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  1. Hello Surface-Dwellers! Well, I have not been successful my last two challenges and was knocked off my path by a deluge of poor choices. Interestingly enough the Deluge attempts to thwart Aquaman's initiatives in Aquaman Rebirth #1. Thus, I myself will take on the Deluge in an attempt to gain complete control of my fitness life. My goal is to get back in the habit of regularly going to the gym and lifting. This is what I like, it makes me feel, I like feeling stronger and I like knowing that I can push myself in this way. Thus, to defeat the Deluge I will: Lift at least 3 times per week using the Stronglifts 5x5 program. Do a cardio activity at least twice a week (bike, run, swim, 1 mile or more walk with my dog, mowing my lawn with a push mower, etc.) Tame the wild shrubbery around my shed. Self-Care - because it's important to re-charge - finish the book Star Wars: Scoundrels OR beat (i.e., just finish, not necessarily 100%) Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens. Deluge is a terrorist organization within Atlantis and can be defeated with diligence. I will give it a health of 25. Each activity done will deplete his life by 1 health. However, if I fail to meet a weekly goal (i.e., I only do cardio once in the week), then he gains 2 health points back. If I do MORE than the weekly minimum, I deal him an extra 1/2 health point of damage. Here we go!
  2. Ok, I need to do a better job about posting. I think I need a serious theme next time. . . And I need to put these things on my calendar. No level up this time. . .
  3. Yeah, I just haven't done one since. I did manage to write in my new journal though - the prompt is the same every day - How was I awesome today. . . Okay, I also felt great wearing my Aquaman shirt yesterday (by request of my oldest son whose birthday it was) but today, not feeling so great with the polo shirt I'm wearing. Feels a bit clingy. I need to make a way better effort at nutrition. This is where I'm failing currently. I'm kinda bummed because I didn't put lettuce/greens mix on the grocery list for the week so my wife didn't pick any up. I'm getting a salad today for lunch. I need to get back to the basics - protein, veggie, protein, whole fat diary, veggie, protein. Not much to update on . . . I think I really need to start scheduling my workouts and checking them off. I'm getting overwhelmed at work and starting to feel guilty about not spending enough time with my family (thank you evil internal anxiety voice). I did make two cakes for my sons' birthdays though. H who turned 4 wanted a Superman cake. W who turned 7 wanted a Light Side/Dark Side cake and requested Jedi Master Luke's and Kylo Ren's lightsabers. And for funsies, here's a picture of the Lego set he built mostly by himself!
  4. Let's see. . . Saturday: Mowed the lawn before we left for the beach. Packed the car, unpacked the car, and went to the beach with the fam. Pretty busy and active day so that felt really good. (Took about an hour and a half, so I still have 2 1/2 hours of yardwork to go for this week). No meditating. I really need to find some serious habit-building mechanisms for that. Sunday: More activities! Kayaking, kayaking with sons on my lap, swimming, aquajogging after my son's when they were on the paddleboard, No meditating (arg!) Lots of reading of the Hoover biography though. Monday: Finished the Hoover bio! More swimming, aquajogging, kayaking, kayaking with sons, used my 20 seconds of courage to try paddleboarding (didn't like it so much, I'll stick to kayaking). Tuesday: Cloudy day at the beach, just kind of hung out not much going on. Started Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn (Star Wars Legends book). Wednesday: Back to work. Not much physical activity, but I did finish my audiobook (Star Wars Fate of the Jedi: Abyss (another Legends line book)) and I played a new game, Pagoda, with my buddy Greg! And I beat him! It's always a big deal to me when I beat him. Now for Thursday: I DID A MEDITATION THIS MORNING! . . . . I really need to get my eating back on track. I came home early from the beach and am going back down there tomorrow so no real food in the house. I figure I'll just muddle through the next few days and buckle down after everyone is home from vacation this weekend.
