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  1. Thanks for the advice. I'll read into Stronglifts 5x5 and Starting Strength. I also read your challenge thread in your signature and really like the goals and format that you have posted there. They are short and to the point and define clear goals, which in think is so important when trying to motivate yourself over the long term. I might steal some of the format if you don't mind!
  2. Definitely a great link for more than exercise routines. Thanks!
  3. Oh, 4 days. Cool to know! Where do you find the beginner workout?
  4. First questions: Do I have to wait for the next 6 week challenge to start in order to participate? Which class/challenges would best suit my goals as stated below? So I just found this site while I am starting to get myself back into shape. I used to go to the gym 5-6 days per week and play hockey 2 times per week, then school/work/girlfriend got in the way. So about a week ago, I dropped one of those things after two years and am regaining focus on some of the activities that make me happy - going to the gym and striving to become a physical specimen(haha) included. I think this site is pretty interesting, and the idea of having a 'persona' with challenges and benchmarks to chase sounds fresh and motivating. Just curious if anyone has advice. I have some goals in mind, and think the Ranger class might be best suited for me at this point. I'm 6'0" and used to weigh 175 with really good muscle tone. Now I'm at 194(!!!) and out of shape. My first goals are as follows: Lose 14 lbs Gain back muscle mass Run 2 miles in 14 minutes Bench 160 lbs Squat 200 lbs I honestly have no idea how long these goals will take. I just started going back to the gym last week and will hopefully pick hockey back up in a month when I have some more stamina/endurance. So thanks for any future responses!
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