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  1. Thanks! I'm really proud of myself for keeping at it, and most of all not pushing myself too hard because that's how I always end up failing, I'm just working as hard as I'm able to each day and already seeing awesome results. Tyrion rocks my world! hehe, can't wait to start his journey and recap the storyline as I go!
  2. Day 6: Weight - 139.4 100% Paleo - 6/42 Upper Body Workout - 2/10 Core Workout - 1/10 Wall Journey - 21.5km today, 146.2km so far – Today I passed Sable Hall Chapters of Ice and Fire - 11/42
  3. Looks great so far, good luck with the cross training, I'm sure you'll get it in for the week
  4. Thanks! I haven't struggled with that part at all since I feel 100% better when I'm following paleo, and whenever I crave something someone else is having I make a paleo version, like my paleo apple and pear crumble for dessert tonight Well that settles it, I'll use that hehe
  5. Thanks! I will definitely need it, at the moment I've just been working on my planking, upper body and cardio, but I've noticed major differences already, e.g. I've gained half an inch on my arm despite losing weight
  6. Haha! don't worry, I'm cooking it this evening, also making paleo apple and pear crumble I'll take piccies!
  7. Ah that's awful about the bike, sounds like you've gotten over it somehow though. I don't know much about bikes I have to admit, the majority of my exercise comes from my stationary bike and I have a mountain bike that someone bought me but it's been at my Mum's for the last year and a half because I lived in a flat without storage, I've just moved to a nice house with a garden and a shed though so she might be bringing it over for me tomorrow and then I can go out and find me some places to ride. I'm not confident enough to ride on the roads though which is why I prefer mountain biking hehe
  8. That honeycomb looks amazing! *tummy grumbles* Good luck with the application for the island, I hope you get it!
  9. Hope your wrist is better soon!
  10. Sorry to hear your challenge hasn't been going brilliantly yet, hope it gets better!
  11. Day 5: Weight - 140 100% Paleo - 5/42 Upper Body Workout - 2/10 - boxing today, woop! Core Workout - 1/10 Wall Journey - 21.5km today, 124.7km so far – Exactly 2km away from Sable Hall Chapters of Ice and Fire - 9/42 Thanks for all of your input on my journey options, I've decided to do Tyrion's journey, starting from when he's at The Wall with Jon Snow, so once I complete The Wall I'm going to go back half the distance again to Castle Black and head down to Kings Landing on onwards on Tyrions journey of mischief hehe, that would be a good name for my next challenge
  12. Keep doing the one push up at a time and eventually you'll feel like you can do another and another It might be the next thing I work on hehe
  13. I hadn't though of that! Luckily I haven't done it yet as I found some AMAZING yellow fin tuna that I wanted instead, so sometime over the weekend paleo fried chicken will be made (in the oven rather than fried as well lol)
  14. Woo! that's awesome, glad to hear it! Have fun!
  15. Hey Blaidd, hope your sniffles are just dust and you're feeling better soon, enjoy the hiking trip, sure it'll be great!
  16. Guy push-ups is amazing! I've never been able to do them either, you rock!
  17. OMG goal jeans! awesome-sauce! Happy about the fate of the french fry as well, they're not even as good as sweet potato fries hehe (making fake KFC chicken and sweet potato fries for me and my partner tonight <3)
  18. Thanks, I have plans for future challenges that mean I'll travel most of Westeros That sounds great, let me know when you do the quest, I'll definitely get involved Awww thanks, I'm so glad I found this place, everyone's so nice! **EPIC high five**
  19. That's awesome, the best running I've ever ever done is race for life, 5k in 41minutes but like I say, love my stationary bike soooooooo much and on the occasions when I've been able to go mountain biking I love that
  20. Awesome plank time, and good luck with the running
  21. Good going with the workout, and good luck with the next 5 weeks and 5 days
  22. 22:48 is awesome for a 5k! and knocking 5 minutes off even with it being shorter is awesome, congrats!
  23. It's great you're doing so well at it, I attempted it a few times but because of health problems I've had to accept that cycling's really more my thing. Good luck with the speed and 10k, sounds like you'll find it easy enough
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