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  1. Well, if you do ever decide to come to Bangladesh, let me know- although there isn't exactly a lot of "stuff" to climb here, I do try to climb anything interesting I come across.
  2. Maybe we can team up and climb stuff or something?
  3. I went about a week without training and found my pull up reps per set went down from 7 to 4 or 5. I have retained my reps for every other exercise. However, strangely enough my form seems to have improved for every exercise including pull ups. I was wondering how such breaks actually effect strength and endurance. How long a break can a person take from training without losing progress? Are such breaks helpful in any way? Any opinions are greatly appreciated.
  4. I tried doing low rep training almost everyday like BaconHunter suggesed- it really improved my form and range of motion for all exercises. All exercises feel a lot more comfortable now. Never wondered this is so similar to learning to play an instrument. So, thanks again, BaconHunter.
  5. Bruce Lee and Daniel Ilabaca in one body and mind. Lol. No, seriously.
  6. That is a very nice article. Thanks. The website is very nice as well.
  7. If I eat less while continuing with bodyweight strength training, will I lose my muscle mass? My strength? I am even okay with losing some muscle mass if my strength keeps improving. Is there some way to increase strength while decreasing weight(fat OR muscle)?
  8. I do 3 sets every alternate day. Thanks for the reply. I will try out what you suggested.
  9. Here's my set: -5 tucked L-sit pull-ups(I don't know the proper name) -5(or less) dragon flags, 3 more negatives if I can -5 assisted one arm push ups (each side) -5 or 6 dips After one set like that, I am totally floored. I rest for a long time(say ten minutes) and then go for another set. I try to complete 3 sets. Should I expect fatigue like that or am I pushing myself too hard? Any suggestions for modification of that set? Moreover, I want to increase my pull up reps and slowly work up to a muscle up- but my reps seem stuck and explosive pulling isn't coming along just yet. What shoul
  10. Well, I don't even know how to count calories. The only thing that needs quantifying is the rice and vegetables I think. I eat, say, one and a half plates of rice, the plates being 10 inches in diametre, lol. And half a plate of vegetables- vegetables vary each day. Where I live, food doesn't usually come with nutrition labels and I never learned to count calories- I depend on my feelings of hunger and fullness mostly and I figured out that losing weight demands you push past a point where you feel hungry and gaining weight demands you eat just a little more than the point of feeling "fed".
  11. My eating looks something like this: Breakfast: rice cooked with lentils, two eggs, a quarter of a chicken (small, not grown in enclosure). Lunch: Rice, half a chicken/beef/beef, vegtables (lots) Afternoon/Evening: About 250 grams of yogurt with fruits, tea. Dinner: Rice, vegetables, half a chicken/beef/fish
  12. I am stuck at 6 pull ups- regular, wide, close, hollow- you name it- but its 6 and no more, sometimes even less. With dips, I am stuck at 10. My form isn't bad and I do them every other day. I would like to hit 20 at some point for both. What can I do? Moreover, does it take a lot of time increase reps for certain exercises like the pull up? I ask because I increased pushps to 25 from 12 within a month or less.
  13. Alright, I had bad technique. Hahaha. Just added a foot to my jump in fifteen minutes after a form fix. Hahahaha. Thanks.
  14. I am gaining a little weight besides getting stronger. As of now I am 5'7'' and 63 kilograms (138.891 pounds) with a body fat percentage of, say, 12. Should I be concerned about gaining weight or is it a okay to gain a little weight as long as I see progress with my strength? Also, is there any way to get stronger (say muscle ups, planches, flags, huge jumps, etc.) without gaining any weight? If that's possible, then that is what I am going for.
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