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  1. It was awesome. Running a race is soooo much more fun than running by myself. I was hoping to be between 2:00 and 2:15, with a stretch of under 2:00. I had an ankle injury in July that took the wind out of my training for about 2 weeks and it took a while to recover any sort of speed. My max distance before the race was 10 miles. On race day I figured I would keep the 2 hour pace guy in sight for as long as possible, and probably be dropped by mile 5 or so. What actually happened is that I felt like I was running more slowly because he was behind me. (I had MapMyRun tracking my pace
  2. Hi Big Adam. I think you hit the nail on the head in recognizing that this eating is not from hunger, but from habit. I'm struggling with this too. I snack too often at work. My cue is when I kick off a long running query, I walk over by the snack station. Too often, I give in. This guide to changing habits is written by Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit. http://duhigg-site.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/A-guide-to-changing-habits.pdf
  3. I did it!!!!!!!! (And !!!!!!! Some more just for emphasis) I completed The Town Half Marathon in just over 2 hours. Bonked around mile 11, but I am still so happy with the results.
  4. Alameda here. Definitely going to check out Lake Chabot. Love camping there with the kids.
  5. 10 GD Miles! I am calling this challenge successfully completed! What did I learn over the course of this challenge? 1) I can do it! 2) When you meet resistance, don't stop, adapt. 2) If you're gonna run 10 miles, pack some nutrition and hydration.
  6. I stop it when it hits the marker and then walk back to my apartment
  7. First run exploring the new neighborhood. The donut shop at mile 3 smelled so so so good.
  8. I made an executive decision amd extended my challenge through Friday. Side goal: Bach on Bass http://youtu.be/NNAKh63NzW0
  9. Last weekend I moved to Alameda. Looking forward to living on the island and running by the beach, but the move was really draining and didn't help my ankle at all. Also, I have had to adjust my schedule. Now I bike to work instead of walk, which has been easier on my ankle, but is no substitute for the runs. But I've got a race to run so d@mmit today I ran anyway. My times have slipped, but I was able to get in 6 miles. Going on the theory that some is better than none, and running slowly is better than not running at all, I feel like it was a successful first run in 10 days. Hopefully
  10. Thanks for the replies everybody. I took yesterday off, but went for what ended up being a two hour bike ride this morning. My ankle is slowly recovering, and I'm going to keep icing and stretching it over the weekend. Hopefully I will be back on my game, Monday.
  11. Hit a bit of a stumbling block. Around the 4th I hurt my ankle. I think it is either my peroneus tertius or extensor hallucis longus. I ran on Monday. Bad idea. Cycled on Tuesday. Seemed to be okay. Took yesterday off. I have been icing and stretching, but it still hurts if I walk more than a few blocks and I'm debating what to do about tomorrow's 9 mile run. a) run through it. Endorphins will kick in after the first couple miles. take the day off c) go for a 90min bike ride. I tend to get a better cardio workout on a bike, but not the same leg workout. I am leaning towards see because this
  12. And woohoo! Just learned what stat points are and figured out how to make a signature. Thanks, Kailer!
  13. FEFRF - my 8yo was zooming ahead and would pause occasionally to throw rocks in the water; my 5yo generally either lagged behind or was at my tempo. Still, they did a great job hanging in there for 4 miles.
  14. Based on a google maps check, the overall distance looks very close. It added distance during mile two (registered a 4:24 mile - lol), but subtracted distance during mile 3, showing a straight line instead of following the curve. It seemed to track around the lake just fine on my 8 mile run last Wednesday. Not sure why it had trouble today. I'm going to make my next run somewhere other than the lake so I can get a more accurate read.
  15. Hi Sue, I am running my first half marathon in August. Unlike you, I am starting from no exercise at all, so my training plan may be a bit different. I think the biggest difference is in the last 2 weeks. The 14 week program I am using starts the taper 2 weeks before the race, with a very light final week before the race. Most people I have talked to said you don't need to run a full half marathon before the half marathon. I'll let you know how this taper works for me after August 16th. Week 12: Monday: Rest Tuesday: ER 4 miles + ST Wednesday: XT 40 minutes Thursday: TR 4 miles Frid
  16. Couple of epic MapMyRun screenshots. The first is from my weekend run with the kids riding their bikes. I felt like the middle of a 100m bungee cord. They had fun and so did I. Then this bit of top notch GPS awesomeness from this morning's run. I just ran down 19th, around the northern perimiter of the lake and back. There were a few other runners that were slightly faster than me, which helped me increase my pace. Hopefully that will happen in the race too. Of course, there were plenty of runners who were way faster than me, but I might as well be chasing cars at that poin
  17. Yes, it does refer to pho. I love it so much I could eat a whole bucket... it's now my oldest son's favorite food too. About to head out for an 8 mile run now. Don't know what stat points are, but I'll look them up this weekend. Thanks!
  18. Thank, Kailer Over half way through the 14 week program now. I either had GPS problems today or went swimming without knowing it.
  19. Goal 3 officially accomplished. 1 mile in 7:48:09. Kicked my high school self's ass! Also, I have new found respect for how fast a 4 minute, or even 6 minute mile is. I ran flat out for 1/8th mile and that was a 6 minute pace. Trying to fathom keeping that tempo up for the rest of the mile. Sheesh.
  20. Ran the first 7 miles of the race course today @ 9:30min/mile. With 7 weeks to go until the race, I think there is a chance I can eek out the half marathon in under 2 hours. On my side quest of recording the Bach sonata, I still have 57 measures left to memorize in the second half of the Presto movement. Feeling behind schedule on that.
  21. Felt like I had no legs for running today. But for the first time, I ran 4 miles with no walking breaks, and I kept all of my miles under a 10 minute pace (average 9:20). It was really hard.
  22. Thanks! On Monday's run, MapMyRun clocked my first mile pace at 6:12. I thought, "Wow! I feel good. I had not idea I could run that fast." I continued to marvel at my improvement for the rest of the run. From over 12 minutes to 6 minutes in just 6 weeks. That's 75% of the way to a 4 minute mile. By the time I finished my run, I had myself breaking the 4 minute mile, writing a self-improvement best-seller and on the front of a Wheaties box. .... Five minutes later, as I marveled at my workout stats, I noticed that my elevation dropped 547 feet in the first quarter mile. MapMyRu
  23. Woohoo! - In the 2nd mile of my 4 mile run today, I ran a 7:56 mile. On Saturday I'm going to a track to make it official. My pace for the entire run was under 9 mins - had some GPA problems, so I'm not exactly sure...
  24. This thread inspired me to go to a comic store for the first time in years. So much fun. Thanks!
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