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  1. Hello! I practice power yoga about 5-6 times a week, in hour or hour-and-a-half sessions. The room is heated to 90°, the poses are challenging, and the last thing I want to be worrying about is whether my yoga pants are indeed see-through. Since the latest drama surrounding Lululemon's sheer yoga pants, I'm even more paranoid: If $100 pants aren't safe, what is?! Certainly not the $15 pair I rock from Old Navy. I'd really like to find some quality, wicking, opaque, affordable yoga pants in this world. Does anyone have a brand they trust and recommend? As I said, the room is 90°, so the wicking part is essential. While we're at it, I'd also love to find affordable, wicking tank tops that don't go AWOL in downward dog or get all bunchy in forward folds. If I ever find a solid set of yoga duds I really like, I think I will just buy seven of each item and never worry about yoga clothes again. I would so much rather focus on my practice than on my pants. Thanks in advance for any suggestions y'all have!
  2. I totally feel you. I thought having a great rack was Science's gift to me for being a little overweight, and my husband's appreciation for my boobs made it seem totally worth it. When I finally decided to lose the weight, I was EXTREMELY scared about this. (Obviously; I started this thread!) But I can now say, 50 pounds lighter, that it is 100% WORTH IT. Yes, I've gone from a 38D to a 34C. I feel like the cups are a little loose on some C bras, even, and that depresses me. I also think they're a bit less perky than they were, and they're maybe less shapely. But my husband swears they look, if anything, bigger because now I have this nice tiny feminine waist to go with them. He swears not to notice the lack of perkiness I worry about. He goes just as crazy--more crazy, in fact--for them than he ever did. (Woohoo!) With a good bra and a tight shirt, I feel a million times sexier than I ever, ever did before losing the weight. It is absolutely, definitely, in every way worth it to risk losing some fat from the ta-tas. Moisturize like an absolutely insane woman. Get a nice rich cocoa butter and put it to good use at least twice a day on the girls. Also, drink water like it is your job. (It kind of is.) You won't believe what a difference these two things make in your skin--both the complexion and the tautness. Also: push-ups, push-ups, push-ups. Do NOT slack on push-ups. I do them every morning (unless I'm sore from upper body weights the day before) and it has made all the difference at keeping things up. If you moisturize, hydrate, and strengthen your pecs, you may even discover your boobs wind us LESS saggy than you currently think they are. So: Take heart! You've got lots of good stuff ahead. You're not going to lose your most prized asset; you're going to gain a friggin' ton more. (And you'll still have boobs for days.) You can do this!
  3. Thought if might be worth bumping this...voting ends in a few days and he's in second place by 300 votes. Since you can vote once a day, there's still a chance he could pull up and win! Anyone willing to help us out?
  4. Thanks for the input! I think I'll get the smallest quantities I can find of plain and vanilla whey and try those on.
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed the smoothie thread in this guild, but it brought up more protein questions for me. I've been adding Optimum Nutrition 100% whey in the chocolate malt flavor to my smoothies, but I so dislike it that I find myself adding a bunch of other stuff to try and mask the flavor. It's really sickeningly sweet...maybe sucralosey? I'm wondering if it's possible to get plain, unflavored whey, and what that would taste like. Or if I should switch to a vegan protein? (I'm currently pescitarian.) I get a lot of soy elsewhere in my diet, so I'm hesitant to pile on any soy protein powder. Any input would be much appreciated!
  6. Relatively new to my pescetarian diet, and looking for ways to sneak in more protein. I have to admit--I've never made beans. I consider myself a pretty seasoned cook (see what I did there?), but somehow the magical fruit has just never wiggled its way into my pantry prowess. Can someone give me a basic intro? Should I go for dry or canned? If the latter, do I drain them? Rinse them? Also, while I'm on the protein topic, can anyone explain why you're supposed to seek protein from a variety of sources? Is there a reason I can't just load up my smoothie with 65 grams of whey and call it a day? Thank you!
  7. I've been pescetarian for the past month and a half, and I've also noticed a new kind of tiredness. I really don't want it to be due to diet, though, cause I'm also loving this lifestyle change! In every way but the tiredness, I feel better than ever. I've been using My Fitness Pal to track protein and cals and make sure I'm getting enough of both. I think the days that I'm low on protein (currently shooting for .4 grams per pound of body weight, per No Meat Athlete) are the days I'm most sleepy.
  8. Three blissful miles! And I live in the very temperate south, so I only had to take about a month off due to cold. On good weeks, I get about 50 miles in just from going to work and back, home for lunch, and off on errands. I love it! Definitely the difference between arriving at work in a great or an awful mood.
  9. My husband (who lives on NF vicariously through me) entered a Visit Savannah video contest in our hometown of Savannah, GA. His entry is bike-centric...check it out! It's also a choose-your-own adventure, for added Nerd appeal. Watch it in its full res and interactive glory; watch it here to vote for it to win (if you like it, and if you like bikes)! Thanks, rebels!
  10. Thinking about buying this weight bench and weights. The guy said he'd take $150 for everything...is that a good deal? Is this some decent equipment? Husband and I are getting weights as Valentine's day gift to each other. Edit: I should add that we are not (yet) super strong or intense weight lifters. I can only bench the bar, for example. Though we definitely plan to progress, we are primarily looking for a good starter set.
  11. That's how I am. It's easier to say no altogether than no after a little bit, for me. I'm just nervous about the week at the in-laws', cause I doubt there will be a single veggie in the fridge, or a single item without sugar and flour on the table. Thanks for all the tips, though--these are definitely going to save my butt!
  12. OK, I'm having serious difficulty keeping the nutrition thing in check so far during the holidays. (I've only been on this healthy journey since June, so being calorie-conscious [in both quantity and quality] is a first for me at this time of year.) It feels like there's a new communal dessert at the office every day, an excuse to eat out every night, and someone around who wants me to try their latest homemade-and-incredibly-unhealthy concoction at all times. Not to mention, it's dark and cold when I get off work and exercising just doesn't come as easy. So, who knows how to make this work? I'm getting especially nervous about a week at my incredibly un-health-conscious in-law's over Christmas. Is it all about portion control? Do I need to smuggle some celery in my suitcase and feed the pie to the dog? Please help a sister out!
  13. Hello, ladies! I've got some questions about weight loss and how it affects breast size. I've lost 25 pounds, and gone from a small-ish D to a large-ish C--which I'm fine with. I just don't necessarily want to lose anymore from that particular region (but another 10-15 overall)! I'm curious how much of a change y'all have seen with weight loss. At what BF% do the boobs start to dwindle? I'd love to get down to 18%, personally, but I don't know what to expect along with that.
  14. I got a sports bra from Victoria's Secret body a couple of years ago. It was called "The Shock Absorber" (which I like cause it sounds like some kind of boob-protecting super hero) and really did the trick--and I'm a 36D. It does cause a little bit of an uni-boob situation, but it has other nice features like a mesh sweat window in the cleavagey area, higher straps, and living up to its name. I jog pain-free in that baby! I'd Google and provide a link (assuming they still make them), but, alas, I'm at work.
  15. Thanks for the feedback, y'all! I think I've fixed a couple of my major issues, thanks to your advice! Especially these points: (The hands behind head thing seems to have totally nipped my weird bent over stance in the bud.) I'm really glad you guys are fixing me now, cause I definitely want to add weight soon! Thanks!
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