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  1. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I am respawning again after a loooong time away and so much of what I need to say was said 15 months ago. Things are much the same as when I started this thread. Except I'm the heaviest I've ever been and have a very long way to go to get to where I want to be. So, I've been reading through all of the advice again and thinking about what I need to do. Small steps, lists, routine, build those new habits. As of today: I don't drink fizzy drinks. I don't eat white bread. I work out three times a week. I can crack this and level up my life.
  2. I'm only a few weeks in to my current program, I set my maxes during my last period and am menstruating again now. After three terrific weeks my session yesterday was just DIRE! I couldn't even manage my third set of squats at a weight that should have been easily manageable. It was the first time I actually dropped the bar mid-squat (thank goodness for safeties). I was a weepy mess too! Thankfully I had heard about this so didn't get too worried about it. I'm also using a minera coil for the first time, after 7 years off hormonal birth control. I'm all over the place! I wish there was a better, non-hormonal option.
  3. Bleugh! The flapjacks I could get on board with though Yeah, straps sound like a good idea.
  4. 3rd July Cycle 1, Week 3, Day 2 Deadlift Warm up 3x40 Work sets 5x45 3x50 10x55 First set last 1x45 I hate deadlifts. There I said it. They kill my hands. It's really frustrating because I know my muscles can do more. The sets of 10 on my last two sessions show that I have plenty in the tank, but the pain in my hands is stopping me adding more weight or volume. This session I couldn't even manage 5 reps on my first set last set, I barely got the single I'm already using liquid chalk on my hands. Overhead Press Work sets 5x20 3x20 4x22.5 Joker 0x25 First set last 3x5x20 Missed my joker My hands were still stinging from deadlifts, and that did hold me back on the press. So that's the end of cycle 1! I'm already feeling stronger. I decided on a new course of action for my diet. Cutting, either gradually or cold turkey, the sweet foods I crave simply never works for me. At best I manage a few days before falling back on old habits. My best stretch in recent years without soda is 3 weeks. So a new approach is required.... Instead of consciously trying to cut those sweet foods and drinks, I'm going to focus on INCREASING my protein intake. I need to do so anyway to complement my lifting, but I'm hoping that the side effect of me feeling fuller will then lead to me reaching for sugary snacks less. I tried kale for the first time yesterday. I wasn't impressed! I'll try juicing it instead of having it as a salad and see if that's any better. I just watched an interesting documentary about so-called superfoods, it was the first in a series, and it looked at kale, xylitol and grapefruit. Turns out grapefruit really does have a chemical that burns fat, but in order to benefit from it you'd have to eat 40 grapefruits in a singe sitting lol! Xylitol rocks, which I already knew. I've given xylitol sweets to my kids before and have a bag of the stuff to use in place of sugar, but it tastes really odd. I keep meaning to make my own toothpaste with it. Must get on that. As for kale, it's great for the eyes. So, bring on the meat and eggs! Good job I can never get sick of my own home made quiche
  5. 30th June Cycle 1, Week 3, Day 1 Squat Warm ups 5x20 3x30 1x40 Work sets 5x45 3x52.5 3x57.5 Jokers 1x60 1x62.5 First set last 5x45 Bench Work set 5x25.5 3x25 5x27.5 Jokers 1x30 1x35 1x37.5 (new 1RM) First set last 2x5x25 Loving my progress on bench. Every session I just feel like I can do so much more. The jokers are really pushing me and it feels great to keep lifting so much more weight after my work sets Coming to the end of my first cycle on 5-3-1 and really pleased so far.
  6. Been somewhat busy lately so not had chance to get on here to log, but workouts have been going well. So here are my last three workouts (I'll split them into separate posts). 26th June Cycle 1, Week 2, Day 2 Deadlift Work sets 3x40kg 3x47.5 10x52.5 Joker 1x60 First Set Last 2x3x40 Overhead Press Work sets 2x3x20 8x20 Jokers 1x25 0x27.5 First set last 3x3x20 Missed that 27.5kg on OHP, but it'll come soon.
  7. Awesome Hope the physio helps. About your social media, it really fucking sucks monkey balls. I hardly get any interactions on my author page on FB and Twitter is like shouting into a void. I have like three people who ever interact with me on there. Volume of posts is supposedly the key. I know our situations are different, but I try to remember that the key to remember with social media is to be social. Try not to think of it as a means to make sales (or gain sponsors), just be sociable, chat to people, interact with them and gradually (very gradually!) you'll see a return on that investment. My problem with that approach is that I've had to limit my time on FB because it was sucking my soul and causing me stress. I had about a month where I literally did not go on there once (any petitions I signed got shared remotely, and I did pop onto my author page to post sometimes, but didn't browse). I'm gradually easing back into it now, but have to be careful or I can lose hours on there.
  8. Satan's butt crack is a terrible place to be. Well done on the 10rep PB, it was awesome and beastly! Sorry about the reason behind it though :/ best foot forward and all that English crap. Like I said yesterday, see it as a positive. Lots of people say that redundancy was the best thing that could have happened to them. Hopefully you'll see it that when once the dust settles.
  9. Tuesday's session: Squats Warm up: 5x20kg 3x30 Work weight sets: 3x42.5 3x50 3x55 First Set Last Set: 3x3x42.5 Bench Work weight sets: 3x20 3x25 5x27.5 Jokers: 1x30 1x35 0x37.5 First set last sets: 5x5x20 Pretty happy. Went for a new max on bench but failed it. It's all good though, just keep pushing through.
  10. Interesting about the fasting not making a difference. It might catch up with you in a few days though.
  11. Love it! Log from last night's session: Deadlift 5x40kg 5x45 8x50 Overhead Press 3x5x20 1x25 Deadlift was great. Very happy with those sets. The last one was tough and I took a few pauses to get through 8 reps, but pushed through as I know it feels loads harder than it really is. OHP wasn't strictly 531 as I'm working with a 20kg bar. Week one work weights were meant to be 15, 17.5 then 20. Rather than messing about with dumbbells we decided to just to 3 sets with the empty bar. It's a bit more weight than I was scheduled to lift but give me all da gainz.
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