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  1. Superstrength


    Running on dry land




  2. Ready to start this!

  3. 2 hour delays will be the end of this Mom!!!

    1. Nubbins McGee

      Nubbins McGee

      Our two hour delay turned into a cancellation at the last minute. Then it took me almost three hours to get to work. Ready for spring!

    2. illuviel


      Another "two hour delay" turned cancellation, here. Hooray for leaves of absence. Kind of. :P

  4. Done. With. WINTER!!!!!

  5. Need to harness super-focus today!

  6. My anxiety will calm down. . . My anxiety will calm down. . . My anxiety will calm down.

  7. Verdict - Kelp noodles are good!

    1. Barfly


      I will have to start thinking about them ;)

  8. So what do nerds think about kelp noodles?

    1. Barfly


      Tbh, I've never actually thought about them at all...

  9. Anxiety sucks

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    2. Lara
    3. TheCrimsonFist


      Pro tip: If you don't like having anxiety, stop having it.

    4. Aquamom


      Yeah, clearly you've never had anxiety if you think I can just "stop having it."

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