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  1. Hey Rangers! It's been - a while. We'll just leave it at that. I'm currently battling an ankle injury, but the new year seemed like a good starting point for diving back in and focusing on me. Lots of changes the last couple of years. I changed workplaces and now work remotely which is hard. I know some people love it. Honestly, I thought I would love it, but my mind focuses better when I have an office to go to. I'll be back shortly with my quest list. *** Ok, I've actually used the forms to create my quests this time! Amazing! So, here are my 5 quests that I would like to complete in the 6-12 months: Do 1 pull-up or chin-up. (This is actually my New Year's resolution.) Lose 20 lbs. Bench Press 150 lbs Fit back into size 36 jeans Row a 5k The rowing goal will depend on my ankle. I have a follow-up with my orthopedic this coming Thursday. The cortisone shot he gave me 3 weeks ago I'm not sure fully worked, so we'll see what the next step is. With those Quests in place, here are my baby-step actions for the next 4 weeks: Spend 5 minutes/day practicing "rockers" (for the Pull-up Quest) Bench Press 3 times a week. (I will probably work on higher reps, lower weight for the first couple of weeks and then move towards a 5 x 5 program) Get to the gym at least 3 times a week. (This really dovetails with #2). Eat at least 4 servings of veggies per day. Let's dive in!
  2. Alright Aqua-fans, I know I completely dropped out of the NF world. I was sick at the beginning of the challenge, then got some super exciting news on the job front - I got an incredible job offer and am changing Firms on Monday!!! So that ended up taking quite a bit of my time as I tried to set my current firm up for success once I leave. So, I will jump in on the next challenge - hopefully after being settled in my new job for a week or so!
  3. Aquamom reporting a bit late due to continued craziness at the local barrister's office. Domestic rangering - tackling my out of control closet!
  4. Alright, Happy New Year Rangers! I realize I'm a bit late to starting my thread. So I'll cut to the chase on my goals: I respawned with the NF Academy missions, so my plan is to keep up with those for this challenge. Those are based on the e-mails that I will get weekly. Week 1 e-mail: Before Photos (25 XP) - This is a non-negotiable! You don't need to look at them, you don't need to hang them up, but you do need to take them. Measurements (25 XP) - Another way to track your progress. Find your Big Why and share it (25 XP for each ) Walk 5 minutes per day this week (100 XP) - Time to start moving! (4 days so far) Keep up with my rowing workouts that my buddy and I are doing. (3x a week) Yoga - I need to do some yoga - my body is getting tight. Schedule a time to meet with my old personal trainer about kettlebells.
  5. Last week kind of peetered out - never really got back on track with meditation. Rowing has been going well - as long as I can find an erg that works! Both the ones at my gym and school have not been working well. Strength workouts also kinda peetered out - I was doing yoga but not twice a week. Finished my Epic Quest of 75 books in a year! Hooray!
  6. Alright - new week! My stomach feels a little off which is annoying, so I'm sticking to bland food. I was able to get out of the office and workout though. A buddy of mine and I are doing some accountabili-buddy rowing stuff, today was Day 1 and so just set a baseline of 1k. My 1k time was 4:39.9. I'm pretty please with that. I then ran/walked for a half-hour using C25k.
  7. That's a good idea. I'm going to try that. May shorter time actually meditating, but higher frequency? Ok so this week has been very up-and-down for several reasons. First, my oldest son woke up in the middle of the night Tuesday throwing up. I was up the rest of the night with him. Went to work Wednesday, wife got sick Thursday, so she stayed home with WW again on Thursday. I didn't sleep well Wednesday night which meant I was a zombie for both Wednesday and Thursday. At work, I had an ginormous report due to a national bank yesterday that I seriously busted my ass on. I finally got it done around 6 pm yesterday, in time for me to leave for Rogue One! Last night I was up late because I saw Rogue One and then watched part of the Seahawks game when I got home. Needless to say, I'm really tired today. I did a swim workout on Sunday and yoga on Monday (or Tuesday) morning. After that, between illnesses and work, not much else has happened this week and my lower back has been nagging me (hence the yoga). Two more weeks to finish strong though! Also, I received an e-mail from the founding partner from the Firm I want to work for scheduling a private lunch with him and the managing partner of that Firm for early January!!!!!! I'm super-excited! Rogue One was good. Not in the same vein of awesomeness that The Force Awakens was/is, but it was good and I can't wait to see it again. Personally, I felt like Felicity Jones was a bit stiff during the whole film, but everyone else was good.
  8. I'm also very new to the KB thang. I got a swim in on Sunday, so that felt good. Everything is on track except for the freaking meditation . . . . I really need someone to hold my feet to the fire or find some way to make it a priority. My anxiety has been super bad lately, though, so I'm probably avoiding it because sitting still for any length of time seems like torture right now.
  9. Alright, the meditation part of this challenge is not going so well - as in, I haven't been doing it. :| If I meditate for the next 3 days then I can get what I need for the week. This morning I did a quick KB workout and my body was toast afterwards. I was able to get my heartrate up so that felt good. Also, finished another book - Mockingbird: I can explain. It's for my comic book shop's Ladies and Genderqueer book club. (Although the e-mail I got yesterday defined the group as "anyone who doesn't identify as male" which made me chuckle.)
  10. Well, I didn't think I was going to be able to get in a workout today, but I got really upset at the office so after my therapy appointment, I met my wife at the Y. She went for a swim and brought me running clothes. Unfortunately, she did a poor job of picking, especially with the bra so after my first run interval I decided it was better to just walk at an incline for the rest of the time. But, I still got a workout in! I need to meditate and do my strength training . . . I'm thinking of including yoga in strength training and doing some tonight.
  11. Yes! I hate that feeling, but I've gotten better about it. If this EQ item has taught me anything, it's that life is too short to waste on bad books. Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
  12. Dude. I hate squats too! I will deadlift, work on pull ups, OHP, and bench all day, but I dread squats. I think it's because of mobility issues and they don't make me feel strong. I do deadlift & bench and feel like a BMAF.
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    Running on dry land




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