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  1. Well my back should be in shape for next week going to TKD so that is a great improvement. My veggies consumption is up but my recording is still spotty. I think I need to change routine to make things stick. The bedroom organization project overflowed to reorganizing the closet and increased the work, but both will be done soon. Craft/Project room will be next month, but it shouldn't take nearly as long I hope. Now to get on with the second half of twelve straight days of work. I need to book more vacation time once this project is over.
  2. Yoga, and TWD went well until I tweaked my lower back again. Then of course it is big project at work, HOA meeting, Roller skating event for the grade school my kids want to go to, and Scout Roundtable. So exercise is out for a week till my back recovers. It actually is doing a bit better today and hopefully that continues. Vegetables are hit and miss, Many days are at 4-5 cups, but once or twice a week I am down to 2 cups. Definitely an improvement over November and December, but not quite there yet. The bedroom is getting close to being done, but we haven't started on the craft room. This weekend should have some decent progress.
  3. Thanks Kishi. I actually hate sit-ups, but eventually for the black belt test I have to do 50 in a few minutes. So better start now at improving. My lower back got tweaked and work has kept me late and I have missed TKD so far this week. I need to do a bit better of a job tracking vegetable eating, but things are definitely better than during the holidays. As for Finishing Stuff. I need to reorganize and clean my closet and the craft/project room. Hopefully we will have time Saturday (assuming work doesn't call me in).
  4. Been gone for a few challenges, but time to get back on track. Goal 1. Eat 5 cups vegetables a day. Focus on eating more fiber, more vitamins. Growing some sprouts, trying a few new recipes and having fun. Goal 2. Exercise times a week. NF Yoga, situps and pushups, attend TKD classes Between these I would hope to do 4-6 times a week something of the above. Life Goal: Finish stuff. Just one thing a month, get in progress stuff finished. Not sure which yet, but I am trying to go over the month's calendar and pick something reasonable. There is a lot to do.
  5. Missed a challenge and getting started halfway through. Life has been crazy busy. Got my costume done (ish) for Steamposium and that was a fun event. Pictures are still on my camera. Continuing from my previous "Self as a Dungeons and Dragons 5e character" themes. I am halfway to level two which will be next challenge. Dex: Kick balance Practice 3 times a week on finding the right spot when I pivot for kicks. My side kick and round kick aren't fast enough, it takes me too long to find my balance. Enhancing my Proficiency in Artisan Tools: Finish a book. I am working on a handwritten book for my son's birthday, and I need to finish it before his birthday (the 25th)
  6. Oohh yogurt, I make a gallon of it in my crockpot every couple of weeks. Supposedly yogurt, saurkrout, kimchee, and miso are also good fermented foods for the belly. Which mentioning makes me want to make miso soup for dinner. I second the Yay for swimming. That would be awesome if I could work to get that done, but for now one exercise membership cost only (TWD). Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. And this is why last challenge part of my goal was to post. I get going and life gets going and I forget to post. I mostly lurk and don't reply to anything. Now that the weather has cooled down some things have improved. I still did not make it exercising as often last week or to the garden only 2 exercising and 1 in the garden, but this week shows promise as It is Tuesday and I am 1 and 1 so far. On my projects I am slacking. Too many lunch meetings, as I am trying to work on the book for my son during lunch and it is taking far to long to make progress. At work they are doing a opt-in program to encourage eating more veggies so I will try that and include some of that into my next challenge. So much for now. At least there are no early morning meetings this week, and fewer lunch meetings etc. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. How can it be july. Luckily the weather hasn't been quite as hot as predicted. Hovering around 100 instead of 105, still no relief for over a week. On the positive news, it seems to be good for hot weather crops like tomatoes. So hopefully they are inexpensive at the farmers market and we get a lot of good varieties. I am helping on site part of this week with a new location going live on various systems and it is messing with my schedule again. Otherwise things are going well.
  9. Busy weekend. My Wife, my son and I tested on Friday. My wife and I got our Purple belts, and my son got his green belt. So that was nerve wracking but a success. Saturday was over 100 degrees and we spent 3 1/2 hours at the ren faire, at which point we couldn't take it any longer and headed home. Ate poorly as they have really good root beer. Then we got home and a friend of ours had their dog die as they were out on a family trip. The dog was old and it wasn't unexpected but the kid they had helping come over daily and water and feed the dog freaked out. So my dad, brother and I got the dog buried before the coyotes could get it in the night. But digging a grave for a dog at 3pm in the heat was not my idea of a good time. And of course half of my other brother's chickens died to. Now if only we can all survive the next few weeks of heat it will hopefully improve. Back off the negative news. It turns out the fabric cutting and getting new needles for the sewing machine was the hard part, I have two costume pieces done this weekend and a third almost completed. Once I starch one piece, there will be only prop pieces to make and the sewing is done. (For me, my wife's costume we finally have the pattern and 4 types of fabric to get started) Good thing we have a long time till we need the costumes done. With all that, our family point challenge is at 87/400 last I checked the chart at home. I fear the weather may cause my exercising to diminish, as I exercise in the garage. When it is 82 degrees at 5 in the morning I am not good at convincing myself to exercise.
  10. Yay, today I exercised in the morning even with the early bird meeting at work. Now just to survive the next two weeks of 100 degree weather (not Celsius obviously). Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Well, hopefully things will get into a better routine now. The fun is that this week is my wedding anniversary and ren-faire, so two more days off work. As for gardening, I finally feel like I am making progress against the weeds. It helps with motivation to see small tomatoes forming. Of course tonight is DnD night so that helps motivation as well. As for projects I hope to be done with one this weekend. (Provided I don't break another needle) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Naps are great, get them when you can. I've heard magnesium supplements can help, not sure it would work for you but worth a try perhaps. Bad sleep is a horrible thing Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. And this is why last challenge I set a goal of posting more. Life gets away with me, I think about posting and a week goes by. Last week was ok. Besides the allergies, and the 1AM to 8AM shift one day, I got twice out to the garden and twice I exercised. No more odd shifts, though one 7 AM meeting this week, so hopefully I will make it 3 and 3 this week. Especially with the 100+ degree weather coming later this week (40 degree plus in Celsius) As for TWD, things are proceeding fairly well. For Projects I am working on it and hope to have at least one done this weekend. I will try to change my lunch routine at work to work on one of them, and post on Nerd Fitness as well. Now to see how the iPad app does in posting multi-line posts. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Awful week, between early meetings at work and birthday week for me. I only got 2 exercise days and two garden day in.
  15. It would be cruel to not sub a thread all about Card Captor Sakura.
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