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  1. LittleTurtle Takes the Stage

    Congrats on the role. How long do you have before you need to have the lines memorized?
  2. DanaeArgos Regenerates

    I've been trying to get up early and do yoga and meditate, but I've been having trouble with the get up early part. I know it makes me feel better when I start my day with a nice buffer of time for myself, but it's hard to remember how nice it is when I'm in bed still with the alarm going off. Glad it's working out better for you! Glad to see you're having daily moments of appreciation of your own mindfulness! It is crazy how much the mind wanders and needs to be gently led back to the present moment. Good luck with your goals!
  3. Owlet: smashing out goals (since now)

    Great news. Happy Friday!
  4. [MaD MaLKAV] returns to the forums

    Good news. I was over-counting some of my calories. For one, that "1600 sauced pasta" dish that I eat once a week or so is only 1250 calories. Still a lot of empty carbs, but hey, if it's all I eat for the day I still clock in at 1250 calories. I also realized the bowls of beans that I've been eating are only about 450 calories. I at least add some sour cream to that on black bean nights. That's less than even I want to sustain on an average day though, so I've been doing more beans and rice which is 1170 calories in the serving sizes I use. Still a lot of empty carbs, but fortunately I'm not carb counting; I'm calorie counting. It makes me realize that I should consider finding some other low cal meals that aren't based so much on carbs though... Anyway, I started using My Fitness Pal to keep track of the calories. That's what made me realize some of my meals were smaller than I thought. I don't really need it that bad since my calorie goal is so low that it seems pretty obvious when I overeat, but I figure the habit would help because they will come a day where I've lost enough weight and want to track a reasonable number of calories each day (and hopefully a little extra to do some strength training on). I still got a while before I'm ready to declare myself "done losing weight" for now.
  5. Snarky: Return of Goats.

    That's great news that it's only stress. What are you going to do to de-stress? You might be on the right track with the gentle yoga. It's good for stress. I'm a fan of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). I took an eight week course in college. Jon Kabat-Zinn has a number of good books. Full-Catastrophe Living is all about stress reduction, and includes references to studies he's done about MBSR. Of course, then you still have to buy a CD of guided meditations or download them from someplace.. His mindfulness for beginners looks like a good deal since it comes with a CD, but I haven't read that one. Of course, you might not need to de-stress. As you pointed out, knowing that you aren't menopausal is a huge stress relief on it's own.
  6. I used it on and off again a while back. Just started using it regularly before this challenge. It kept track of my 30 day streak. Thanks, Sunmage, I didn't know there was a Nerd Fitness group.
  7. Aeri and the Path of Life

    Oh. + challenge day. What a neat way to start small and build up as the challenge goes on.
  8. [MaD MaLKAV] returns to the forums

    I think I thought doing it with a challenge would give me some extra "Ooompf!" to really shine, but overall, I think committing to the challenge hasn't had any real effect. I was doing slightly better in mornings before the challenge, but I do think cold sort of threw off my mornings more than anything. I was doing fine on the other things and still am. It's nice having someplace to put notes about it at least. Maybe thinking about the challenge will give me some extra motivation to really pull it together these last two weeks. I need to get up and yoga it four times a week for the next two weeks, if I want to average three days a week across the challenge. I'm still not entirely sure why I find it so easy to blow off my early mornings, when I really do enjoy them when I pull myself out of bed. I guess I really must enjoy getting those extra zzz's that I don't need too. It feels like if I understood why I'm undermining my own performance of the task better, it would be easier to resist, but the answer could really be as simple as "I like extra sleep." There's no reason I can't do it five days a week for the next two weeks though. It's easier to say now than when it's actually 5 am though, but I think I'll make five days a week for the next two weeks my short-term goal. I'm not too worried about losing my streak. It was fun counting it while it lasted, but I can tell it is so much easier now to stay sitting the entire 15 minutes and not get antsy trying to peak at the clock. That's the real progress.
  9. Owlet: smashing out goals (since now)

    I tried cold showers once and could never get into them, but then I was trying just starting the shower out cold and washing myself with cold water, etc. Just switching to cold water at the end and standing it for 15 secs sounds more do-able. I might try that. Thanks!
  10. Jakkals slaap

    I'm trying to get up at 5 also, but it's been slow going getting used to it. You seem to be doing a lot better than me. Cute kitten! Thanks for taking him in. Also, thanks for posting pictures of the New Years celebration. That looks like a cool temple to have close by.
  11. Snarky: Return of Goats.

    Sorry to hear about your setback. It is a good plan! Surely things would've been worse if you hadn't been trying. PS. Love the goats
  12. Plazmotic Unlearns What She Has Learned

    My dentist always thinks I owe them money too, so when they bug me I pay them, but they always end up sending me a refund check later in the year. I'm not sure why they want to borrow money so much. Good idea bringing the book with.
  13. [MaD MaLKAV] returns to the forums

    After feeling like I was falling off the wagon, my scale decided to cheer me up. I weight 202.4 this morning, which is a new low. It brought my mind back to the big picture and that overall, I'm still doing fine. I even got up this morning with time to do my meditation and yoga, in addition to the weighing in. Today was the longest yoga session in the True series for January I think, at about 41 minutes. It wasn't too bad. I still think I could handle some longer yoga's, but I need to get in the swing of getting up and doing it at all, so it's a little early to complain for longer. I'm up to day 16 of the January challenge, so I'm pretty far behind schedule, but no one's really keeping track and they aren't going anywhere. I'll do them in my own time. Overall, the meditation is going best of everything I challenged myself to do. The 30 day streak was a pretty impressive run. It gives me a good target to beat in a new streak. It's getting a lot easier to sit the full 15 minutes without the pull to look at the timer too. I could probably go up to 20 minutes, but I think I'll wait and do that when the next challenge comes.
  14. Cultivating Self-Care

    Are you doing the Harvard class on Buddhism through its Scriptures? I signed up for that, but haven't had time to login yet and do anything with it really. How is it so far? Thanks for the link.
  15. [MaD MaLKAV] returns to the forums

    Well good news and bad news. Good news is, I got to see my nephews (age 9 and 7) for the weekend. Bad news is being around family I fell off the wagon for both my meditation (ruined a 30 day streak; but at least I made it to 30 days) and my dieting (ate three meals a day like a "normal" person for the weekend). Neither setback is that severe though, but then when I came back to work on Monday, the boss had gotten us two dozen donuts, and I was already feeling like a cheat from messing up my diet over the weekend, so that wasn't pretty. In the middle of all this other flailing around, I didn't even push myself to get up early in the morning. In my defense, I do still have a cold, so the extra rest isn't that bad, but I really do miss my quiet starts to my days. Good news is, today's a new day. So, here's to starting a new meditation streak and see if I can beat my 30 day max, and to ignoring the leftover donuts that are still hanging around the office. We'll get up bright and early tomorrow morning and get a little yoga in too.