  5. Wednesday - Went for a run! My first run in a couple months and it took a bit of over-coming of anxiety, so I was just delighted that I got out there. Thursday - Rest day - unplanned because I was just so tired! Friday (today) - Lifted! Yay! OHP weight remained the same and I increased my bent-over row weight by 5 lbs. Hope everyone has a good weekend! I'm going to the beach for a few days with family so I'm hoping I can stick to some bodyweight workouts.
  6. So, I'm just not very good at updating. . . Saturday - yard work! I'm slowly but surely taming the crazy Bushmonster #1. Ideally, I'd like to find a woodchipper. We know a family with one but if I can't use theirs, I might look into renting one. (No meditation. ) Sunday - More yard work! Mowed about half the property so that felt good. Definitely got in my 4 hours over the 2 days and since I lifted on Thursday, I kept up my mission goal of not having more than 2 rest days in a row! Although I didn't meditate, I did write in my journal for 11 minutes (I set a timer). I'm thinking that as this is an anxiety that I would also like to cultivate that I will update that mission to include it. Monday - No working out. No meditating. Just a rest day - I mean, if a Monday can ever be called that. Tuesday - Lifted at the gym and that felt good. I upped the weight in the two exercises where I could. No meditating. Hoover biography is coming along slowly. I think I will need one more renewal to really kick it. Something interesting I have noticed is that I tend to like the biographies that discuss the law and politics of the president. Hoover bio is skewed towards economics which makes sense, but I find myself losing interest until it begins talking about what a terrible politician he was. Ok, off to go catch up on some other threads!
  7. Very brief update: Meditating has not been happening. . . I need to find a way to make this a habit. I need to hack it. . . Yard work is scheduled for tomorrow (probably after a trip to homo depot) Hoover bio is going slowly. So far, no 2 rests in a row! I'm getting there. I'm feeling healthier. My belt is getting tighter and my jeans a little looser!
  8. Ok, so I know the challenge officially started yesterday and that I'm a bit late to the game, but here it goes: So, on the Sunday immediately following the last challenge, I defeated the Level 3 Gym Boss for the Academy! Yay! I have no idea if I am down 5 lbs because I don't have a scale. However, my clothes are looser and I need to use a tighter belt-loop. All good things! Current Quests: Defeat Level 4 Gym Boss from the Academy Lose 5 lbs Tame the BushMonster #1 (i.e. completely get rid of). (I'll post a picture later as dropbox is not cooperating. :| ) Mission 1: Meditate a majority of the days (4/7) throughout each week. (Charisma pts) Mission 2: Spend at least 4 hours each week doing yard work. (Stamina & Dexterity pts) Mission 3: Complete the Hoover biography. (Wisdom pts) Mission 4: Never have more than 2 rest days in a row. Days spent doing yard work are not rest days. (Strength pts) Sunday: Definitely spent at least 4 hours doing yard work. Monday: Meditated. Might read some of Hoover.
  9. Hey Guys, Just wanted to throw something quick up here as a place holder. I know the challenge starts on Sunday, but this week has been insanely busy! (And honestly, I think I need to wrap up from the last challenge. . .)
  10. Stamina goal done! Blasted my 2k PR by 6 seconds on the erg for a time of 9:01.1. #TeamCap Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks for that suggestion! I was trying to figure out which was the best route. I do that lift as part of a larger set, so reducing rest time would be difficult. I like the idea of starting heavier and then going lighter. *** Yesterday, was a great workout! Here are my notes straight from Evernote: 5 per side Goblet lunges 30 lbs. Balance was a little off this morning. 30 lbs. Much better. 30 lbs. Good. Starting feeling like work 5 dumbbell overhead press 50 lbs (barbell) gonna be hard by the 4th set 50 lbs. Fine 50 lbs. Getting harder. 5 assisted chin-ups 170 setting. Felt easy. 170 setting. Still felt easy. 155 setting. Hard but doable Tomorrow, it being the last day of the challenge, I will attempt the Boss Battle again and also attempt a PR on the rowing machine. I need to break 9:07.4 in order to get points for some Team Cap points. Also, good news, I'm using the next tighter hold on my belts! Yay! Slowly, I'm working off that weight from the meds! I've been terrible at meditating and running this challenge. I'm hoping that I can work on at least one of those as summer begins and the wife isn't working.
