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  1. Oh, and a quick blog post. This goal has been severely falling behind lately. http://tarathemiddle.blogspot.com/2014/07/my-james-417-list.html
  2. Today's updates: Lice: Turns out, the hair stylist that "found" lice in my niece and nephew's hair was a loony woman. The Dr says there was no infestation. WHEW!!!! Workouts: I have been following through on them, though I have been slacking on tracking them on my Battle Log. Goals: I started this challenge in a size 16. Today I bought size 14s and felt awesome in them. One more size to get to my current goal!
  3. Well, I picked a primo 6 weeks to try to make some changes!!! Latest bit of insanity: My sister and her kids came to stay the other day. Just found out they have lice. Let the deep cleaning of my house begin. Sigh. Lightning, sickness, and now a plague of lice... yet nothing will deter me from my mission!
  4. Soooo, I'm the kind of nerd that has NO clue about stat points and whatnot, I've never been good at the games that have those types of things. I'm more of an Angry Birds, Chess, and puzzle type of nerd. What categories should I have?
  5. Good morning everyone! Hope your Week 4 starts off fantastic! Happy Halfway Point!!
  6. Week 3 Report: Well, I feel like I did a fairly good job staying on track despite family visits and the baby still not feeling her best. I could have done better, though. I did get all my workouts in and spent today as a rest day. I really liked taking a break from the computer, phone, and tv for the majority of the day. Week 4 Missions: Food: No overly processed foods, except 1 Dr Pepper in the evenings. Bread only on Sunday. Fruit or vegetables at all meals. Workouts: Continue plan from Nerd Fitness Academy. Find 1 new FUN cardio activity to try on Wed.
  7. 6-26-14 While I have been keeping up with my strength training workouts these week, despite the baby being sick, I haven't tracked them here so for the purposes of the Buffy game I am starting back at the first mission of Level 3. So tonight I did Workout A: Level 2 Bodyweight Brigade.
  8. Just read this quote in 24/6 and it goes well with the Slow Food movement: "By eating fast-food, we get calories into our bodies fast, but by taking the time to cook and dine, we nourish our souls." Matthew Sleeth, 24/6
  9. To go along with my Sunday rest day plans, a friend just posted this quote on FaceBook: "The practice of stopping one day a week--of only going 24/6--is not new for humanity. It started the day after human history began, and it made it through the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. It didn't perish when it was exported to the New World. It survived the American Civil War and was still going strong when women got the vote. It prospered in the Depression, and it blasted off at the dawn of the Space Age. Only in the last few minutes of time has it been misplaced." --Matthew Sleeth, 24/6 It seemed like such an appropriate quote to go with my mission this week that I just downloaded this book and will be reading it, hopefully implementing some of the concepts into my own journey towards a true day of rest.
  10. One of the main reasons I will never be fully Paleo is my love of bread making. It can be tricky, but it's also one of the most meditative and prayerful activities. I like to think of myself as working towards one day eating more Biblically. And by that I mean eating real foods, limiting processed carbs, and only eating homemade bread, treating it as a special food. It is so intimately tied to biblical messages that instead of eliminating it, I have elevated it. It is to be respected and mass produced, over processed bread takes away from the spiritual process of bread. I will post the link to the blog post once I have it written. I actually have a few journal entries on the topic I am going to draw from and then include my thoughts on taking Paleo to a more Biblical place. If that makes sense. I need to work on how construct the concept for others to really see what I am saying.
  11. I use a Moby at times, when she lets me. It is really helpful! So, after a fun day yesterday AM is back to puking today. The Dr thinks it is just a stomach virus that is lingering. Hopefully I can be done cleaning puke soon. Week 3 Missions: Workouts: Continue to rock at reaching workout goals. Find ways to make my workout schedule fit around family visits. Food: Continue to try new vegetables. Make sure there are vegetables in at least 2 meals, every day. Sunday: This will be a rest/fasting day. This will be a day to connect with Christ on a deeper and more deliberate level than during the rest of the week I will eat only homemade bread, drink water, and have a glass of wine in the evening. Physically I will focus on stretching and prayer. Bread making is a prayerful experience for me and I will blog about the spiritual nature of bread making.
  12. Well, the past few days my daughter has beens sick and my food choices have been pretty poor. I have been ordering in since she won't let me put her down long enough to cook and she hasn't been able to eat, anyway. I have still managed to get my workouts in, though, during moments when she is asleep. She seems to be feeling better today and I think I can get back to making us healthy meals! Yay! At any rate, I am going to go ahead and rate this week on a curve, to factor in the sick kid equation. I still tried new vegetables this week, even though I ordered pizza and Chinese. So that's a success. I feel these first two weeks have been training for overcoming obstacles during a challenge. If the first challenge we undertake is supposed to be a training level, as it were, this one is turning out to be a good one. I have spent 2 weeks proving to myself that I can adapt instead of give up.
  13. Anne-Wanna see my impression of Ghandi? Dead Man’s Party-Do you like my mask? Isn't it pretty? Faith, Hope, & Trick-Hungry? Starved. Beauty and the Beasts- Find out who the killer is: 12,000 Steps Homecoming- Survive Slayer Fest: 36,000 Steps Band Candy- Reverse the effects of the candy: Workout A Revelations- Find the Glove: 30 minutes on bike Lovers Walk- Save Xander and Willow; Workout B The Wish- Undo Anya’s Spell: 30 minutes on bike Amends- Help Angel: Workout A Gingerbread- Kill Hansel & Gretel: 12,000 Steps Helpless- Survive without Slayer strength: 37,000 Steps
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