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  1. This vaccine should have been advertised as a Covid booster. It boosts your defences against catching it and if you do some how catch it you have a WAY better chance of it being a mild case and you will very likely recover fully and more quickly. We should have been taught that it is like a good security system. It will deter invaders and those that do get in are likely to get arrested promptly by the police. They can still do some damage but not as much as if you had nothing in place. Any the who... I have had three nights of excellent sleep, I brought le
  2. So far not well, but I will keep working on it. Sleep: garbage, total garbage. I'm not sure if it the absolutely bipolar weather we've been having messing with me, or if I need a new mattress. Food prep has been fifty fifty? Monday I over slept and ended up eating a large Lindt bunny that a customer bought for me for being "nice" to them. Tuesday and Wednesday I brought sandwiches and peach slices with me to work. They were the exact right amount of food but I only enjoyed the peaches. The sandwiches were mostly because I had the stuff to make them and they
  3. Not sure really, I just liked the graphic and they are always far more useful and much less destructive animals. Thus a better mascot for the Trash Can idea. Racoons are cuter though. 😉
  4. First off, I totally love this stupid possum image I found and I will likely keep using it because it makes me happy Physical health things to do this time around: Act like a good little kid and go to bed when my Mum, aka the alarm on my phone, says it's bedtime Prep food for work based on the hours I will be working and the general level of effort that shift will require. Follow the very easy, very doable plan set up in my yoga app and hopefully earn back some of the flexibility and ease of movement I used to have. Mental health things to d
  5. They didn't bug me last time I used it, but it has straps so I roll it up and put it in a closet when not in use. My mother in law had to surrender one of her cats to the humane society because he bit off and ate a piece of those puzzle piece floor tiles, which is basically a yoga mat jigsaw and it caused an intestinal blockage that would cost her a few thousand dollars. I will never EVER leave mine just laying around. One of the cats likes to eat stickers whenever she can get her paws on them and also likes chewing on, but never eating rubber bands.
  6. I'm making headway on the cleaning aspect of things. We finally got a locker in the basement of the building so I am able to store a few stacks of things that are taking up too much space in my tiny apartment. I will soon be the proud owner of More Floor Space ™ which I intend to turn into a small play space for my cats, they are in dire need of a tall cat tower, the fluffs have absolutely murdered the arm rests on Jordan's desk chair and I would like to have a giant tower of cats I also lost my glasses two days after getting my new boots and the money I was planning to use for
  7. It would pay to see you pick up whatever sugar bomb she makes and walk it to the trash can and dead eye stare her down as you scrape it out and hand her back the empty dish. It would be glorious! But I like Rookie's idea of fruit salad, only I would maybe just tell her you have an idea of something to bring yourself and that she can make whatever dessert she likes and just bring something you would actually eat on the day.
  8. Still alive, just got through a very rough week at work. I had my schedule changed three times in one week to help cover shifts for a sick co-worker. I woke up last Saturday morning to a full on blizzard so my plans to go out early to find boots was killed because I couldn't see more than five feet in front of me and gym shoes are not a good defence against 6-10 inches of snow... >_>; It cleared up later in the afternoon and I was able to get a ride to a few stores and found a pair of huge boots, a little too big, but they are comfortable and they were on sale.
  9. Not exactly. I was more or less aiming for the idea of what I can and can't endure of things that I can do something about. Work wants to keep testing the limits of my patience all the damn time. We had a few people give up and quit because of how rough things had become. I will endure because I can see that this shit show has an end and I can get there, and well, I kind of want to keep my benefits. If I end up needing custom orthotics I would rather not have to pay full price for them. My chequing account starts crying and my savings account starts fortifying it's pla
  10. Over the past few years I've seen my life slide further and further into a horrific trash fire and with the ongoing nonsense that is Covid-19 I'm finally hitting my limit for what I can and can't handle. I can handle being pretty much broke all of the time, being a little bit tired all of the time, doing the work of two people, and being two inches away from screaming at two specific co-workers all the time. What I can't handle is the lack of mobility in my right hip when doing basic tasks, overheating and getting out of breath when climbing stairs at the train station, my chronically pain
  11. I think it might be more of a privacy thing. I have had a grand total of maybe 12 hours totally alone at home in the last year or two. Sherry is almost always home, or when she goes off with her mom for a while Kristi and/or Jordan are home. Jordan hasn't really been working since March of last year so he almost never leaves. Kristi sleeps, goes to work and spends 95% of her free time in her room using Discord voice chat loudly and playing video games with her boyfriend and her online friends. And our home is three bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen with the minimal amount of connecting hallwa
  12. Bedtime has been achieved about 80% of the time, I'm just crap at maintaining discipline on the weekend when there are good movies or shows to be watched. Breakfast at home has also been good, but I'm finding myself getting snacks before work on auto pilot and I don't seem to notice it until part way through my work day. Yoga has not happened... I open my little app every day or two and check out what poses are in the little set for the day to make sure I know how to do them and my matt is ready to go but I just don't do it. It feels weird to do it with people around me for some reason. Like I
  13. Thanks guys. I am into metal so I'll try and check that out if I have some free time when I'm alone. I have a serious lack of alone time at home and this is not something I want anyone at home getting involved in. They are either dealing with enough as it is or the type to negatively flip out in a way that makes things worse. For the rest of this week I'm just going to focus on food and sleep. And the plan for New Year's Day is to clean my room so I have a semi inviting space to attempt yoga in. The real challenge begins next week when I have to dodge cats while prete
  14. Goals: 1. Eat breakfast at home daily This seems like it would be easy, but I live next to a Tim Horton's and I'm a weak bitch for iced capps. 2. 2 am bedtime As it stands I don't get enough sleep, I nap constantly and am always tired and if you check the timestamp on this post, it's a little around 4:30 am right now... 3. Yoga once a week I'm not as bendy as I used to be and it's making it harder to do things like tie my shoes, do my job and move in simple ways. Also, decent way to workout that doesn't really mess up my feet more than they alrea
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