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    DarK_RaideR's BattlE_LoG

    I'm here for the long reads no matter how pleasant they are for you to type.
  2. EricMN

    EricMN - BattleFront

    I had three of my kids ask me last week if I was going to go run with them at 5am each morning. Arthritis and a camp pallet bed said "No." I want them to ask again next year and I want to be able to answer "Yes." Two miles, possibly my worst in years, but better than telling my kids "no."
  3. EricMN

    EricMN - BattleFront

    14 June to 23 June 2019 At some point a long time ago, I figured out that these weeks are not about the building of porches or sheds or wheelchair ramps. I'm a dim bulb. It took a bit, but I figured it out. The work is important, but it's not about the work. It's about the building of community, of building relationships with the kids I serve and the comminuties in which we serve. It's about building up my kids in every way. I am a shepherd. I protect my flock from attack, both from without and from within. I will leave the 99 to rescue the one. And I will defend each and every one of them with every breath I take. The good news is each and every one of them, even the ones who do not know me well yet, know this fact. The bad news is that they had to witness as I proved it to them this past week. This is my family, of whom I am insanely proud, and I am glad they have accepted me as a part.
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    EricMN - BattleFront

    I've got to have someplace to hold myself accountable when I'm not running a challenge thread. Primary contents here: Nutrition tracking Workout tracking (usually photos of whiteboards) Run tracking And the periodic race report.