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  1. I think I got my swagger back! Got in a 30 minute run today. I've been going back and forth for a while now, but I'm back at it.
  2. Serrano pepper burn RIGHT in the nose X__X

  3. So, morale bump: I got my prize support in the mail for the story I wrote. Yes folks, I am OFFICIALLY paid for my work!
  4. PROGRESS! I can successfully complete the full Monday exercise. The last week I pushed as far as I could, but now I've got it 1/3 on LOCK!
  5. Got in a run today. I went a bit slower than I would have liked, but I think I can blame getting used to a hardcore workout on this one
  6. And word count is reached. I really think the "hit this many per day" is WAAAAY better for me than "hit this much per week". I make the task immediate rather than "ehh, I'll do that later"...
  7. JUMP JUMP... Imo make this thread JUMP JUMP.. Balian'll make ya JUMP JUMP SO, new year, new you is a popular phrase. Let's turn it into a question: "What's one change you can make this year that will help you up your "reaching goals" game? For me, it's been setting a REALLY annoying alarm JUST out of my reach and wearing workout clothes to bed on workout days. I HAVE to get up otherwise it's just gonna bug me, and when I'm already up AND in workout clothes, I'm running out of excuses as to why I 'Can't' workout that day.
  8. I'll try not to Glass SO, first supercircuit done! This workout I picked is a BUTT kicker! But hey, I SEEM to be getting there, sooo POINTS!
  9. It's been fairly easy so far. I honestly think this is the money thing that will make things awesome. So, coming up to the wire, but I made it to 3300 words. That successfully makes 7/7. TIME FOR A NEW LIST!
  10. Alright. I made a list of 7 things I wanted to get done by today, and I'm currently 6/7! Just got to get some writing done and send it in, and I'm peaches! I have the strangest feeling though Wednesdays are going to gradually get worse as the month goes along
  11. !gasp! People I recognize AND people I don't?! This seems like one of those "Social things" the young kids are all up on Glad to see ERRYone here!
  12. I appreciate the support ERRYone! One of the bigger tasks I have set for this year is "I will write 200,000 words". I'm a writer, that's my jam. I've already gotten kudos and have been published. This is the year I start to make a living off what I love.
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