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  1. I think it might be more of a privacy thing. I have had a grand total of maybe 12 hours totally alone at home in the last year or two. Sherry is almost always home, or when she goes off with her mom for a while Kristi and/or Jordan are home. Jordan hasn't really been working since March of last year so he almost never leaves. Kristi sleeps, goes to work and spends 95% of her free time in her room using Discord voice chat loudly and playing video games with her boyfriend and her online friends. And our home is three bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen with the minimal amount of connecting hallwa
  2. Bedtime has been achieved about 80% of the time, I'm just crap at maintaining discipline on the weekend when there are good movies or shows to be watched. Breakfast at home has also been good, but I'm finding myself getting snacks before work on auto pilot and I don't seem to notice it until part way through my work day. Yoga has not happened... I open my little app every day or two and check out what poses are in the little set for the day to make sure I know how to do them and my matt is ready to go but I just don't do it. It feels weird to do it with people around me for some reason. Like I
  3. Thanks guys. I am into metal so I'll try and check that out if I have some free time when I'm alone. I have a serious lack of alone time at home and this is not something I want anyone at home getting involved in. They are either dealing with enough as it is or the type to negatively flip out in a way that makes things worse. For the rest of this week I'm just going to focus on food and sleep. And the plan for New Year's Day is to clean my room so I have a semi inviting space to attempt yoga in. The real challenge begins next week when I have to dodge cats while prete
  4. Goals: 1. Eat breakfast at home daily This seems like it would be easy, but I live next to a Tim Horton's and I'm a weak bitch for iced capps. 2. 2 am bedtime As it stands I don't get enough sleep, I nap constantly and am always tired and if you check the timestamp on this post, it's a little around 4:30 am right now... 3. Yoga once a week I'm not as bendy as I used to be and it's making it harder to do things like tie my shoes, do my job and move in simple ways. Also, decent way to workout that doesn't really mess up my feet more than they alrea
  5. A random picture of a cute fluffy critter I used to see all the time. 💜 I hope the rest of the week just gets better and better for you. It always sucks to lose a fluffy family member even if it was their time to go.
  6. So we have not one, not two, but three cats named Loki in Ranger families? Dang!
  7. And this is my cat also named Loki! Although she's not a mini snow leopard, she's a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat, we're not sure... We have excellent names for our cats This little fluff ball also has a HUGE brother named Thor because you can't have one sibling with a cooler name than the other.
  8. The challenge is off to a rough start. Yesterday I woke up incredibly congested and even a double dose of decongestant and a 24 allergy med didn't put a dent in the nonsense that was happening in my face. I've gone through 1.5 boxes of tissue and I can't taste anything because I can't smell anything. This sucks. I will not let this stop me from getting shit done. Yesterday I chose to rest and try and get better since It's literally allergies on crack and I need to be functional at work. I got a decent amount of sleep and did absolutely nothing but enjoy B
  9. Ha! Well I personally consider just shy of a kilo for $9.99 to be cheap at any rate. And if you are anything like my friend Shannon in Winnipeg, you would greatly enjoy a visit to the Ottawa area. I sadly only have one memory of time spent in New Brunswick and it is of the time I was nearly rushed to the ER when I had an almost anaphylactic shock reaction to a horse. Good times! Although my Mum lives in Nova Scotia these days and I have had a good trip both times I went out there. Although swimming in the North Atlantic left a lot to be desired. Grubs! Grubs everywher
  10. You're all sitting here posting beer and mead and fancy looking drinks and I'm just sitting here drinking some and by Nuka Cola I mean my one remaining bottle of diet coke because it is the one vice I'm not in any hurry to give up You stuck up for me when someone went full on jerk mode when I was super new here. I have to agree with what everyone else has said, Nerds are the most welcoming group online that I've ever been a part of.
  11. I've been trying to read this thread for like four days and I'm just now able to get to the end of it. Ranger post a hell of a lot yo... A few things: Your beard is amazing and I need to figure out how to steal your grooming habits and install them into my room mates brain Could I get the recipe you use for making those paleo protein waffles? And, correct me if I'm wrong, but did you mention somewhere in the various current challenge boards that it snowed in your corner of Canada this week? If so, pleaaaaaase send it to Ottawa, I need an excuse to wear my
  12. Same here! I've got two 10 lb dumbells that I've had for a few years and a random cheap ass barbell with nothing on it that's of an unknown weight... >_>; Although I'm lucky, I get my arms done at work 4 days a week with hauling around crates of milk and eggs. You're one of the few people who might know exactly how much those suckers can count as a workout if you do enough of it. Asking for weights for Xmas sounds like you are totally stealing me idea. Oh! and tell me about this job tomorrow! I enjoy our conversations while I'm walking to work
  13. See this is exactly what I would want someone to say to me if I were in her place about any issue. I can be 100% heartless about shit when I need/want to. I am VERY Dutch Canadian like that. I prefer blunt, to the point and sugar free discussions whenever possible, but I fully understand that I can't get away with that kind of thing without looking like a total bitch and offending/upsetting my emotionally weaker friends and family. I like the idea of asking her what she wants to accomplish and if she's willing to do things my way with a reasonable l
  14. Oh I will always help myself before helping someone else when our needs are equal. I have always done that. And yes, she is straight up asking me for help with food and nutrition. Her boyfriend is military and in really great shape, eats well and takes good care of himself so I think she's feeling really unhealthy in comparison, which is dead on. And sadly I am not in pretty much any way overwhelmed by 2020. I'm a bit bored with the fun stuff being all shut down but I am handling this like a freaking champ! I will likely be saying this to her. Thanks 😌
  15. I have abandoned WoW in favour of checking out what FFXIV has to offer, as well as deeping around in Sims 4 and Fallout 4. I do occasionally get nostalgic for that Shadowrun game you had started up ages ago.
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