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  1. My goals for this challenge are to run faster and also to lose 10 lbs ( hopefully one will help with the other). I'd like to get my base pace back up to a 6.0 mph. I also want to figure out how to transition to a new job by mid next year. Quest: lose 10 lbs Cut out carbs and eat more protein (count calories) Quest: run faster Go to HIIT class every other day Increase base pace by at least 0.1 every 2 weeks Quest: apply for jobs spend at least one full day per week to put in applications Today's running speeds: Base: 4.5, Push: 5.5, AO: 6.5
  2. Time to get back into logging! I have been going to HIIT classes pretty consistently for the past month, but I need to start holding myself more accountable for nutrition and keeping track of my fitness goals. And also, I want to run fast! I always struggle with consistency when it comes to running, so I'll planning to keep track here. First goal, I'd like to get my base pace back up to a 6.0. Second goal, I'd like to drop 10 lbs. by the end of the year. Today's running speeds: Base: 4.5, Push: 5.0, AO: 5.5
  3. Hi everyone, I've decided to join the rangers for this quest, since I'd like to add some more cardio into my routine. I'm planning a trip with some friends in a few months, and I'd really like to be in tiptop shape before then. So I really need to get back to strength training and cardio and eating healthy on a regular basis. Those are my main goals. I'd also like to spend more time reading book and get back to learning a language on the side. So my goals for this challenge are: 1) Do strength training 3-4 times per week (+10 strength) 2) Do 30-45 minutes of cardio every day (+10 stamina) 3) Eat healthy. Cut down on carbs and eat more real food. Meet my calorie goals. (+10 life pts/day, -5 for every alcoholic beverage) 4) Read for 2 hours a week (+10 per hour wisdom) 5) Work on Duolingo at least 5 nights a week (+5 per session wisdom)
  4. There's only a few days left, so I've been brainstorming about what I can do for the next challenge; I'd really like to continue the workout program I am following, since I have been seeing some great results, and I'm just a little more than a month from finishing it! The only drawback is that the workouts are pretty time consuming, but I guess I can deal with that for another month, and then consider how to make it more sustainable in the long term. I also definitely need to get out more and meet some new people; everything has been crazy lately so I've used that too much as an excuse to not push myself much socially. I'd also like to start reading before bedtime, rather than watching tv, and getting to bed a bit earlier. Finally, I would like to work on my temper; I've been stressed lately but that's not an excuse to get upset over small things, so I will try to figure out a measurable way to work on that. There's a bunch of smaller things, like stayer more organized, that would be good to work on too. My updated totals so far: strength: 140 stamina: 80 life: 191 (-20) wisdom: 6 fun: 60 Mini-quest: Zap procrastination: 20
  5. I know! It's amazing what we are able to do when we work for it! I think sometimes it's easy to use fear of injury or overuse to hold myself back, but then when I actually push myself, it's amazing to see what I can do and how quickly my body will adapt.
  6. Thanks! The guy at my gym deadlifting over 400 lbs had to start somewhere, at least that's what I keep telling myself!
  7. Haven't been updating for a few days. Monday was a rest day, and I got in some good workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday. I should have eaten more today, but I probably ate extra on Tuesday, so I guess it woks out! I still need to work on getting more protein into my diet. I really do feel like I'm getting stronger, which is great. I could barely do one legged squats with 20 lbs a few weeks ago, and today they were pretty easy with 30 lbs. My nemesis, barbell lunges, were at least doable, if not enjoyable! My updated totals so far: strength: 140 stamina: 80 life: 181 (-20) wisdom: 6 fun: 60 Mini-quest: Zap procrastination: 20
  8. Haha, bad.... I haven't gotten to it at all since I have been so busy lately! I might have to make it the focus of the next challenge!
  9. Yay! I got to the gym tonight after a long day of hanging out with friends. Still ate reasonably healthy too. My updated totals so far: strength: 120 stamina: 70 life: 151 (-20) wisdom: 6 fun: 60 Mini-quest: Zap procrastination: 10
  10. It's been a rough week; I haven't gotten to the gym as much as I would have liked, and probably snacked a bit too much this week. Still, I'm down two pounds, which is good! Okay, well next week will be better! My updated totals so far: strength: 110 stamina: 60 life: 141 (-20) wisdom: 6 fun: 40 Mini-quest: Zap procrastination: 10
  11. Good luck with your challenge! I'm trying to learn Italian too!
  12. Post-gym totals: My updated totals so far: strength: 100 stamina: 60 life: 131 (-20) wisdom: 6 fun: 40 Mini-quest: Zap procrastination: 0 I hate the elliptical, but it's nice that the gym has such great wifi I can actually zone out and watch Netflix! I really need to get outside and bike instead, since I enjoy that a lot more....
  13. Okay, I got a bit derailed for the last two days, because I have been so busy with some personal affairs I had to take care of, so I didn't get to the gym at all, boo. I think my body needed a break though, so I'm not sure it was a bad thing. I still ate healthy, even though I didn't count calories. Anyway, I'm headed to the gym right now! And I'm back to counting calories tomorrow! My updated totals so far: strength: 90 stamina: 50 life: 131 (-20) wisdom: 6 fun: 40 Mini-quest: Zap procrastination: 0
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