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  1. May 27th, 2016: Didn't get around to updating this or my journal the last few days. We finally got to go camping last weekend and it was so much fun! S'mores, tent, sleeping bags under the stars! Anyway, here's the stats for last week: Overall Grade for Week 2: 78.4% #1: 100% #2: 50% #3: 100% #4: 85% #5: 57% I'm much happier about this week! I went out and got myself all sorts of good protein foods and made sure that a friend of mine will keep me honest about the gym. And with the weat
  2. Who among us hasn't had a "What was I thinking?!" hair cut when we were younger? (Senior year. It was ... not good...)
  3. May 19th, 2016: My wife has been working long days for the past few weeks and it just hit me yesterday that our 5K is only a month away! I usually have afternoons to myself, but lately I've been running errands for her since she doesn't have time to do them herself. I like to tell myself that of course I haven't gotten all my goals done but there's a quote out there that says "You are what you repeatedly do." I love that phrase because it's a reminder that life isn't a series of big decisions, but all the little things you do all the time. The flip side is
  4. I'm going to keep this handy as inspiration for doing squats!
  5. I am gradually introducing beans. They...aren't very nice to me sometimes...
  6. May 17th, 2016: My wife and I went to a running store in Boulder this weekend and finally found her a pair of good running shoes! She has a very hard time finding shoes that don't hurt her toes but after a few hours talking to some runners and experts, they found her a pair that fit! I'm very happy for her and was even able to find myself a new pair too. So excited to give them a try! BUT-- the weather had different plans... It's been cold and rainy and blegh since Sunday and it doesn't appear to be letting up anytime soon. But, I didn't let that stop me! While my wife
  7. That's good to know Sylvaa! What do you eat to get to that 130g? My wife and I are trying really hard to stick to a vegan, or at least vegetarian diet. I feel so much better without meat, but protein has always been a struggle for me. Maybe it's like weights, I need to work my way up? Or maybe that's a big fat excuse and I should just get myself a bunch of protein powder. Dono...
  8. May 14th, 2016: I think the week has been a mixed bag. One the one hand, I've gotten a bit better about my dailies, (totally forgot about my French on Friday however, oops!) but it's been slow going on the more physical stuff. Was so sore after working out on Tuesday that my legs just today stopped hurting. Not to make excuses of course, I'm trying to stay honest but not judgmental with myself. In the first chapter of How to Win Friends, it ends with: "Principle 1 - Don't criticize, condemn or complain." I believe that a good start is to follow the lessons
  9. I believe I just recently hit level 10. I really like how it game-ifies learning for you. But I'm really bad about sticking with it everyday. Also, because I usually have to have it muted (while I'm at work ) I don't hear a lot of the pronunciation... which has become an problem. It doesn't do me much good if I can only read French if we're going to be walking around and looking for good places to eat. I'm also trying to brush up on my Spanish, which I took in high school, so I don't really know it that well :-p
  10. May 12th, 2016: So far, I'm on track (mostly ) with my quests. I did some research about protein intake and most websites (beside body building websites) recommend around 57 grams for a guy my size and age. In previous quests, I was shooting for over 100 grams and that was both difficult, and tended to result in more weight gain than muscle gain. As much as I would love to jump instantly back into the routine I had last year, I've had to admit to myself that I need to walk again before I can run (in some cases literally ) . So I've dropped my protein to 60 grams instead. Enough to
  11. Hello again Rebels! Ken The Brave here, back for my next adventure. Took a bit of a break to spend time with some friends on vacation last week. (Vegas is amazing. If you've never been, totally get on that!) I've done some tweaking from my last quest and decided to give my missions a face lift in honor of the upcoming Justice League movies. (Who else is excited for the Wonder Woman movie? About time right?!) Main Quest: Join (or create) my own Justice League Our best friends are moving away later this year, and we haven't really made any new friends. We
  12. 3-26-16: Wrapping Up Well I didn't exactly win this challenge with flying colors, but I think I put some good goals in place that I plan on continuing into my next quest. Happy Easter everyone! I look forward to reading about your next adventures soon!
  13. 3-25-16: Second Winter So apparently the Groundhog was completely wrong this year. We got slammed with a foot of snow in one night on Wednesday. The upside, my wife and I got the day off of work, which we needed after working out. We didn't exactly eat super healthy, but I still logged the whole time. I'm trying to just be consistent first, then I'll work on being healthier. It also gave me plenty of time for reading and to cash in my video game time. Hopefully it'll be nice enough outside this weekend so I can fix my bike! Stay safe out there everyone!
  14. 3-21-16: Digging in the Wrong Place It's been a trying few months getting back on track this year. My wife has been getting sick from work and I've been trying to just eat food that doesn't get a snarky remark from MyFitnessPal (pizza has a lot of sodium as it turns out). On top of that, she's been looking for a new job with little success. Part of me feels like my 'problem' isn't worth making such a big fuss over. She said something to me today that was down right philosophical. "You have the luxury of only making your issues as big or little as you'd like
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