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  1. holy misunderstandings batman! im glad i hadnt posted before that rant kes, i think your argument is a bit more solid now than it has been in previous posts. in that vein, lets get our hands dirty! but first sorta. its more a space where certain assumptions are taken at face value and not questioned - ie trans people are the gender they say they are, gay/bi/lesbian relationships are legitimate expressions of love etc. you can still be offended or uncomfortable within a safe space, its just that those core tenets aren't challenged. the question then is, is this argument challenging the bas
  2. The same way people have been doing this throughout all of human history - webcomics. http://chaoslife.findchaos.com/agender-agenda
  3. yeh i dont really hang on NF anymore, but im still subscribed to this thread so i get notifications when people post.
  4. Im so sorry you went through that Orchid That sounds like a really rough time but im glad you're alive! I hope things start getting better for you. This seems like the best time to come out. When dysphoria is literally leading you to attempting suicide, it's very easy to show your family and friends how serious it is for you. When you can say "living like this is literally killing me and i need to change", most people will agree with you. There may be some who are like "first you attempt suicide, and now you do put this on us too?" but those people were probably going to be against yo
  5. I cant seem to find this persons actual study on "why are gay people even more biphobic than straights?*" but yeh those comments are pretty rank. I feel like its a solidarity issue, the same way some people go off if you even casually suggest that you don't think you were "born that way" or chose to be gay". If you muddy the water then the group will try to distance themselves from you before you damage their cause. Another example of this is "straight-acting-gays" who hang shit on flamboyant gay men, say 'im not proud to be gay, i just am', deride pride parades, and in general try to b
  6. I don't the issue is ever with any one movie - its about noticing the trend and saying that trend is bad. In this case, Im not trying to say "this movie is transphobic", its more "the movie industry is often transphobic and the casting decisions in this film reflect that". I think the bechdel test is a good comparison. Like, you cant say any one movie is sexist just because it fails the bechdel test, but you can say the industry has issues with sexism when a large majority fail it. Trans representation is similar. Not casting a trans person in this one role cos its not the directors vision
  7. Is this the article you're referring to? http://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/article/about-ray-director-explains-why-she-cast-elle-fanning-as-transgender-boy Im still kinda tied on the issue, but i guess i feel that imperfect representation is better than no representation at all. Still, when the director is saying shit like "She's just a girl who is being herself and is chasing the opportunity to start hormone treatment. So to actually use a trans boy was not an option because this isn't what my story is about."" then i start to wonder where the line is between imperfect and problematic. i feel that a
  8. You cant be serious. You have no idea who either of these people are, yet because he scratched someones car you think he should die? Low opinions of people or not, that is hella fucked up. He didn't kick someones puppy, or kidnap their child, he scratched their car. Their fucking car. Who gives a shit.
  9. I read a decent explanation of the bi/pan argument recently, which compared it to how rectangles/squares work. So every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. In the same way, pan people are bi in a loose sense, but using pan as a label provides more specificity. I feel this description works better if you imagine bisexuality as an umbrella term which emcompasses many polysexual identities under it. the activist in me wants to say "always!" because people should be chill about being asked to identify their gender the same way people are chill about being asked their na
  10. wait where have i seen that sort of behaviour before... oh right! funny how that works. edit: used your own quote.
  11. Yeh how exactly is that different from someone saying "back in my day we didn't have of this homosexual nonsense" ? I get that non-hetero sexualities and non-cis genders can be confusing to those outside the community, but why make a joke out of peoples identities? The only reason I can see is that you think those identities are a joke, and your follow up post provides further evidence to that.
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