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  1. Nice. I liked the Etsuko protégé storyline and building up Maisie is smart. The tag match was right up my alley and I bet the Belt match had pop. 10/10 would buy this.
  2. I like how you're building the women's division. Good job using the analysis without over-explaining it all. Ladder matches are mild chaos all to themselves and you don't need extra to put them over. Well-booked tag match at the end, sir.
  3. You’re hitting the high notes, my friend.
  4. Maybe I need to start angrily typing "spot monkey" and "sports entertainment" in order to not confuse the algorithm. ......naaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
  5. I loved everything about this match. Are you data-mining my wrestling viewing habits?
  6. I like the way you're building this. Put the titles on the established stars to bring in the old audience from the former NGW and use them to put over both those that weren't as established and the next generation of younger wrestlers.
  7. My favorite two matches of this show. Howard was such a savage back in his heyday, having Ricci beat him straight-up instead of in a screw-job did a lot to establish him as a legit heel contender for those who remember both guys from NGW. Like old people, like me. Agreed. I'm imagining something like this, except waaaaaay less 'Murica-centric, with match clips and promo stills.
  8. "GREAT SCOTT! MARTY! WHAT YEAR IS IT????" Wait... I'm mixing thematic elements and that weirds me out. I would like to say the last four weeks have come as a surprise, but no, they haven't. I'm coming up for air between major projects. It's been... not great. It's been a lot of long hours and at the very least I'm being recognized for my work but this whole "being digested by the Sarlacc" is not as cool as it may sound. I'm mostly making good food choices and I'm down anywhere from three to seven pounds, depending on how late I have to work and how much I move around, but when you're working anywhere from ten to 16 hours a day to make sure things don't burst into flames, well... This isn't how I wanted the last month to go, but here we are. We'll see what the world looks like since I heard it's starting to warm up out there.
  9. Thank you, friends, I have missed you all. Ahsoka Tano is the most nuanced character with the most depth in the Star Wars universe. I will not be entertaining your incorrect opinions on this issue. We're going through a major project implementation at work. in 2017 the privately-held company I work for (which would be immediately recognizable to locals) was purchased by the second-largest multinational corporation in the industry. They claimed they needed to adopt our business practices and wanted to scale them up from "regional success" to "global empire". They left my team more or less alone at first. In April of 2021 my team was brought in to migrate one business-critical information flow to change the way we were feeding the data into our system. This poorly-tested, loosely-managed effort turned into a crap-fest upon implementation that had me on my last nerve for 14 hours a day for two weeks. In August, they came back to us and told us they were going to move all our systems to theirs based on "the success" of the first project. We have spent six months ramping up for what I knew was going to be the scaled up version of last June's disaster. We launched the first pilot on Monday. It has turned out to be akin to a pride of monkeys having a crap-flinging contest. So far this week I have been over-booked and need to do a better job of intentionally carving out "Move, Intentionally" time. But I'm still here on this challenge so far this week. I'm counting this as a win. Monday Overbooked and the monkey caca was beginning to fly. A bit of non-consecutive Intentional Movement to clear my head every hour or so - body-weight squats and lunges. No dedicated workout. It's something, which is better than nothing. Spent about an hour reading a book in the evening. Got started on macro tracking (all values validated by my kitchen scale, no guessing allowed): KCal: 1735 Protein: 77g (too low) Carbs: 125g Fiber: 26g Sodium: 2500mG Tuesday Hip-deep in poo, dodging monkeys. The metaphorical monkey screeches got worse as well. The temps rose above 35degF and a lot of the snow and ice in my driveway melted and then re-froze when the sun dipped below my roof-line. I wound up slipping and falling on my driveway and hurt my hip and my wrist. Wrist is tender and sore but it's not seriously injured. My hip is bruised but I'll be fine. I'm going to let "Move Intentionally" happen organically as time and body permit. KCal: 1796 Protein: 82g(too low) Carbs: 170g Fiber: 32g Sodium: 2500mG This is off to a respectable start considering. I'll feel better when "Move Intentionally" becomes "Worked out today".
  10. I won't understand one bit of this but of course I'm going to follow it.
  11. Customary announcement of clicking the "Follow" button.
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