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    Missed the start of the challenge! Drat! It's late for me, and I want to join up, so creating this thread as a placeholder. Plan on running 60 miles as a minimum. I'll expand later. Five miles already completed!
  2. Finally got a day off, and man did I take it off. Plan on running and swimming tomorrow.
  3. Bad post couple of days just cause of exhaustion. After a good sleep yesterday, I had a good day of yoga (maybe 15 minutes) and a five mile run. It wasn't a great run, but the milage was put in.
  4. Went for a run yesterday, but figured I should switch it up, so I tried doing interval work. I used my old shoes, which unfortunately injured me a bit. Obviously that means I didn't get very far, though the intervals were so tough that I think I must definitely pursue this as a regular option. No work out planned today, as it'll be a rough one. Some push ups would be great if I can manage when I get home (or maybe yoga), but I might just pass out and be happy
  5. Back from new York. Got a little run in on Thursday, nothing special. Just got home from a run today. Kinda wanted to do four or five miles, but I've got the new runner sores. Really stiff calves and stopped a lot to stretch. I'll be walking it out a lot this weekend fortunately. Plan on some bodyweight stuff on Monday.
  6. I'm working :-\ gonna have to keep an eye on this space and join up sometime though!
  7. Haha, depending on the day! That looks like an interesting time.
  8. Had a great day exercise wise. Got in a run pretty soon after waking up. It was storming, so swimming as planned wasn't an option, but I woke up too late for that anyways. Decided to tackle my planned 5k on a treadmill, and I approached it with dread - I hate treadmills. That however was the best treadmill run ever. One of my problems is pace control, and this made it too easy. Got in my five k in a shade over 27 minutes. I need to improve, but it was my first run in a month, so I'll take it. At around 2 am I wanted to do some body weight stuff. Got in some push ups and planks, then found a dumbell for rows. I feel like I've got a lot further to go, but it was definitely improved numbers over a couple days ago. Overall, great day. Gonna rest until tomorrow because I'm not getting much sleep today. Probably won't check in due to travel, and I'm giving my self a pass on posting till Monday because of that.
  9. Hey guys! I'm not as new to the site as my post count would suggest (was on as a different user for a few years but wanted to start fresh after going absent for too long), and I'm not absurdly new to the area (a shade over two years), but I'm new to NerdFitness meetups! Like you guys are relatively active after scanning the past few pages. I'm working a weird and packed schedule (woo shift work and night classes), but I hope to meet up with you guys some time!
  10. Thanks Jedi! I've been working the past few nights, so I haven't had a chance to get a good run in. Fortunately on nights I can get some body weight exercises in, so I've gotten a few good push up and plank sets in. I'm modelling it after the angry birds work out, but it's not too easy to do squats (due to work attire) or back exercise (no available equipment for incline rows). This afternoon I'm waking up early and either going for a swim or running on the treadmill. I'd much rather go for a swim, but that'll take a good bit longer for prep work and time is not on my side. On the food side, I've been terrible, but I ate better today than yesterday. I'll do my darndest to improve tomorrow as well. I should mention my incentive system. I've got my workouts planned on a calendar, and every day I miss, I contribute to the lazy jar a compounding amount to the lazy jar. For the first miss, 1 dollar, the next 2, etc. Additionally, I am to report here every day, internet access providing. Any missed reporting is a flat dollar. Currently I owe the lazy jar 1 dollar for not reporting in yesterday and another for not running today (my original plan). The real question is: what do I do with lazy jar money? My fiancee contributes as well, and we're looking for a positive outlet that's not TOO positive (don't want to encourage skipping haha). I'm thinking either charity or using it to fund later rewards (like new running shoes or the like). Any ideas?
  11. I've been completely distracted by world cup and work and school. No excuses now, need to step up my game. Today I did some quick body weight stuff at work (just a days worth of the hundred push up challenge, but on a balance platform). It was far tougher than it should have been, but that just means I have more room to gain. Unfortunately my company blocks this site, so I'm going to have to give my night updates via phone. I've got a plan in place and will detail ASAP. In the mean time, be back tomorrow.
  12. I threw down an introduction a couple days ago, but I have been stuck working a lot lately and haven't had a chance to really get going. Today I finally had a day off. I had planned on getting a good 7 mile run in, but unfortunately, my run wasn't quite that good. only a bit over 4 miles at a little less than 10 mile pace. Not great, mostly because my toe is bugging me. I was thinking about not doing it at all, but I must! For the rebellion! I plan on getting a swim in a little later as well. My main challenge, how do I work out, even just a little, when I work 12 hour days. I wake up before 4, and I get home after 6. As you could imagine, typically, I don't have much energy left for working out. When I'm working at nights, I try to do some body weight work outs on shift. I can't do it when I'm working on week days though. I welcome any suggestions...
  13. Hello Rebellion! I've been here before. I had an account for a while, but I fell off the battle. In an effort to redouble my efforts, I've cleared my fitness accounts and am starting fresh. I am now Feu d'Antan, and I'm gonna burn the hell out of any fitness challenges! My major goal for the next few months is to prepare for the Marine Corp Marathon, while improving my overall effective strength along the way. Looking forward to getting to know some of you guys. For the Rebellion!
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