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  1. Plus I am feeling super confident this week already. Rocked out 4 hours of some intense deep tissue massage on Tuesday. I was so sore instead of weights I did some yoga. And today I feel super strong. I see muscle definition in my arms and my secretary butt is going away. Almost done with week 2
  2. Week one Update! Holy Moly! This past week just flew by. Between school and work my days just blur together. In regards to my workout I say I got a solid B. I did two solid workouts and one kinda wimpy workout. I have been working out while while having "Arrow" on in the background and well that dude is a beast and it helps with motivation. Plus my massage internship is a serious workout. I get to use my body weight to help work out the kinks in someones muscles. And I had some tough massages this week. I have been working on my pull ups, I still suck and can't do one but that comes f
  3. My name is Jessica. Jes to be specific. But you can just say YES to the Jes. I am 27 desk worker by day massage therapy student by night. I started the last six week challege but I just failed. I was asking to much of myself. But I did complete my first WHOLE 30. A little about me. I am in my 27th year of life. I live in San Antonio Texas. I am currently at 254 lbs. I was at 264 at the beginning of January so 10lbs are gone. I and I have dropped a pant size! But I really want to make my goals a reality. I am done with being fat. I need support in this quest for awesomess. Recently
  4. If you want a paleo Tortilla option check out Primal Girls Paleo Wonder dough recipe. You pay 3.95 for it but it is AWESOME! Here is the link. http://primalgirl.com/2013/07/05/magicdough/
  5. Thanks! I need a body reset after the holidays. I just feel terrible. I am only go up from here.
  6. I am new to this whole Quest/ challenge But I am giving it a go! 2015 is my year. I am a desk working by day and a massage therapy student by night. I am currently at 250-255lbs. At my heaviest I was 275-280. I lost about 35 lbs and have since put back some of that weight. Due to bad habits,emotional eating along with stress a sick family member . Weight loss is a big goal of mine and many good things are happening in my life it is now or never so I am going all in. I have all my chips on the table and I am DOING this. Main Quest Lose weight I am currently at 250 - 255 lbs and would
  7. I am new to this whole Quest/ challenge But I am giving it a go! 2015 is my year!! Main Quest Lose weight I am currently at 250 - 255 lbs. I would like to be at 175 lbs. I know it will be hard work but I can do it! Life Goals: Fit in to wedding dress and look fabulous (it may be a while but still) Skydive and not have to pay extra because of my weight Challenge goals/ quests Change diet to cut out the unhealthy things and focus on delicious healthy food. January 2015 I will be doing a Whole 30 and after the month is over I would like to keep eating paleo. Fast food is not my frie
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