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  1. I got in the best shape of my life while being fairly active here. Then life happened, I got sick, depression hit, fast forward 3 years and I found myself 40 pounds heavier and not the happiest I've ever been. I decided to get back into fitness towards the end of 2017, I started doing crossfit and loved it. Went too hard, too fast and developed tendonitis in both my knees. Took a break, started working out again at my own pace, started doing keto and I lost 15 pounds in 4 months. Then I got sick....again, was traveling a lot for work, started dating someone, and stopped taking care of myself. I have managed to gain 5 pounds back in the last 3 months, and I want to put a stop to it and baby step my way back into health. Researching keto and intermittent fasting I found myself back here again. I'm ready to get back, I know what I need to do, and what works. My body needs a lot of healing and I know it's going to fight me, so I need my mind to do some of the heavy lifting until I feel better again, I hope to find here some of the motivation and accountability that helped me in the past. Also I need to work on stress management as some of the ailments I'm currently dealing with are exasperated by stress. For the next 2 weeks my plan is to do the following until the next challenge starts: DIET Intermittent Fasting Keto Diet Fitness Strength training 4x a week at least for 30mins Start running again 10-15 mins at a time 3x a week Life/Stress Management Sleep at least 7 hours 5x a week Research stress management techniques I'm excited to be back in the community and look forward to starting the new challenge in a couple of weeks.
  2. So yeaahh!!! I forgot about updating this. Life has been pretty crazy busy. Week 2 and the benning of week 3 weren't great. Before last Wednesday my eating was ok, except I was still having a hard cider while cooking dinner, and having ice cream after a healthy dinner.My health hasn't been too great, but last week finally got a wake up call and I decided that I'm the only one that can turn things around for myself. I haven't touched sugar, alcohol, grains or dairy for the past 5 days and I'm feeling really good about it. My stomach issues are about 60% gone and my joints have stopped hurting. I'm really digging how I'm feeling and I'm using it as motivation to finish the month strong. I haven't taken the time out to workout at all. I have worked out a total of once each week (if you want to consider a 30 min walk a workout) since the challenge started. Belive it or not the main reason I've been dreading the gym, is because I'm embarrased to show up there weighting 20lbs more than what I was the last time I was there. I have gotten fully dressed a total of 5 times in the morning before work, and never made it outside of my house. I carried my gym bag in my car every day for the last 2 weeks and drive straight home after work. For some reason I just start over thinking how everyone that I used to see at the gym is going to look at me and wonder what the hell happened to me....... I have even thought about switching gyms because I don't want anyone I know to see me like this. The not watching tv and doing more chores have been a hit or miss. I have kept my house clean and been making it a point to not go to bed with anything in the sink.....but my bf had knee surgery last week and I've spend a significant amount of time watching movies and tv with him. So yay for me in the eating for the last 5 days Boo on everything else. Moving on...
  3. I haven't been very sucessful at it yet. But if I come up with something I will let you know.
  4. First week I took it as a get ready week. I flew back from the west coast on monday and I needed to get caught up on sleep. I did go for a 30 min walk Wednesday morning. My eating could've been better. On to this week. I plan to go be at the gym by 5:30 for a strenght workout and 3 days a week I'm planning on doing the C25k program outside on my neighborhood. Went grocery shopping today and bought plenty of veggies, pork loin, beef and chicken and some fruits. I'm thinking about tracking calories just to get an idea of how many calories I'm eating and adjust based on how I'm feeling. What I really need to work on is getting to bed early. Plan is to set up an alarm to start getting ready for bed. This will be my biggest challenge.
  5. Hi, My name is Kelly and over the past year I have gained 30lbs. The last 15lbs have been in the last 2 months and I'm putting a stop to it and ready to reverse it. I have always enjoyed working out and eating healthy, but in the past 4 months I have been going through some health challenges and used that as an excuse to stop working out and taking care of myself. I am the heaviest I have ever been and I am ready to turn things around. Main Quest: To be the healthiest I ever been by my birthday in February and loose 25lbs. Quest #1: Start moving. Start walking and eventually get back to running. For this challenge I will start following the C25K. (STA:3) Quest #2: Get back to the gym. Work on gaining back my strength. Start slow and smart to avoid injuries. Found a 9 wk plan that I'm going to follow. Main thing here is to get back into a gym routine and get my ass out of bed early in the morning 5x a week. (STA:2, STR:3) Quest #3: Get the eating under control. 3 main meals and 1-2 snacks if needed. Follow the paleo guidelines. Need to include some type of produce on each meal. No added sugar outside of my coffee. Limit eating out and drinking to once a week. (CON:3, WIS:2) Life Quest: Only sit down to watch TV after doing at least 15 mins of some house chore and be in bed no later than 10:30 (and off the phone) Get back to keeping a clean and organized home. Lately I come home from work, park my booty in front of the tv until I start falling asleep....then fight it and watch some more tv. Also my significant other travels a lot for work and ends up calling me late at night to catch up. Will limit it to a quick 10pm call. (WIS:2) Motivation: I'm tired of being tired. I've always been an active and fit person and currently I don't recognize myself. Not working out leads to eating like crap, to being lazy and letting everything around me fall apart. No more. I deserve better than this. So this is it. Keeping it simple for this first 6 weeks.
