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  1. Dangnabit! I lost the post I was working on. . .. Ok. Day 1 Recap: Quest 1: Bootcamp - took yesterday as a rest day since I was super-sore from my weekend workouts. Quest 2: Did ok with the sugar 28 grams - 3 grams over my goal, but still below the 30 gram limit the FDA recommends. Quest 3: Didn't run yesterday. Side Quest: So instead of working out I did a 15 minute (or so) guided meditation and it was great. Love the Stitcher app and that I can search for these types of things on it. Day 2 Mid-Day Point: Quest 1: Bootcamp workout. This week's workouts is an AMRAP in 15 minutes of the following list: 20 squats 10 push-ups to side-planks 10 alternating side-lunges w/ dumbbell at chest (I chose 7.5 lbs to start, but will definitely increase that for my next workout) 10 dynamic alternating planks 10 low jacks. I managed 3 total sets in the 15 minutes, plus an extra set of squats and push-ups. On the last set of push-ups, I failed on each of my last 4 push-ups, but picked myself up and finished. I must have looked ridiculous to the high-schoolers in the fitness center. Quest 2: So far today the sugar count is 20 grams. I did add a teaspoon of local honey to my plain yogurt and the Gu I had before my workout had 7 grams, so that's 12 grams right there. I'm guessing the other sugars must be the natural ones in my salad, so I'm not going to stress too much about it. My goal is added sugars, so I think I'm doing alright. Quest 3: Didn't run today - tomorrow! Side Quest: Another guided meditation this morning as well as repeating the mantra for the workout. (Oh yeah, the bootcamp workouts each have a mantra that goes with them.) Feeling stronger and pretty good. Best news is that many of work pants are feeling big for the first time in a while. Now to not fret about the workout clothes. . .
  2. It is! It's even better when the New 52 Vol. 1 of Aquaman shows him going into diner and ordering fish n' chips! Hey, even Aquaman knows a good source of protein! I will definitely keep you all apprised!
  3. Hello there! Thank you! It's good to be back. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I dove right in. Thanks SkiBlue! (I need to go find your thread and see what bad-assery you're engaged in!) Your continued support is awesome! Thanks, Wolf! I have not done the Bootcamp before. She has two tracks: Sweat it Out (anxiety) and Rise Up (Depression). I'm on the Sweat it Out track and the workouts are getting hard. I found that 1 month wasn't enough for me so I re-upped for months 2 & 3. In addition to the workouts, there are mindset challenges which last about 2 weeks. Every 2 weeks or so there is also a group coaching call which is awesome. And there's a facebook group for each track with more amazing support. (Perhaps I have drank the kool-aid).
  4. Alright House Targaryen! HIIT workout completed this morning! As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes: 20 squats 10 push-ups to side-planks 10 alternating side lunges w/ dumbell @ chest 10 dynamic planks 10 low jacks Got through 3 rounds, plus 1 more squat set and push-up set.
  5. I don't work at home and I can't keep up with this thread!! BTW - That steak has made me so hungry. . ..
  6. She has helped me sooooo much this year already! I can't wait to see her again, in person, at Camp NF.
  7. Wow - your creativity is awesome! I need to find a way to incorporate that into mine. . . Oh yeah - and I'm pretty sure you'll rock this challenge!
  8. Ready to start this!

  9. So, it has been a while my Friends. I have battled with some dark demons in the deep ocean rifts during my time away, but overcame them and am ready to re-emerge! Mission: Lose 5 lbs. Despite the constant battling, the stress (and some chemical issues) caused me to gain weight. Quest 1: Keep up with the Strong Inside Out bootcamp workout schedule. Despite putting down the demons, I know they will returns and I need to steel myself for the future. (Note: Ok to personalize, but must complete all workouts for each week). (3 pts. Strength) Quest 2: Limit added sugar intake to 25 grams/day. (Natural sugars, ok). Not only will this help with mental clarity, but it should assist with the overall mission. (3 pts. Constitution) Quest 3: Increase weekly run mileage to 6 miles. All that time underwater, now to build my land endurance! (3 pts. Endurance) Side-Quest: Practice mindfulness every day. (Could be meditation, could be taking a few moments to choose my action rather than reacting to stressful/bad news). Constant battling makes it hard to be present, time to re-focus. (3 pts. Charisma).
