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  1. I am so excited by what i achieved last challenge! I am starting late but that wont stop me This challenge will be a step up challenge. Each week, depending how I go, I will add a little to my challenge. My aim is to defeat the level 1 boss by the end. So as well as working out twice a week (which is just my normal now!) I'm going to work on diet. I've been a bit down about being a coeliac lately. It take so much time and effort to eat now. I can improve that though. Week One: FRUIT! 2 serves of fruit every day. I need the fiber and the break from processed sugars!
  2. I am so proud of myself! Despite sickness is taking over my life (its winter and my kids keep bringing home diseases!) and nightshift (soul crushing nightshift that made me want to quit my job) I have still done my work outs! This is so so exciting for me. One more workout and I will have crushed that goal. First time properly completing a challenge. I think finding a time that suits (while the kids are in the bath I workout while supervising them. Body weight exercise FTW!) has really helped. Also guarantees I bathe my kids . I'm now at the point where I'm starting to plan my next challe
  3. The first week was a write off. everyone was sick so I was getting about 3 hours a night sleep. I have joined the academy though and found that the level one body weight workout is much more achievable for me. I think having a workout that I can actually complete even with minimal sleep and in my bathroom while the kids are in the bath is a big step towards victory. I find I tend to try and do everything on beast mode so I never get past the tutorial because I don't have the ability. I need to learn to take the easy path if it means making gains. I did manage to take my lunch with me to work
  4. Hi everyone! Many.....MANY years ago I used to do ballroom dancing. Life made this difficult and I haven't danced in a long time. My beautiful 4yo daughter started dancing earlier this year and I am so jealous! I've decided when i reach my goals I'm going to start dancing again. SO goals are all about getting energy and confidence! Keeping it super simple Goal 1: beginners body weight workout every 3 days. Shiftwork and kids means I don't recover as quick as I'd like. every 3 days is manageable without hurting myself or giving up from exhaustion Goal 2: Improve my sleep by not tak
  5. Move here to Australia. It's just getting really warm now. hitting the 30's (umm like 80-90 in farenheit?) Although you can't run in the spring at all because of crazy attacking birds. ha ha. Sounds like you're doing really well!
  6. Yay! started! Kids sick, work hectic, offered a new job, my parents may be moving 7 hours away. O.O really what is going on here??? SO far ive managed 1 piece of fruit a day. Thats an improvement on the zero so i'll aim to up it next week. Didnt move at all yesterday between kinder (pre-school i think its called in other parts of the world? the year before school starts) orientation and work and kids getting sick but on track for today! Advent is up and down. doing somethign everyday when i havent planned well enough is very hard but we have bought stuff for the homeless and are going to
  7. What a lovely tradition! We dont have a proper nativity, just a kids play one, but i might need to get one now!
  8. WOOO! Survived the last challenge! But onwards to better and brighter things! Diet: While continuing meal plans for dinners I want to increase the amount of plants I eat. The goal is to switch out snacks for fruit. 2 serves of fruit a day. Exercise: Continue with body weight x3 a week and yoga x3 a week. I strugggled to keep up last time but am hopeful I'll do better with the aim of finishing the 3 sets! Life: ugh, where do i start? I'm thinking sleep. So no taking my phone to bed. No screens. Plug my phone in with my alarm on the other side of the room. BONUS: I'm going to do a
  9. Sounds great! Flexibility is an important part of life because nothing ever quite goes to plan.
  10. Thanks for all your support the last 4 weeks Manarelle. I will very much be back next challenge. I want to be able to complete a full 3 sets of the beginners body weight workout. So that will be my end goal for the next one. See you then!
  11. This week was hard. I found i was just tired all week. Maybe ongoing hayfever/ mild asthma from the pollen and storm? Maybe just I'm too old for double shifts? I did it though and I'm super proud. Have figured out that a strict meal plan doesn't work but a guide for dinners is useful. Really proud of sticking to the body weight workouts though! I haven't taken as much 'me time' as i planned though. I need to squeeze that in somehow. I'm tempted to get a cleaner once a fortnight just to take the pressure off.
  12. I did 2 rounds of the beginners body weight circuit! That's a victory for me! Ha ha seems small but huge for me. State wide health disaster means a surprise double shift. 1pm to 730am! Wow I'm exhausted
  13. Last week was not great but its a new week. I've done well keeping up with my meal plan. My husband even stepped up to help out with dinner. Just need some drive to get moving this afternoon after a few really long shifts!
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