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  1. MaD MaLKaV

    [MaD MaLKaV] tries being a Warrior

    It's weird for me watching so much TV at one time. I've got my Rick and Morty re-watch, two anime to keep up with (weekly releases), and Better Call Saul. It's mainly cutting in to my time that I'ld use to read non-Classics books or make good progress in my classics. I don't really remember the last time I had so much going on at the same time. It isn't that much time though. About two hours on the weekend to catchup on my two anime and Better Call Saul, then whatever free time I feel like devoting at the end of the day to rewatching Rick & Morty (so far, it's generally around an hour at the end of the day to watch around 3 eps). My days feel fairly well booked most of the time without this extra TV watching, so it's impressive to see how much I can fit in around my other activities when I try. I guess I did have to cut back my sleep from around 9 hours to around 8 to fit in some Rick & Morty daily.
  2. MaD MaLKaV

    [MaD MaLKaV] tries being a Warrior

    I've had the Steins Gate 0 op stuck in my head all week...
  3. MaD MaLKaV

    [MaD MaLKaV] tries being a Warrior

    Well, last night was a personal trainer session, so I did all the stuff he told me to do and didn't log it in my app. As I recall, we did assisted pullups, suspended row (that's what I call it; you get your feet under this thing to hold you up diagonally like you're going to do backbends, but you just bend over and lift a plate loaded pair of handles and pull them towards your chest), machine cable low row, and dumbbell shrugs (which really worked my grip holding the heavy dumbbells) supersetted with dumbbell curls. I surprised we didn't toss in dumbbell rows while we were in the dumbbell section, but my sessions are only half an hour. Tonight is the final weigh-in for my muscle building challenge. I got surpassed for top prize by a couple of guys at other local gyms participating, but I'm still best in my gym. We'll find out if I managed to keep it that way until the end. I've been putting on muscle more slowly than when it started, but I'm still putting on around a pound a week. Not positive if I'll still be able to fit in a walk tonight with the finale party taking up a chunk of time and still having to get home for dinner. It only takes around 45 mins, so we'll see if I can still fit it in. If not, I could always make it up by going to the gym Saturday, which is usually an off day for me. I've managed to balance Plato and Rick & Morty. I've done at least 30 minutes of reading everyday so far this week (over an hour Monday, when I was excited to get back to it) and still managed to make it through the entire first season of Rick & Morty. I've been going to bed a little later than normal to fit in a few eps, but not so late as to jeopardize my 8 hours. I'm still adjusting to the morning meditation session being 25 minutes. I've sat through it everyday so far though, whether I get distracted or not. Everyday I've had my fair share of distractions, but nothing that's pulled me off the cushion. My feet try to fall asleep when I sit for 25 minutes, but they don't quite go fully to sleep, so I can still safely walk back downstairs afterwards. I've also kept up all my grooming habits and counted all the calories. Eating over a certain target is still pretty easy. Not sure I could eat enough if I didn't have the protein shakes mixed with milk helping though. It's still too sweet, but I'm finding the off-brand protein powder a little more tolerable. I just try to drink it fairly quick instead of pausing to reflect on it. Still looking forward to my order arriving so I can switch back to the usual though. My wife says it should be here Monday. A fine example of a case where it would've been worth it to be a Prime customer, I guess. Most of the time 2 days versus a week doesn't matter too much for anything we order. In unrelated news, my Crunchyroll account still hasn't been upgraded. I tried to upgrade it last Friday night and it took my money but didn't upgrade the account. I've filled in the form to tell their helpdesk but haven't gotten any response. I may fill in another ticket and attach the screenshot of the iTunes receipt this time to see if it helps. They said it might take two business days, but it's been over three now. Without the upgrade, I have to watch with ads and there's a wait on the latest episodes. I'm watching Steins Gate Zero and Attack on Titan Season 3 this season, so I thought it would be worth the $6.99, but kinda lame paying it and not getting the benefits.
  4. MaD MaLKaV

    Monkey Tamers and the Power of Habit

    It's never too late to join up. The more the merrier! Good luck fitting your goals into your schedule. Having a friend join you for walks sounds like a great idea. I'm not sure what to do to best fit in the workouts after work though. You have a good point about needing to eat and letting your food settle. If you could put off eating until after the workout would probably work better, but if you come home hungry, that's probably not the most tolerable option, and it would likely tempt you to rush through your workout. Some people like getting up early and getting their workout out of the way first thing of the day.
  5. MaD MaLKaV

    [MaD MaLKaV] tries being a Warrior

    I think one time I came in a little too low and the other time I came in kinda lop-sided. The lop-sided attempt is the one that makes me think that I need to more seriously consider putting myself in the middle of the bar at the start, because one side was firmly in place but the other was up in the air almost hitting the next row. Not sure how it got that far off. It probably started a little off from not centering the bar well and then worked it's way to be a bit more off as I did 15 reps. I noticed it seemed to feel a little off-balance, but it wasn't bad enough to throw me off-balance or make me re-rack early.
  6. MaD MaLKaV

    [MaD MaLKaV] tries being a Warrior

    It's probably all in my head from not being used to having so much weight on my back, but I don't mind not tossing some pounds on there for a week or two while I make sure to double check that I'm definitely under the middle of the bar before hoisting it up on my shoulders.
  7. MaD MaLKaV

