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  1. I know how you feel with the guilds, took me a while to find a fit, I thought I was a scout for one challenge and then worked out I was a ranger, good luck with the decision, no reason you can't stick with Adventurers
  2. mmmm lamb shanks, I think my next challenge will have a new recipes per week goal in it
  3. Hope you're feeling better and wow where do spiders that big even come from :-O
  4. Week long DOMS? ah! Hope it gets betterer soon (if not already)
  5. Wow that workout looked tough, good going no wonder you needed a walk after
  6. It makes me happy, I'm going out for a 1hr20min walk today (or at least it should be based on the route) Well Westeros wise I'm just passed Winterfell and heading to Moat Cailin Day 15: Body Fat % - 25.3% Westeros Journey - 157.1km/140km +13.7 Weight Training - 7/12 +1 Hours Spent Fasted - 248.5/448 +17 Self Improvement Hours - 16/28 +2
  7. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you (not really, they'd cramp up like that eventually) Week 2 looks really strong! Good luck for week 3
  8. Week 2 looks awesome and a 2 hour hike sounds good, I'm trying 1.5 hours tomorrow
  9. Shoes shopping woop! and congrats on sticking with the diet and workouts
  10. Wow I'm pretty sure I haven't learnt any moves than hehe. I know what you mean, I just think it's kind of cool Those dumbbells are going to look so awesome!
  11. I did the same thing of exercising a lot then not eating enough, except I managed to gain weight, at least you lost Home Gym?!?! Awesome sauce, wish I had the space.
  12. Good work for week 2 and good luck on week 3
  13. Sounds like a plan, sometimes muscles just need a little extra TLC
  14. Hope you feel better soon. I'm sure your lifts will get back to normal after some rest
  15. Good work on exercising when you weren't feeling up to it, that's always the biggest challenge.. and you passed!
  16. I love studio Ghibli! I will have to put that film on my list of things to see Hope week 3 works out better for you for your piano playing and exercises. Sounds like it was a nice active weekend though!
  17. Wow that's a heck of a schedule to keep to, good on you if you manage it !!
  18. Feta focaccia sounds amazing... I'm going to experiment soon with making gluten free focaccia so I think it will need to be garlic and feta now (love the shoes by the way)
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