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  1. Good luck with your goals! Tough Mudder will be great especially if you have your husband with you!
  2. Hey Turbo, Love the info system, I might try a similar reward system against gaining certain attributes Good luck with your goals!
  3. Hey Kelizpe, Haha thanks so much, good luck with your core and upper body too You should get back to the reading, they're great, I'm about a third of the way through the first Dance of Dragons book at the moment, I read whilst I'm on my exercise bike and find I work A LOT harder during fight scenes haha. Good luck!
  4. Woop! Challenge has officially started and I've been 100% dedicated to having something worth while to tell you all (especially the Game of Thrones fans) Day 1: Weight - 141.8 100% Paleo - 1/42 Upper Body Workout - 1/10 Core Workout - 0/10 Wall Journey - 27.9km - On my first day I left Eastwatch-by-the-sea and passed Greengaurd. Chapters of Ice and Fire - 1/42 Day 2: Weight - 141.6 100% Paleo - 2/42 Upper Body Workout - 1/10 Core Workout - 0/10 Wall Journey - 31.3km today, 59.2km so far - Today I passed The Torches and I'm only 3km from The Long Barrow Chapters of Ice and Fire - 3/42
  5. Hey Ember, This is the best example nerdiness I've seen in aggggggggges haha! and yes that is a compliment, love it! good luck with the upgrades
  6. I know what you mean, I'm currently on A Dance of Dragons book one and not looking forward to running out of reading material
  7. Me too, so far I've been keeping to my goals and don't plan to ruin it over the weekend.
  8. Good luck with this challenge, hope it works out this time
  9. Wow great goals, and I'm sure you'll find plenty of people waiting for compliments around here ;-) lol
  10. Awesome looking goals, you're gonna be uber fit after this challenge!
  11. Hey, so much of your story seems like my own, I'm following paleo so that i will stop obsessing about calories and because dairy and gluten are definitely a problem for me. Good luck with your goals!
  12. I feel like I've been waiting agggggggges for this challenge to start!... However, I'm not going to wish my weekend away hehe
  13. Hey Kailer, Good luck with the goals, your meals so far look awesome too!
  14. Good luck with your goals, they sound great!
  15. You've definitely got me beat at the best big cat challenge, you have real motivation!! That childs drawing got to me, it's a wonderful thing to be good, good luck ShadowLion!!!!!
  16. Love the dragon inspired quests and goals, good luck with them!
  17. A puppy is awesome inspiration for walking. Hope it makes it more enjoyable and good luck with your other goals as well!
  18. Hi Blaidd, Love the idea of the poster, good luck with your goals!
  19. Hi Silverwind, Definitely get creative with it, I think you're more likely to stick with it if it's something you're REDICULOUSLY geeky about like I am lol, I think over the course of a few challenges I may travel over more of westeros, as much as possible Hi Hazard, Thanks for stopping by, I wasn't sure where I stood with the guilds to be honest as most seem to focus on specific areas of fitness and I'm not particularly fit in any area yet so I thought adventurer would be where I'm best suited but I'm sure I'll get a feel for it over the course of the challenge Hi ShadowLion, Good to see another awesome big cat about the place . I'm glad you like the GoT theme, I hope someone makes it an extra challenge as well, then I can win twice hehe Hi EvillePanda, Thanks for the advise, I do plan to do compound exercises eventually, however I'm currently suffering with fainting spells so I'm focusing on the bike for exercise so I'm not stood up with my heart rate up lol Hi Kailer, Thanks for stopping by, I think as the challenges go on I'll see how much of a distance junkie I am as I'm hoping I may head to winterfell after the wall, but we shall see. I hadn't considered posting pictures of my meals, will definitely consider it. Hi TheStarsMyDestination, That'd be cool, let me know if you do, I love how many people have enjoyed the 'song of ice and fire' theme of that goal hehe
  20. Hi Archerl, good luck with the half marathon time!
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