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  1. It was awesome. Running a race is soooo much more fun than running by myself. I was hoping to be between 2:00 and 2:15, with a stretch of under 2:00. I had an ankle injury in July that took the wind out of my training for about 2 weeks and it took a while to recover any sort of speed. My max distance before the race was 10 miles. On race day I figured I would keep the 2 hour pace guy in sight for as long as possible, and probably be dropped by mile 5 or so. What actually happened is that I felt like I was running more slowly because he was behind me. (I had MapMyRun tracking my pace
  2. Hi Big Adam. I think you hit the nail on the head in recognizing that this eating is not from hunger, but from habit. I'm struggling with this too. I snack too often at work. My cue is when I kick off a long running query, I walk over by the snack station. Too often, I give in. This guide to changing habits is written by Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit. http://duhigg-site.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/A-guide-to-changing-habits.pdf
  3. I did it!!!!!!!! (And !!!!!!! Some more just for emphasis) I completed The Town Half Marathon in just over 2 hours. Bonked around mile 11, but I am still so happy with the results.
  4. Alameda here. Definitely going to check out Lake Chabot. Love camping there with the kids.
  5. 10 GD Miles! I am calling this challenge successfully completed! What did I learn over the course of this challenge? 1) I can do it! 2) When you meet resistance, don't stop, adapt. 2) If you're gonna run 10 miles, pack some nutrition and hydration.
  6. I stop it when it hits the marker and then walk back to my apartment
  7. First run exploring the new neighborhood. The donut shop at mile 3 smelled so so so good.
  8. I made an executive decision amd extended my challenge through Friday. Side goal: Bach on Bass http://youtu.be/NNAKh63NzW0
  9. Last weekend I moved to Alameda. Looking forward to living on the island and running by the beach, but the move was really draining and didn't help my ankle at all. Also, I have had to adjust my schedule. Now I bike to work instead of walk, which has been easier on my ankle, but is no substitute for the runs. But I've got a race to run so d@mmit today I ran anyway. My times have slipped, but I was able to get in 6 miles. Going on the theory that some is better than none, and running slowly is better than not running at all, I feel like it was a successful first run in 10 days. Hopefully
  10. Thanks for the replies everybody. I took yesterday off, but went for what ended up being a two hour bike ride this morning. My ankle is slowly recovering, and I'm going to keep icing and stretching it over the weekend. Hopefully I will be back on my game, Monday.
  11. Hit a bit of a stumbling block. Around the 4th I hurt my ankle. I think it is either my peroneus tertius or extensor hallucis longus. I ran on Monday. Bad idea. Cycled on Tuesday. Seemed to be okay. Took yesterday off. I have been icing and stretching, but it still hurts if I walk more than a few blocks and I'm debating what to do about tomorrow's 9 mile run. a) run through it. Endorphins will kick in after the first couple miles. take the day off c) go for a 90min bike ride. I tend to get a better cardio workout on a bike, but not the same leg workout. I am leaning towards see because this
  12. And woohoo! Just learned what stat points are and figured out how to make a signature. Thanks, Kailer!
  13. FEFRF - my 8yo was zooming ahead and would pause occasionally to throw rocks in the water; my 5yo generally either lagged behind or was at my tempo. Still, they did a great job hanging in there for 4 miles.
  14. Based on a google maps check, the overall distance looks very close. It added distance during mile two (registered a 4:24 mile - lol), but subtracted distance during mile 3, showing a straight line instead of following the curve. It seemed to track around the lake just fine on my 8 mile run last Wednesday. Not sure why it had trouble today. I'm going to make my next run somewhere other than the lake so I can get a more accurate read.
  15. Hi Sue, I am running my first half marathon in August. Unlike you, I am starting from no exercise at all, so my training plan may be a bit different. I think the biggest difference is in the last 2 weeks. The 14 week program I am using starts the taper 2 weeks before the race, with a very light final week before the race. Most people I have talked to said you don't need to run a full half marathon before the half marathon. I'll let you know how this taper works for me after August 16th. Week 12: Monday: Rest Tuesday: ER 4 miles + ST Wednesday: XT 40 minutes Thursday: TR 4 miles Frid
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