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  1. Wednesday Frequent updates. Focusing on daily goals. ~Meeting~ those goals. Trend? Let's examine and find out. Wednesday Nutrition Tracker: KCal: 1745 Protein: 89g Carbs: 145g Fiber: 20g Sodium: 3283mG Whiteboard: Healthy Active Habits: Whiteboard, Day 3. Healthy Eating Habits: Yesterday was sandwich-heavy (NF pulled pork sandwich for lunch and a double spicy Black Bean burger for dinner), but they were both on multi-grain breads, so at least there was some nutritional value to the carb overload. Healthy
  2. Tuesday Tuesday was a Good DayTM. I wrote more code, I filled up another whiteboard, I killed another day of nutrition, I had an intentionally relaxing evening. Let's see how it went, below. Tuesday Nutrition Tracker: KCal: 1627 Protein: 89g Carbs: 126g Fiber: 14g Sodium: 2450mG Whiteboard: Healthy Active Habits: Whiteboard, Day 2. Healthy Eating Habits: Need to work on more protein, but I'm happy. Healthy Emotional Habits: I had another productive but not overly-long day at work. My high schooler
  3. This is one of them. I have another one that I prefer but it's getting harder to find and I am apparently cleaning out Target's Twin Cities Metro stock , store-by-store...
  4. Monday Monday was a Good DayTM. I was able to write more code (two working days in a row? Awesome, and confusing). I went to the Chiropractor and relaxed while watching Clone Wars with my fiancé in the evening. She's even getting into it. I was consistent with my nutrition. And we have a whiteboard for the first time in months. Monday Nutrition Tracker: KCal: 1756 Protein: 81g Carbs: 129g Fiber: 15g Sodium: 3075mG Revenge of the Whiteboard This checks off the boxes for each of my daily Challenge Goal
  5. Well, last week was kind of a mess. Between work - which is now almost impossible to disconnect from, since I work 10 feet from my bedroom - and ALL THE OTHER STUFF, I managed to not make it back here to update. Fail. "Do, or do not" for the totalitarian oligarch. On the positive side, I got to WRITE CODE LAST WEEK. This shouldn't be such a big deal except I'm a Sr. Software Engineer and the last time I had written any code was (checks Source Control) December 18. Instead I spend most of my time performing primary Systems Analyst duties for our major retail manage
  6. Starting Weight, 4 January 2021: 216.4lbs (98.2Kg) Weigh-in, 11 January 2021: 211.4lbs (95.9Kg) Weigh-in, 18 January 2021: 208.4lbs (94.5Kg) I knew I couldn't keep pace from last week as a lot of that was just bloat and water weight. So far this has all been dietary changes and getting back to the healthy food choices I made for years. I'm going to need to start adding in a consistent exercise component to keep trending in the right direction.
  7. Nutritional changes are still going swimmingly. Even this weekend, when I was a bit less vigilant about tracking, my slip-ups were a cup of Veggie Straws and some PuffCorn while watching Sportsball. Otherwise, I'm continuing to follow my plan. So far I've yet to exceed my 1750kCal/day goal. I'm down 5lb of initial bloat over the first week. I knew this part would be easy. Now it's time to follow through on my goals. Weekends do get busy, though. Last week, my son and his baby mama decided to change custody from a Sun-Thur split that coincides with my son's work schedul
  8. Thank you, my friend. I know I'm not super-active here, but I hope you know you and a select few others here are my extended family. Glad to see you, Mr. Part Of the Select Few. I'm trying hard to maintain corporeal form (on a virtual message board). Thank you! My fall-off started back then, too, even though it dragged out for at least a year. We can definitely do it!
  9. Just did my weekly weigh-in. Down 5lb in the first week. I knew this week would show a large movement based on previous experience; lots of bloat and water weight. This weight loss pace isn't sustainable even though my nutrition plan is because I'm not on some weird crash-diet. I was a little lax over the weekend - a small piece of birthday cake and some salty bagged snacks - but this is an example of what I eat in a given day, actually short of my target calorie goal by a snack or so. I know the eating habits are sustainable when I start getting back to a normal exercise routine as I s
  10. As I suspected, getting my food and nutrition under control has been the easiest so far. I started food and macro tracking on Monday and until I get active, I've set a low calorie threshold of 1750kCal/day to jump-start weight loss. I should be able to hold here for quite a while as I honestly needed to lose weight even when I was at 193 because I still had a belly and a bit of a roll around the middle. I'm only 5ft10in. BMI is a terrible measurement of health, but BMI thinks I should be at 175 or below, and that's probably not far off. Tuesday was a good day. Right around 11am, be
  11. I would say "I'm late posting this thread", but... Even magic space wizards. That said, I'm long overdue to come back home to the NF boards and let this place be the healthy, supportive part of my overall health - physical and emotional - that it was for over five years between 2013 and 2018. 2020 was at least as much a dumpster fire for me as it was for so many others. I have a ton of respect for people who were able to roll with the changes, be productive, and stay healthy over the past year. I'm not one of those people. As of today, I weigh 216 pound
  12. I needed to see this. I needed to be on your spreadsheet. I needed to see the scale, but I didn't like it. 😬
  13. You've got a ways to go to catch up, Padawan
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