  10. Hello Fellow Rangers! I'm hoping to jump back into the challenges and fora. This is a great challenge! I always seem to do better on the challenges that have a competitive nature or a team goal. I pledge myself to the following Houses: Stark: I will walk/run the lake trail/North woods at least once this week. Targaryen: 2 sprint workouts on the erg OR HIIT WORKOUTS Tully: Swim 250 meters non-stop. Martell: Beat my 5k time set on 4/16/2016 virtual race.
  11. Hey Friends! I'm in West Chester, PA. Planning on doing some 5ks this year. I've done the Warrior Dash up in the Poconos in 2013 and 2014, couldn't do it last year because of an injury, but hoping to do it this year.
  12. And that "weird sinus-head cold thing" morphed into a gargantuan sinus-ear-infection monster of badness. Thus, I have done a whopping nothing. Well, not entirely true. I got talked into doing a 21-day Challenge called "The Fix". I'm very skeptical, but my step-mom wanted someone to help keep my step-sister motivated and she paid for it. So yeah, I figure, I'll give it a whirl.
  13. Hey Buddy! Bummer about the arm. How did you like The Force Awakens??
  14. Ok, home from a lengthy vacation. I have a weird sinus-head cold thing and feel very jet-lagged. I'm going to put together a workout plan and meal plan tomorrow. Not sure if I'll sign up for the challenge. It's only 4 weeks which somehow doesn't feel as overwhelming as 6. We'll see. . . .
  15. Things are beginning to look up! I can start running!! Yay!!!
  16. Alright, time to restart this log! Not sure I'm going to start a new log with the name "Aquamom" since this one is already here. I'm also thinking of going back to JK_Mom. Basically feeling very undecided about things in general right now. I've spent the entire second half of 2015 battling Achilles tendinitis or whatever they call it (different docs call it different things). The injury really hindered my ability to work on any challenges so I felt like I stagnated. I'm hoping to make updating this thread a habit (thanks, Habitica!) and use it to get a jump-start on 2016!
  17. So, I didn't take my meds last night and I got up this morning - minimal problems! I worked on Monday, but it wasn't a full workout because the erg would not stay put. I know I'm peetering out this challenge, but I've made some really good progress despite the lack of consistency. I have logged my food much more regularly which has resulted in me being able to make healthier choices. I think I'm going to go find my battle log and fire it up. . .
  18. Hey Friends, I'm having a hard time finding consistency! That's just the truth. I need to force myself to get out of bed every morning! I'm so exhausted that it is making it quite difficult. I started a new medication for my anxiety and I think that is having an effect on my ability to wake up. NOrmally I'm a huge morning person. Anyway, thats my check in. However lame it might be.
  19. Just a quick update here - not much to talk about. I had to find another home for our 2nd dog that I got in July. I was training him to be a service dog for my anxiety, but he was too aggressive. I spent yesterday morning in the ER with my son who got 3 stitches as a result of the dog. It's been a rough couple days, but I'm looking up and ahead. I'd like to get to the gym both days, but that might be tough as we have a guest in-town and I really want to finish up the kitchen cabinets!
  20. So. . .I got on the rowing machine this morning and it felt amazing! I think I'm going to use that as my cardio and really try to get a workout in every other day. I found a web-site with some good beginner's workouts. Today I did the following: 5 min (warm-up - 20 spm goal) Distance rowed: 1012 m REST 5 min (22 spm) (And now that I'm reviewing the workout, I was supposed to stop here, oh well!) Distance rowed: 1032 m REST 5 min (22 spm) Distance rowed: 1048 REST 5 min (cool-down - 20 spm) Distance rowed: 969 m (I also moved the resistance down on this set to make sure I was actually doing a cool down set). I really focused on keeping my stroke rate down because I have propensity to kill myself and go super high-intensity. By focusing on nice "easy" rowing, I was to go for a longer period of time. My body can already feel the workout (in that good way) which is awesome! Then I bench-pressed! Just to get start getting those muscles moving again. 5 x 5 at 45 lbs. Last night I got my push-ups in too! Wilson: I'm to page 150. It's going well, but I'm finding I need to skim over a few parts that seem repetitive and long-winded. Lego Batman 3. We are spending no time at the apartment which is a good thing, but it also means no xbox so I've made no headway on this bonus goal.
  21. So, I'm not so good with the story-telling, sorry to disappoint. I prefer the surprise. . . .
  22. Got some extra stealth walking done this morning while I worked on creeping down our long & leaf-covered driveway without making a sound!
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