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    [MaD MaLKaV] takes it easy this challenge

    ### Week 4 Summary ### 1) Go to the gym and lift some weights: +3 STR. 2) Count calories in MyFitnessPal on phone. Target at least 2740 calories/day: +1 CON. 3) Floss my teeth: +1 CHA. 4) Shave every day: +0 CHA. I didn't shave on the weekend. 5) Brush my teeth at night: +0 CHA. I did every night but one, where I cleared my alarm and forgot to go back and do it. ### Final Summary ### 1) Go to the gym and lift some weights: 2+3+3+3=11/4=2.75=+3 STR. 2) Count calories in MyFitnessPal on phone. Target at least 2740 calories/day: =1+1+1+1=4/4=+1 CON. 3) Floss my teeth: 1+1+1+1=4/4=+1 CHA. 4) Shave every day: 1+1+1+0=3/4=0.75=+1 CHA. . 5) Brush my teeth at night: 0+0+1+0=1/4=0.25=+0 CHA.
  2. So, after slacking a bit the last week of last challenge and the week off between challenges, I decided to get back to doing my stuff, but maybe not try to do as much stuff for a change. For one, I just feel like going to the gym three times a week, instead of every weeknight. I'll keep up my strength training, but take it easy on my cardio (which was just walking anyway). I'm also temporarily suspending my reading of the classics for a bit, so I can relax and read some fantasy novels. In good news, I only gained about 3 pounds last challenge even though I was eating 2700 calories+ every day. My body fat percentage went down from 18.1% to 15.5% too. I have no idea how, since I took like a week and a half off from training at all and ate well over 2700 calories per day for my week of vacation, but I guess I'm benefiting from good changes that were in the pipeline. Anyway, I made some good muscle gains last month, even though my weight was fairly stable. Here's my goals this time around: # Actual goals 1) Go to the gym and lift some weights (+1 STR per day, aiming for 3 days a week) 2) Count calories in MyFitnessPal on phone. Target at least 2740 calories/day. (+1 CON) 3) Floss my teeth. (+1 CHA) 4) Shave every day (+1 CHA). I was shaving every third day. Would be nice to stay clean shaven. 5) Brush my teeth at night (+1 CHA). Dentist recommended. I was brushing (and floss) in the morning only, but I've done this well for two months now. # Goals on hold for this challenge as I take it easy 6) Go to the gym and do cardio (walk at 3mph or higher, or stationary cycle) for 30-45 minutes (+1 STA per day, aiming for 2 days a week). Extra hikes and walks on the weekend can count for extra points beyond the minimum +2. 7) Spend 30 minutes reading from the Great Books of the Western World ( (+3 WIS) # Goals being discontinued permanently, unless I decide I miss them 8) Wake up every morning 30 minutes early, so I can meditate first thing. That puts me up at 6 AM instead of 6:30 AM. (+1 CON) 9) Meditate every weekday for 25 minutes. If I don't do it in the morning, then do it before bed. (+3 WIS) Classics read so far: Homer [Iliad, the Odyssey], Edith Hamilton [Mythology], Aeschylus [All Complete Works], Sophocles [All Complete Works], Euripides [All Complete Works], The Portable Greek Historians (with selections from Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon, and Polybius), Marcus Aurelius [Meditations], Pierre Hadot [The Inner Citadel], Dante [The Divine Comedy], Milton [Paradise Lost], Bertrand Russell [A History of Western Philosophy, An Analysis of Mind, The Conquest of Happiness, Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy, Our Knowledge of the External World as a Field for Scientific Method in Philosophy, The Problems of Philosophy, Why I Am Not a Christian] Currently reading: Plato [All Works, including contested] Current Weight: 221.0 Pounds lost last challenge: -2.9 So far, I'm off to a bad start, since I didn't know that I was going to stick to a challenge at all this month (I thought I was taking the month off, until I realized that I'm still doing enough stuff that I should earn some points (even though the scoring system is fairly arbitrary and I don't get any real benefits from earning them)). I've only shaved every other day this week, and I haven't brushed my teeth at night once. I've kept up with flossing though. And I miss having every day. I noticed today in the mirror that I looked like I didn't shave this morning. I'm going to get back to it all today, and give myself credit if I keep the habit in line the rest of the week. I'm on top of flossing, strength training, and counting calories, so I just need to keep it going and remember to shave and brush teeth at night.