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  1. yeh i dont really hang on NF anymore, but im still subscribed to this thread so i get notifications when people post.
  2. im still about, not training a whole lot due to the crappy weather but having fun. waiting for lupus to be free so we can roadtrip to albany and annoy all yall
  3. nice work stars! smashing it.
  4. def from dead hang, arms at full extension and shoulders in that lock-out position. top of the pull up is bar to chest.
  5. Did my first "workout" in 3 months this weekend. Struggled hardcore to get a single pull-up, and i cant resume proper training for another 3 months at least. lesson learned: surgery eats gains
  6. thongs or commando - my butt's gonna end up eating whatever panties im wearing so may as well start there. plus it means my butt looks good.
  7. also i have literally 2 more weekends before im gone, so kinda just gonna be making shit happen now. if you can't make saturday there'll be other things and always keen for a drink!
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