    Druids' Sacred Grove: General Chatter

    It's nice having a general chatter channel. Druids haven't had one of these for a few challenges now.
  8. MaD MaLKaV

    Crafty Goes Low Carb

    Looks like your off to a great start doing lots of small changes! Definitely making progress keeping the chart green. I'm with you on preferring diet soda or coffee/tea/water. I've grown really accustomed to drinking water all the time, and it's super helpful not drinking calories. Good job avoiding the temptation to go back for more than one cookie/sweet too. Having ready access to that type of stuff is something that would really throw off my game, as I'm better at just keeping away from stuff like that than resisting it when it's around.
  9. MaD MaLKaV

    Heidi: Pause

    Congrats! My feet still try to fall asleep during my 25 minute morning meditation. Sounds like a great way to a spend a weekend.
  10. MaD MaLKaV

    [MaD MaLKaV] tries being a Warrior

    So, last night was Leg Day. Squats: 2x10x45, 5x15x185 Leg Press: 5x15x270 Leg Extension: 2x15x60, 1x12x60 Leg Curl: 1x15x70, 1x18x70, 1x15x70 Ab Machine: 3x15x70 Weights are in pounds. I feel like I should lift heavier weights where I can't do 15 reps. My primary focus has been muscle building for this challenge, but I'ld like to switch to more of a strength focus. I could probably up the weight on my leg press 90 pounds and see how that works out. I'm at a problem point with my squat. I can handle the weight for 15 reps, but I didn't feel really in control of it with it up on my back and I got into a minor bind re-racking it twice. Maybe I ought to stay at 185 for another time or two and get used to it on my back. I've been upping my squat by 10 pounds every week without much difficulty, and on the squat machine I can do 200 15 times when I don't have to control the weight on my back (I used the squat machine last week, because the squat racks were all busy). I welcome any comments on my exercise choices or whatever. I really just took a collection of exercises my trainer showed me that seemed pretty effective and called them Leg day. Come to think of it, he didn't show me too many alternative leg exercises, so I didn't make many choices with leg day. I didn't do the exercise where you lay on your belly, and I did the one leg at a time leg extension and leg curl. I normally superset those two together if both pieces of equipment are clear, but the leg curl has been popular at my gym lately. My trainer showed me more exercises than I knew what to do with for push and pull day, so I just came up with a 45 min-1 hour arrangement of exercises that I preferred for those days, but leg day never had too many choices. Leg day is also a good example of why I prefer three full body days to hyper-focused body part days. When I did three full body days, I squatted everyday, so at the end of the week I had done 15 sets of squats. When I do a leg day, I hit 16 sets of leg exercises, but six of those sets are isolated movements like leg extension and leg curls. I do like fitting in leg presses though, and I don't mind the tired feeling in a region you get from focusing on it all day. My legs get a little wobbly on leg day.
  11. MaD MaLKaV

    [MaD MaLKaV] tries being a Warrior

    Yep. That's the problem. We ordered the usual. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard. It just won't arrive until Monday. So we ended up getting Aldi brand protein power to get me through the next couple of days. It's really sweet with artificial sweetener and doesn't mix as well, but otherwise seems tolerable enough and was cheap. My wife is normally better about keeping the good whey powder stocked, but she was holding out for a sale somewhere this time and the sale never happened before I was mostly out.
  12. MaD MaLKaV

    Scalyfreak reaches for the Power of Greyskull

    They have it listed as "Barbell Shoulder Press". At least I think that's the same thing... The good thing is that anything you put in yourself is just as good as anything already in there, as long as you're not trying to use the diagram or youtube links, which you can't fill in for custom exercises.
  13. MaD MaLKaV

    LittleTurtle Wanders Over from the Druids

    Former druid and newbie weight lifting enthusiast here. Good to see you @LittleTurtle ! I think the best advice to avoid injury is to focus on form with little weight and only move up after your form is pretty good (don't aim for perfect, or you'll never do the movements with any weight), but then again, I'm a newbie, so I'm probably not the best to give advice.
  14. MaD MaLKaV

    Monkey Tamers and the Power of Habit

    I've gotten used to slacking this Week 0, so it was hard to motivate myself to get with the program today. I see why I normally just stick with it through Week 0, instead of breaking my habits. Still, today's meditation turned out pretty decent, and I've already knocked several other items off my to do list (flossed and shaved, neither of which I'm keeping track of in the spreadsheet). I was just going to go from meditating 15 minutes to meditating 20, but I set my alarm early enough that I had 25 minutes, so I figured why not make that my new daily meditation goal. I used to go up 5 minutes every challenge, but I've been stalled feeling right at 15 for several months now. 25 was quite do-able this morning, so hopefully it stays that way, since it's my new goal. Anyway, feels good to be back to a challenge. Hope everyone else is off to a great start! In good news, we're doing the next release of our software next Sunday, so I shouldn't have to put in late nights at work this week like I did last week (and the week before last). I missed all my cardio workouts last week and had to strength train on non-standard days. Plus I've missed my last two personal trainer appointments. Glad this week is lined up to be mostly normal, so I can get back into my groove.