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  1. Day 5-8 Weight lifting: 4/18 +2 10k steps: 8/42 +4 Deficit: 8/42 +4 Active activity: 1/6 +1 this week was bike riding! Only 20 minutes as it was to get used to my brand new gears, but I'm starting to feel comfortable on my bike again! Yay!
  2. Day 4 Weight lifting: 2/18 10k steps: 4/42 +1 Deficit: 4/42 +1 Active activity: 0/6
  3. Day 3 Weight lifting: 2/18 +1 yay bench day and PBing everything like a badass 10k steps: 3/42 +1 Deficit: 3/42 +1 Active activity: 0/6 Weigh in day today, I'm down to 26.7% body fat but it's suuuuch slow progress.
  4. Day 2 Weight lifting: 1/18 10k steps: 2/42 +1 Deficit: 2/42 +1 Active activity: 0/6
  5. Looks like you're doing great! Good luck with your goals!
  6. Day 1 Weight lifting: 1/18 +1 yay squat day 10k steps: 1/42 +1 got close to 14k steps! Deficit: 1/42 +1 a good deficit for the day, just getting frustrated that it's not equating to weight loss yet Active activity: 0/6
  7. Just dropping in to say hi to everyone and follow this lovely little chat :-)
  8. Ok I've not done a mini challenge like this before so if I do something wrong tell me.. but in a nice way :-)  Long Rest: Yay resting, I could do with this after hardly any sleep last night. Short Rest: Yoga! I've been meaning to add some in to my plan so this is the perfect opportunity. Attack: Pull up training 4x. So far I've been working towards my first pull up and doing related exercises more often but this week I'd like to make sure it's 4x in the week. Move: Run 3k, I needore cardio in my life and as much as I love the exercise bike and elliptical I need to get out for a proper run. Magic: New recipes, I want to try some new healthy recipes this week. Dodge: Boxing! It's about time the punch bag had some use. Heal: A proper lie in! If I wake up early I HAVE to laze around in bed. I keep waking up too early or waking up a lot in the night and once I'm awake I feel the need to get up.
  9. Day 1 is going well so far. Squat day and I hit a PB so very happy. But I hardly slept last night so I'm taking it easy for now, still going to hit my 10k steps though... Just... Later .. zzzzzz
  10. Good luck with your goals and half marathon! I can't help with the bipolar problem but I can wish you well with that as well :-) x
  11. Hello Everyone! I haven't done a quest since 2014, I tried again in 2018 but life got in the way, I had to have surgery to fix a hiatus hernia and I'm still struggling to eat properly afterwards but I'm back to exercise! Recently I've been working very hard on running my business and haven't made any time for myself, coming back to the rebellion is my way of making time for myself. Anyway, as a new start I've practically copy and pasted my last quest goals. Let me know if any guidelines/rules have changed in recent years, otherwise I'm just going to play through! Feel free to pop by and say hi anytime :-)  Main Quest: Lower body fat percentage - This Quest is to create confidence, like: I'm currently 166lbs and when last recorded 26.9% body fat, this needs to change. I've lost 57lbs since my surgery in December 2018 and now I want to focus less on the scale and more on my calipers. Quest 1: Be Badass   Continue to weight train 3x per week. Measurement: A = 18, B = 15, C = 12 Reward: A = +3 STR, +2 CHA, B = +2 STR, +1 CHA, C = +1 STR  Quest 2: Keep Moving An average of 10k steps per day.  Measurement: A = 42 days, B = 38 days, C = 34 days Reward: A = +3 STA, +2 DEX, B = +2 STA, +1 DEX, C = +1 STA  Quest 3: Food Fight!!!   Stick to a deficit of at least 500 calories a day. Measurement: A = 42 days, B = 38 days, C = 34 days  Reward: A = +3 CON, B = +2 CON, C = +1 CON  Life Quest: Active activities   I want to be more active for fun! Recent my husband and I have been cycling, kayaking and play golf, I want to aim for something active socially (even if it's just bowling) once a week. Measurement: A = 6, B = 5, C = 4 Reward: A = +3 WIS, B = +2 WIS, C = +1 WIS    Well that's it for now, wish me luck!
  12. Well aren't I crap! I think life sadly got in the way and i flaked completely on this challenge, for anyone interested I'm now 166lbs and looking forward to joining the next challenge, if anyone wants a link let me know.
  13. A relaxed yet actiev and healthy summer sounds awesome, hope it goes well! :-)
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