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  1. I tend to overeat or undereat even if I make good food choices, I feel like I have to count the calories. I've been eating 1600 calories for about a week now, I'm getting used to it:) Thank you! Great! I haven't been able to update because of my tight schedule. I have lost 1kg. It's not much, I know but I had been at the same weight for so long that even the smallest progress means a lot to me. I feel like I can do it:) Also I'm getting ready for my first competition, as I said before and it's going great too. If I lose some weight before the competition, it is going to help me a lot.
  2. I have to write my weight tomorrow morning:)) I remembered it after I had breakfast so it wouldn't be accurate
  3. Thank you so much, you've helped me a lot and cleared my mind. Well, I didn't see that much of a strength loss or had fast heart beats at night. I just felt tired overall, but like you said, that might be because of my fat/carb ratio. I'm gonna stick to this for a while and see where it goes:)
  4. ****First I tried snatch pr. I did 48kgs(106lbs). Which is 2kgs more than my last pr. ****15 minute time cap: 100 double unders 60 wall balls(M:9 kg, W:6kg) 50 pull ups 40 box jump overs 30 toes to bars 100 double unders I could do 3 toes to bars and then the time was over. So my score is 253, which is less then my aim. I'm gonna do it again next week, hoping that I'll get to double unders. ****Then I did 3 reps 5 sets of bench press.
  5. Thank youu:)) Well, I've decided to stick with macros for this cut like you said. It also helps me stick to my diet better. It turned out 1520, which was always my intention but I can never achieve 1500 cals.I always exceed to 1700-1800. I also feel tired around 1500 so I'm really confused about what to do. My TDEE is 1908 and if I consume 1700 cals, the decifit is too low and the weight loss will be too slow. Should I stick with 1500?
  6. Oops, sorry:) It means a Crossfit gym. Well, obviously I'm a Crossfitter. I have my first serious competition on 16th of May, so I really really want to lose around 6kgs until then. (I want to lose 10kgs in total, at the end of this challenge.) Losing that weight will really help me improve my endurance and gymnastics, which are my weakest points. I can say I'm kinda good at lifts(not where I actually want to be, though). I'm 141lbs and I can squat 231lbs(I meantion this a lot ). Well, I also want to keep my strength while losing weight. Also I'm 18 and I go to college so I try not to fall bac
  7. Can I pleeeaseee join??? I'm gonna write myself on the sheet cause I'll be heading to the box in 15 minutes so I don't have time to see your answers So, I'm Cat, and I'm 18 years old. I do Crossfit. I lift heavy. I want to lose 8kgs in this challenge, which is 18lbs I guess, as I just calculated. Soo, I hope it's ok for me to join a bit late:)) cw:64kg (141lbs) gw:56kg (124lbs)
  8. Thank you!! I don't have a method available to measure my fat right now, I was going to get calipers, but I'm not sure if I can use them by myself. Well, I try to eat 130grams of protein and some vegetables, but I also eat carbs like oats. I really wanted to go full Paleo but I only could do it for a week, because I felt really tired all the time and my workouts went terrible. Do you think that should I try it again with upping the fats?
  9. Thank you:)) I'll definitely follow your advice. Well, I was kinda concerned about eating more than 1700 cals because I'm short and my weight is not extremely high. But I get really tired when I eat around 1600-1700 anyway, which I guess also means that I should eat more. Yes, thank you for the heads up:)) Well, I believe my body fat is around %20-25 but I haven't measured it. You are right about measuring inches, I haven't thought about that before you said it. I'll try to measure my body regularly. Thank you!!
  10. Hey everyone, I'm Cat I haven't been here in a long time. The last time I were here,I wasn't mentally prepared for my challenges. I started a couple of times and failed all of them. I wasn't completely recovered from my eating disorders, I guess. But right now, I feel great. Mentally, I am at a perfect place. I am in peace with my body(even though I want to lose 8-10kgs, I love my body), I am getting better at crossfit and summer is coming. What else could I ask for? ) Well, my first crossfit competition is coming, it is in May. So this challenge is just in a perfect time. I am 18 years old,
  11. The challange has been going good so far. I'm sorry I haven't been able to update cause I have been busy with my University registiration and I have been out of my city. I have been stritct about my calories but haven't been doing cardio. I will update my weight tomorrow morning.
  12. I have been using Stronglifts for 5 months, I'm about to be done with it actually. I've started not seeing that much progress. I'll switch to 5/3/1 soon Thank you! Thank you! Good luck for you too Thank you so much I feel happy when I find someone who ''had'' an eating disorder. Not for them, ofcourse. I mean it makes me feel like I'll manage too
  13. Thank you! Stronglifts 5x5 is my main focus. It is one day on, one day off. On the off days of Stronglifts, I switch between upper body workout and lower body splits.
  14. Hey everyone! So since I completely failed at my last challange, I'm doing a new one (I know I'm late.) I have 19 days so I'll keep my goal small. Stats: Age: 19 Weight: 63kg Height: 5''4' Main Quest: Drop weight to 58kg *Consume 1500 cals everyday. *Eat min 130 grams of protein everyday. *Lift weights 6 days a week and do Insanity 3 days a week. Side Quest: *Work on handstands everyday. Motivation: *I have eating disorders since I was small. I'm struggling everyday. But I found my worst mistake. I always set my goals and reasons wrong. I always say ''I'm s
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