  12. Alright missed my 2k rowing PR by 6/10ths of a second. I'll try again on Saturday. Go Team Cap! Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  13. No workouts over the long weekend, although I did mow my backyard, about a half-acre with a gas-push lawn mower. That was a workout, especially since my backyard isn't exactly flat. I worked out yesterday and felt really good. I started using 35 lbs on my goblet squats which felt really. I'm also making progress with my push-ups. The one-armed dumbbell rows are fine too; except that 25 lbs feels too light and 30 lbs is too heavy. Thinking I might start adding reps with 25 lbs. Oh yeah, the other week before school my son was playing in our driveway . . . he takes after his Mommy!
  14. Hey Friends, Strength trained again yesterday and meditated this morning. Did not row yesterday, but since I already rowed earlier in the week, I felt ok about that. Lots of walks with Harrison which has been awesome. Work has been really stressful and I'm trying to figure how to solve a problem that involves two groups who are at complete odds.
  15. Hey Friends! Rangerly accomplishments done for Team Cap! Walked the new pup every other day this week, alternating with my strength training!
  16. Strength trained and rowed yesterday. 2k on the erg was 9:10, not a new PR, but I was pushing it hard! Meditated Monday and today, so that's good.
  17. Week 2 Round-up: Quest 1: Strength Train at least twice a week. DONE! Quest 2: Endurance - run at least twice a week. Quest 3: Row once a week for time - 2K. DONE! New time 9:07! Quest 4: I need to keep my mental game up. Fail. I maybe meditated twice this week. . . .
  18. Finished the agility goal for Team Cap! 150 consecutive jumps while jump roping!
  19. Welp, Week Two is looking like a wash. . . oh well. My allergies have kicked in making me very tired, so no workout this morning. I need TO DO IT!! Tomorrow. Tomorrow.
  20. Oh boy, This week has gone so fast already. I've done 1 strength training session this week. I'm officially letting go of my running challenge because it's stressing me out. It's too hard to get up and go with the new puppy because my wife doesn't get up as early as I do and the crate for the pup is in our room. . . so yeah. If I run, great, if not, that's fine. I have not been meditating this week. Tomorrow morning, I plan on another strength session and rowing. Also will try to do my agility feat for Team Cap!
  21. Hey pal! Glad you're feeling better!
  22. Back is feeling slightly better, but I think I did something to my lower quad/upper knee in the process. It hurts when I go into a low squat. I was so focused on working on a getting a low squat, that I think I may have over done it. . . erg. . . .A coach of mine suggested foam rolling, so I might try that too. Sadly, because of back, I did not get in two runs this week. I did a TON of yard work yesterday morning though and that definitely worked some muscles and felt good. It is beginning to feel like spring here - finally! I'm also walking more because - PUPPY!!! @jstanlick - I meant to mention on the last threat (but the Forum-issues were difficult) that I really appreciate that you got my dog's name! While I wanted to name him for a President, it was truly serendipitous that my boys' names also worked out! Week 1 Round-up: Quest 1: Strength Train at least twice a week. DONE! Quest 2: Endurance - run at least twice a week. injury - boo! Quest 3: Row once a week for time - 2K. DONE! Quest 4: I need to keep my mental game up. Completed 5/7 days! I'm going to see how my back and quad progress, but I may have to scrap this challenge and I'm feeling ok about that (yay anxiety win!). I would just re-tool my goals but not level up. Stay tuned. . .
  23. Strength feat completed for Cap! 20 consecutive push-ups - just getting back into things. It felt good. I'm having trouble keeping up NF fora in general, so, sadly, no bonus quest for me.
  24. Ugh, so no workout today - back is feeling better than last night, but still sore. No working out today. Hoping to get in a meditation before bed.
  25. Hey Wolfie - just checking in - glad to see you have everyone nice and clean with the cold showers!
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