips back into the picture. I'm currently up to 3x8 paralell bar dips with around half ROM and trying to work my way to full rom dips for 3x20 or more before moving on to weighted or ring dips, but the bottom half of the dip just kills me. Anyone who has had this problem, what are some good accessory exercises or mobility exercises for the end ROM of dips to that helped you to gain stability other tha
  11. Are you in a caloric deficit? Maybe you need the to eat a bit more Are you sleeping enough? What's your routine look like for upper body? ( unless there are angry dogs or crazy homeless guys after me I just don't run)
  12. A lot of overweight people who come here seem to do well on the beginners bodyweight workout on this site. If one of the exercises look like they would be too hard or cause pain just find an easier progression for that exercise or ditch that the exercise entirely and ask for an alternative here. If she is up to it she can also add in the walks on rest days.
  13. One cue I saw recently to keep your elbows from flaring is to point your fingers out more instead of having them straight inline with your body.
  14. Your body seemed nice and tight on the push ups but your elbows are flaring out way too far. Try to go lower as well. That's all I got :-D
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