  6. Welp………I’m trying to get back into the groove of things. Last year I got into the best shape of my life then I started to feel really crappy all the time, I got diagnosed with depression, slowly gained 20 lbs, lost my job, spent the holidays unemployed and eating ice cream for lunch. 3 Months ago I found a great job that l love and pays well, but my health and mood have not improved. I’m still struggling whit fatigue, and 0 motivation, my skin is acting out, I gain about a pound or two a week while eating clean and my stomach is a mess. If I manage to be productive for a couple of days, I end up feeling ill for a week and sleeping for forever without ever feeling rested. It’s just really hard to get out of bed, and when I get home from work I go straight back to it. I drink coffee by the gallon just to manage work, but I could go to sleep right after finsihing a capuccino with an extra shot of espresso. I have become a master at procrastination….which I’m aware it’s not a good thing when you would like to keep a job. Switched doctors and they found my hormones are all out of whack and my cortisol levels are really high, testosterone and DHEA are ridiculously low and they say that all of that explain all of my symptoms. Whit that said, doctor warned me that it will take several months to start feeling better (at least 6 months) and too take it easy with my workouts. She also recommended meditation and yoga and work on stress management. I’m not really sure what to do whit that last one. The thought of feeling this crappy for another month, stresses me out, let along another 6 months. I want to get back to my old me and I’m just not sure how to get there. I’m starting to do all the things that snowballed into feeling great last year and see if that might help this time around, keeping in mind at the same time that I will be a slower process than before. And that’s that.
  7. I have a hard time running on the treadmill. What do you do to not go crazy on running on the same place? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Yesterday I worked back and arms. I made sure I kept my heart rate up. At night I went ice skating which I will consider cardio since I was out of breath for most of it and was sweating a lot. A full hour and half of fun cardio. Bad part was, I had a stress fracture back in May and ice skating really bothered my foot. I only took like 2 breaks and it was only because the pain was spreading to my leg. I figured it was just soreness since I'm not used to skating but today I paid for it. I've been in pain all day and it just gotten worse. I have my boot on and been resting it all evening. I of course in the same fashion I made my stress fracture worse back in May, went to the gym this morning. I wore my ankle brace and did a chest and shoulder workout. I was kind of tired from last night but I still made it count. After I walked on the treadmill for 20 mins. Original intention was to jog but I finally decided it was probably not the best idea. Nutrition has been good. Appetite has increased so the decrease in calories has not been fun. I'm going to increase fats a little to compensate for the lower carbs. Overall I'm seeing good changes with the added cardio and changes in diet so I'll keep working on it. Life quest. House chores have been done both yesterday and this morning. Tomorrow I have to get caught up with some job applications. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thank you! Trying to do the same or better this week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Today I did the same leg workout I did last Sunday. Minus the hangover! *score* Ate all the right calories and the right macros. No cardio Stretching for a good 15 minutes. My friends was complaining that my stretches are another workout. I know my legs will be grateful for all the stretching tomorrow. Nothing on the job front Some chores and lots of cooking was done. Ready for a good night of sleep. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Thank you sir. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thank you sir. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hi lady! I hope you start feeling better right away. I've had pneumonia multiple times and its not fun. Take your time and ease into your routine.
  14. You're doing very well for being out of town. I think as long as you stay active the bad eating won't derail you too much. Once you're back you'll get back on track in no time.
