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  1. I definitely have a cookbook addiction to feed, and having found recently I'm gluten intolerant it'll give me more of an incentive to go through my current recipe books to adapt recipes to my new WOE
  2. Day 17: Body Fat % - 25.3% Westeros Journey - 180.7km/140km +16.5 Weight Training - 7/12 Hours Spent Fasted - 282/448 +16 Self Improvement Hours - 18.5/28 +1
  3. Hi! Subbing, also just added you as a fitbit friend
  4. Congrats on getting back on track so quickly Also I've just added you as a fitbit friend
  5. I'd like some fitbit friends! https://www.fitbit.com/user/2WWYSR
  6. Laying off the running and working on strengthening that knee sound like good ideas with Mt Kenya coming up. Hope it gets better soon for you
  7. Me too! Haven't seen her around here for a while now I hope she's still keeping healthy and happy
  8. Woop on the measurements (My hip measurements have gone up and I've just put it down to getting an awesome butt from squats haha, probably not true but silver lining )
  9. Oh my god the kittens!?!?!?! Please save the kittens... and give me one yeah? hehehe
  10. You're allowed to leave us for a bit when you come back with major food pornage
  11. Hello new ambassador! I look forward to your ambassading
  12. I love that you're able to just make yourself laugh that much just thinking to yourself, I think it's an awesome talent!
  13. That's a good point, I'll do an extra special "Leaving you all now" update with my progress so far and lots of piccies of loveliness Also there will be lots of piccies post Oz as well! Hopefully one where I look fairly OK in a bikini, who knows Yesterday I had an epiphany about what I want to do next challenge, usually I'd just leave it and assume I'm going to remember when the challenge comes around.. which is unlikely, but after what you said I opened up workpad and started writing notes. So hopefully when I'm back from Oz and the next challenge starts I'll already have a load of content done, hopefully some piccies as well ****** Day 16: Body Fat % - 25.3% Westeros Journey - 164.2km/140km +7.1 (Just walking hehe) Weight Training - 7/12 Hours Spent Fasted - 266/448 +17.5 Self Improvement Hours - 17.5/28 +1.5 Getting really excited about Australia now! I'm so glad I've managed to get my metabolism back in order before leaving, hopefully it means I won't gain weight on holiday! A couple of weeks ago I was struggling to maintain weight on 1200 calories, now I'm eating at only a 250 calorie deficit (of what fitbit says I burn) and have already lost 1.4lbs this week! I've just been moving about a lot more now that I have medication that works!!!
  14. I looooooove Franks wing sauce, never seen Mrs Dash though, sounds amazing!
  15. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great... Can't wait to see what the harder week looks like haha
  16. Personally I would prefer doing the workouts on back to back days rather than twice on the same day, that way you at least give your body an overnight rest. But up to you, hope whatever you do you don't knacker yourself out too much
  17. Well definitely a big good luck to you, how long do you have to keep that up for? *fingers crossed not indefinitely*
  18. Hey Wolfie I know what you mean, at the moment I find reporting to my challenge keeps me in the zone of "must complete this workout" but I know that'll wear off. I haven't tried run zombies as I haven't been running for over a year now, I stick to cycling on my exercise bike, but I'm going on holiday for three weeks soon and won't have my blessed bike so I may have to suck it up and go for a jog then. My challenge is going well at the moment thanks, I got myself a fitbit recently that's been making me more active in the day, went out for a 1.5hour walk today because it's my 'rest' day from exercise but I don't want to be sedentary all day :-O
  19. Hey, still looking for an accountability buddy?
  20. Love your dwarven costume! So jealous about the fort william meet up, hopefully there will be something else next year for me to attend. Rannoch Moor looks so beautiful in that pic
  21. Hope DOMS is sorted now, parkour looks like fun at least
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