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  1. I'm sorry, my friend. My condolences. I have been living around ESL people for way too long. I read this sentence and my first reaction was "no need for the extra ED on the end there, 'saw' is already past tense" While I, on the other hand, was about to congratulate him for napping. I was right there too.
  2. Update I'm another day removed from the sprint that was "get shit done before the Grad Party" of last week. Now that I've summed up what I did, I'll review it in light of my actual Challenge Goals: Be kind to myself I kept this theme in my head the entire ten days. In regard to the Day Job, I managed that well. On Friday afternoon at 5pm, I set my work status to "Out of Office", told the one person who had an active support issue that I was now unavailable and to work with my team to resolve in starting on Monday, and turned off m
  3. Actual Start of This Challenge (for me) So. My week of PTO is over. We had a graduation party to put on, and my fiancé had things that she wanted done before the party. None of them were outrageous requests, although some of them were time sinks. Over the last two months, lots of things in my life have been equal time sinks that would often not allow me to put in the time needed to get done the things she wanted before the party. So, while I generally worked myself from sunup to well past sundown almost every day, I was at least realistic and smart and did two things:
  4. So this all ended on kind of a sour note. I don't mind sour so much - I love grapefruit and I drink a Lemon Basil energy kombucha daily - but I like my sweets too. I'm going to try for sweet.
  5. My world is pretty damned busy. I have a full-time job, a family, I volunteer with my church, and I attempt to have some sort of healthy lifestyle. Over the past year, the volunteer position turned into more of an Unpaid Second Job, though that's slowly fixing itself, and my full-time job recently spiraled out of control, and though that project is in the rear-view mirror, I fear others like it will just rear their ugly head soon. I don't need my life to be perfect; I just want to find some balance. This challenge will have only two goals, which I will attempt to achieve daily:
  6. Periodic Update So. Encumbrance has been exceeded this week. I kind of knew it was coming. The Day Job has gone out of control. I worked part of last weekend to try to meet a deadline and then on Monday had to pass the problem off to someone else. This was because we had both a massive process migration - which has alone cost me more than a full day's work every day this week - and a simultaneous upgrade of our Enterprise Business Management test system in preparation for an end-of-July release to production as mandated by the business in order to meet regulatory
  7. Update "Is that him? Twice in the same week?" Had too many simultaneous commitments on Tuesday, so there was no return to the gym, and there won't be one until next week. I did get in a "run" on Wednesday afternoon when I got a Peer Pressure Text Message from my Mud Brother Ed to come out and grind. I'm almost done with the Garage Shop. I installed some shelving for my reclaimed walnut pieces and boxed up all my small exotic accent pieces. Let's discuss that random branch, shall we? I have a large, mature Black Walnut tree in my backy
  8. Another Week? Really? I hate excuses. I don't like it when my children make them. But sometimes, "Excuses" are "reasons" that just appear to occupy the same space. I had a serious migraine last week that took me out on Tuesday afternoon and didn't let me back to work until Thursday. I spent the rest of the Thursday and Friday trying to catch up at work. We did an inventory and I have no less than six concurrent projects going right now and four of them are coming due at the same time. Also, I had to help my son re-work his Senior capstone project and write his hi
  9. Monday Encumbrance Report: The Day Job: Busy but not gross. I am no longer on support. I had to drive to the office to meet my co-worker and hand off the pager so I don't have to hear 1996 call and ask for its technology back anymore this month. The Unpaid Second Job: I had a Sunday follow-up call with the Pastor. He and I moved on quickly to half a dozen other topics: Church Board Business, Youth Group, Youth Mission Trip, general theology and philosophy. He's getting better at calling around lunchtime at least. The Kids: The Boy still nee
  10. Where Did Last Week Go? Sorry, people. I wasn't trying to ghost this challenge, honest, it's just that my bag was full. "His bag whatnow?" My bag was full. I had exceeded my encumbrance. "Me, become overly-committed and overly-busy? That's unpossible!" What was in my bag last week? The Boy went back to in-person school for the first time in six months. He's graduating in two weeks (hopefully). His school does a 10-day "Intensive Theme" and he's doing Outdoor Recreation, because he needs the Phy Ed credits
  11. I don't know about cheap, you should ask @EricMN who did it a couple of years back. What I can say is we suck at handling covid and hiding it under the carpet, in hopes tourists won't notice, so it might be better to visit next year. That's on top of cruises normally giving you little time in each place in order to increase spending on board, this year due to covid they're not disembarking at all. So short story, you're always welcome, but it might be better to give it a year. The cruise is probably cheaper in terms of total dollars, but that depends on the round-trip airfare
  12. Monday This is the face of a man who has ~seen things~. Things like contractor bids. And the inside of a gym for the first time in over a year. No progress in the garage. We met with a concrete contractor, I clenched tightly, and we signed a bid to have a concrete patio installed that leads up to my deck. This will probably be done before our graduation party next month. I'm excited and also nervous. I'll get over it. Goal Tracking Workout: Yes. "Bars and Bells" at the gym, in person, for the first time in over a year. I don't have a whi
  13. Weekend Update Watch The Bad Batch. That is all. Productivity, thy name is EricMN. Things that happened over the weekend: - Installed three more runs of insulation and wow my shoulders were smoked from working overhead - Cleaned out the corner where the lumber cart will live permanently. This meant emptying and dismantling a perfectly good and well-organized shelving unit - Immediately re-purposed all the existing lumber into a new shelving unit to go above the rolling storage bin, which immediately started accumulating ~stuff~
  14. Thursday Busy day; I felt like I was being pulled in several different directions. First, the actual Day JobTM was busy, all day long. I'm on a two-week support rotation and it's been mostly quiet this week, due to a lot of the work we've done the past two years to create self-healing automated jobs, but this week The Business has raised a lot of weird issues and I'm the lucky one to field them and fix them. Second, the unpaid Second Job - Church A/V volunteer - needed attention as we are in Hybrid Worship and we had people submitting videos (readings, music)
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