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  1. ### Week 4 Summary ### 1) Go to the gym and lift some weights: +3 STR. 2) Count calories in MyFitnessPal on phone. Target at least 2740 calories/day: +1 CON. 3) Floss my teeth: +1 CHA. 4) Shave every day: +0 CHA. I didn't shave on the weekend. 5) Brush my teeth at night: +0 CHA. I did every night but one, where I cleared my alarm and forgot to go back and do it. ### Final Summary ### 1) Go to the gym and lift some weights: 2+3+3+3=11/4=2.75=+3 STR. 2) Count calories in MyFitnessPal on phone. Target at least 2740 calories/day: =1+1+1+1=
  2. I've mostly been reading World of Warcraft based fantasy novels, so I know a bit more about the lore behind the game I'm playing. So far, I've read Before the Storm, Arthas: Rise of the Lich King, Illidan, and Jaina Proudmore: Tides of War. I've started World of Warcraft Chronicle, which is just a lore dump without any story to it. I'm used to reading heavier material, since I've been trying lately to work my way through a bunch of classics. This is a fun change. I don't remember reading fiction for fun for quite some time. I've had fun with some of my classics though too. There's like
  3. Oh yeah, I didn't mention my new side hobby of reading fantasy novels has really taken off. I've finished two and started a third since the challenge has begun. I got a collection of novels set in World of Warcraft, so it really expands out on some of the lore I'm familiar with from playing the game. Still got a bookmark in Plato for where I need to pick back up when I get back to my classics, but it's fun just reading something sort've fun for a bit.
  4. ### Week 2 Summary ### 1) Go to the gym and lift some weights: +2 STR. (I missed one workout because I was cooking for company. The inlaws came in to town to babysit the baby so we could go to a curriculum planning meeting.) 2) Count calories in MyFitnessPal on phone. Target at least 2740 calories/day: +1 CON. Still counting. Not sure how I got down to 15.5% bodyfat on so many calories a day, but I ain't complaining. Less gain that I have to cut later. 3) Floss my teeth: +1 CHA 4) Shave every day: +1 CHA 5) Brush my teeth at night: +0 CHA. (Got off to a bad star
  5. That's a good idea. Using finishing dinner as the cue for the new response. I've done pretty good with my reminder set at 8, since normally I finish dinner around that time, so it goes off before I'm involved in anything at the computer. I've been doing well the last four days at least. Still lost the points for last week, since 1 failure is enough to lose the 1 point I earn for the week. But yeah, just doing it right after I finish dinner may be an even better solution.
  6. I missed my gym night last night, since the wife got home late, and I didn't feel like going in later than usual. Going to make it up Saturday, so just switched which day has an x over it. I'm pretty good at tracking this stuff with a spreadsheet. I should add my nightly tooth brushing habit that I keep forgetting otherwise, and see if it helps me stick to it. I just added a reminder to my phone for it though, so I'll see if that works first.
  7. That's a good idea. I guess I've just been lucky not having to set it for any other habits. This one is where my forgetfulness is hitting me. The only hard part is figuring out when to set the reminder for. If it's too early, I won't have eaten my dinner yet, but if it's too late, I'll be in the middle of gaming or something. But I do need something to remind me until it becomes a habit to just brush my teeth after dinner and preferably before I sit down to game. I'll try setting it for 8 and see how that works.
  8. So, I'm a little late doing my summary for last week. For some reason, I can't remember that I'm supposed to be brushing my teeth at night. I end up playing video games before bed and then just go to sleep. I try to remember to brush my teeth before I sit down at the computer, but for some reason, that's easy to remember I should've done in the morning but hard to remember when I'm supposed to be doing it. I brushed my teeth like once at night last week. 1) Go to the gym and lift some weights: +3 STR 2) Count calories in MyFitnessPal on phone. Target at least 2740 calorie
  9. Sorry I'm so late replying, but you may want to try the Insight Timer app. I just use it for the timer, but it has a catalog of some insane number of free guided meditations. I just checked, it's over 10,000 meditations, and it's all free.
  10. So, after slacking a bit the last week of last challenge and the week off between challenges, I decided to get back to doing my stuff, but maybe not try to do as much stuff for a change. For one, I just feel like going to the gym three times a week, instead of every weeknight. I'll keep up my strength training, but take it easy on my cardio (which was just walking anyway). I'm also temporarily suspending my reading of the classics for a bit, so I can relax and read some fantasy novels. In good news, I only gained about 3 pounds last challenge even though I was eating 2700 calories+ every day
  11. I'm taking it easy this challenge, so I'll only stick to my strength training three days a week and track that with the spreadsheet.
  12. Had a great relaxing vacation with the family. It felt weird not keeping track of my goals, since I've been doing mostly the same goals for a few months now, except the weight lifting being new (new as in only 2 months old). Lol. I almost grew a beard from not shaving all week. I brought my razor; I had just decided that I wasn't sticking with anything during vacation. Now here's where I lose some points: # Week 4 Summary # 1) Go to the gym and lift some weights: +1 STR (only time I haven't been to the gym at least 3x in a week in a few months now) 2) Go to the g
  13. I did pretty good. Only two monkey failures per habit at least. I was off to a much better start with no failures for a while. At least the two times I failed to work out were because I had to work late. I don't have such good excuse for the missed meditations. My alarm didn't go off one day and the other I just decided to sleep in. But then to finish, I declared all of the final week as me not participating, because I was on vacation and couldn't be bothered to keep up with all my habits. I should've probably done some bodyweight exercises or something to stay on track, but it was a re
  14. # Week 3 Summary # 1) Go to the gym and lift some weights: +3 STR 2) Go to the gym and do cardio: +1 STA (missed Thursday again because of work) 3) Count calories in MyFitnessPal on phone: +1 CON 4) Wake up every morning 30 minutes early, so I can meditate first thing: +0 CON 5) Meditate every weekday for 25 minutes: +1 WIS 6) Spend 30 minutes reading from the Great Books of the Western World: +0 WIS 7) Floss my teeth: +1 CHA 8) Shave every day: +1 CHA 9) Brush my teeth at night: +1 CHA I had a bit of an off week. My alarm didn't
  15. I haven't had a chance to try squats again with the same weight, since the squat racks have been busy on my leg day. I ended up doing the squat machine instead the last two weeks. It's easier to pile more weight on to, but I don't have to deal with controlling the weight and re-racking it and all. I think next week I'll wait for a squat rack to try the same weight that gave me pause last time, instead of taking the quick way out. I have a podcast to listen to to kill time anyway, so a little waiting won't hurt me.
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