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  1. Yo! I have been on here for a week or two(lost count been super busy with school), But I figure it is about time to make my introduction. I have up until recently been a very active dude, Spent 8-12 hours on my feet working or just doing something! I worked a lot so that helped me from overeating and kept my metabolism on its toes. Now That I am in school full time, I spend 8 hours sitting in a classroom...and developed a taste for honeybuns and big Texas cinnamon buns. As a result I put on almost 20 pounds in a matter of months. It doesnt sound like a lot to some, but for me having always been small and never being able to gain weight, this is big. After weighing in at 170 lbs at 5"7 I decided I need to change something but the motivation has been lacking. This is the most I have ever weighed, and it has really sunk in. I know I am well over 20% body fat which is...Lets just say in highschool I was between 4-6%. I want to get back to that, especially since I get to visit home next month. Need to look good for the ladies , joking aside I want to feel good about myself again. How I will do this... No more honeybuns!!!(Sad I know) Eat better, Grilled chicken and veggies all day(Sacrifices have to be made so I can still drink beer!!!!)As little sugar as possible, and if any it will be natural from fruitThe hardest part for me is staying motivated, Especially since I have to wake up at 0500. I get done with school and back to my room between 16:30-17:30. It leaves very little time for gym, dinner and homework/study time. So I need your help! to keep me motivated. I have always been a lone wolf so asking others for help is like slamming my head into a wall, but it needs to be done! When I get back to Texas at the end of June I will be in the Abilene area so If anyone near wants to get together on the weekends sometimes to do something different than Gym I am all for it! Looking forward to the NF community! Phelix
  2. Hello SingingSoilder! From what I understand the scoring works just the same for ROTC as it does in regular AF. The thing that trips most people up is the run time. A 9.12 minute mile and a half is difficult, even for someone in shape. The best advice I have is to practice how you play, and work for going over. If you can sub 9 and mile and a half you give yourself some cushion for errors. I recommend all bodyweight exercises, the machines do not train the muscles exactly as you will use them. After some good stretches(The most important part of any workout) Run for 2-miles or so, and always work for a faster time. 12 minutes is a good start but under is better. push ups-go for broke, the one-minute goes by fast and if it is not perfect form it does not count for the test. I like pyramid style sets, do as many as you can and drop the number by five or ten, (whatever you feel is right for your body) until you hit zero. sit-ups-Same idea as the push ups, however adding some variety will surely help. Do things like Plank,flutter kicks, russian twists,kettle swings.etc.. This will not only help get those 58+ sit-ups but also get that cut physique. Once you are able to meet your goals as far as numbers go it is important to build endurance. So allow for minimum rests between sets, but emphasize on form! Getting injured is not something you want to deal with before a PT test. Diet is everything! You wont be able to make gains if you eat poorly, They have some great advice here of NF that will help you achieve your goals. I recommend checking out the Paleo diet ( http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2010/10/04/the-beginners-guide-to-the-paleo-diet/ ). Beyond that, never give up. Training is hard, it sucks most of the time! But it is well worth it to feel healthy, happy, and just plain awesome! Just remember to stay motivated! Feel free to PM me any time if you have any questions Regards, Phelix
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