  15. This week was awesome! I really stepped it up in the fitness and nutrition front. Sadly I don't get in my computer as often anymore, and when I do is to send out resumes, so I haven't keep up with the updates here. But here is the recap. Sunday: Legs, with active rest: This was a tough workout as I wasn't feeling it. I was a little hungover and really tired, but I had the Doms for next 2 days so I must have done something right. Monday: Back and arms with cardio: This was a very sweaty workout. With the addition of active recovery I'm exhausted by the time I'm done and covered in my own sweat. Tuesday : Chest and shoulders with cardio: Another sweaty one. I worked out with a friend that wants me to teach her some basic exercises so it was at a lower pace than normal, but definitely a good one. By the end I tried to do some extra push ups and almost ate the floor. Wednesday: Legs focusing on glutes and hamstrings. Another workout with the friend, she wasn't much into it and found it tough. I showed her some modifications and got my stuff done. I found that it takes all of my energy to work my legs and don't have much patience when someone is complaining that they can't do something or that things are too hard. She did the same the day before and I was able to encourage her, and definitely was more patient with her. Not on leg days though. Thursday: Back, biceps and abs. This was another good and sweaty one. I've enjoyed the active recovery, but definitely affects my strength to lift. Had to go lighter than normal in some exercises as I was feeling week on the second half of my workout. Cardio was not done today because I had a job interview that afternoon. (didn't get the job) Friday: Shoulders: Most of everything was done in supersets. No active recovery was done as I was really tired all day Friday. I did do cardio at the end for 20 minutes. Light cardio but it was done. Nutrition: I've been tracking everything. I thought lowering my calories was going to be difficult but surprisingly I didn't have much of an appetite this week. I thought it would be the opposite with all the extra activity, but no. I did have cravings for ice cream, that were satisfy with hot chocolate one day, and a really yummy smoothie I did last night. I made the smoothie very thick with banana, mango, strawberries and a lot of spinach, and added cocoa powder, my chocolate protein, and some whipped cream (i know, that last one not so good). The smoothie really hit the spot for something smooth and cold. Stretch: I did this on Wednesday and Friday. Life Quest: Job Hunt: I've been sending resumes out and had a job interview this week. I also had to take an aptitude test for another company. house-chores: I haven't been so good at this this week. I started the week well, getting things done Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were really lazy days in this front. Today is rest day, and I've been taking it really seriously. I've been lounging around with the kiddo, and playing card games. hope everyone is having a good weekend.
  16. ok peeps so I was out of town this week and it completely got me off track. This week was full of indulgences, no ice cream though. I've been fighting the urge, but lot's of other treats were consumed, alcohol, too much eating and no exercise have derailed me. Time to get back in track and kick things up a notch to make up for the lost time. Starting today I will do active rest between sets to keep my heart rate up and kick start my fat burning machine. I'm going to start lowering the amount of calories. Starting this week, I'll be consuming around 1800 calories on heavier days, and 1600 on lighter days and rest days. Depending on how I do this week, I will adjust calorie ranges for the following week and so on. I will also attempt to do some carb cycling after this week. I like my carbs, and those are usually higher than anything else. Carb cycling has helped me before with no feeling deprive or having my body going into shock when I increase protein consumption and/or lower carbs. No more whining, it's time to get moving and finish this year strong and not in worst shape than when I started it. I have the time so no more excuses. Edited to add:I will also will be incorporating some HIIT cardio. Will aim for 20 minutes, but we shall see.
  17. Great progress. Take it one day at a time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Today was a rather lazy day in the workout front. As in there was none. I let my son sleep in, and that led to a slow Sunday. We went to the movie theater, and then came home and we fixed dinner together. Then just watched some tv. My eating was as good, and I ended up 700 calories short of my goal of 2,000. I'll be hitting the gym early tomorrow with a legs workout. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Friday was supposed to be my second leg day but I had too much to eat before going to the gym and for the sake of my pride and everyone at the gym I forgo squatting for a back workout. Well it ended up going really well because during my pull up work I tried to do unassisted pull ups and I did 2 in a row. I almost messed up the second as I got too excited that I was going up a second time. Probably would've been able to go for a third but again too excited. Will try again tomorrow. Woot woot. So today was fall cleaning in my house. I'm going to start decorating for Christmas tomorrow so I wanted to make sure my house was in order before I bring in all the decorations. Nothing reminds you how much you worked out your upper body than hanging up clothes and wiping cabinet doors. I had to laugh cause my arms wanted to fall off just by holding up a tshirt. After I was done the little one and I wrestled for a little bit then he dared me to do a wall stand. Well sometimes I don't have enough sense to back off a date and tried one with my elbows on the floor and to my surprised I did it. So of course after I had to try with my hands. I couldn't get myself up without assistance. I used a chair to prop my leg up and I managed to do it! I held it for a good 40 seconds. While I was there it occurred to me to have the kiddo take a picture but he didn't get to my phone before my shoulders started burning. I had to try a second time which took me a long time to get but I finally managed and he took a picture. This time I managed to hold it for 45 and attempted to balance off the wall which didn't happen, I ended up landing in 1 foot and 1 knee. Ouch! Then the kiddo wanted to try and I got his feet up. Fun way to wind down a busy day. Ps. My shoulders and back are pretty furious at me right now. [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Thank you so much for the offer. I will definitely take you up on the offer. Thanks again! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Hope you're feeling better today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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