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  1. Hey NerdyNinjaGirl, I'm in Southampton Nice to meet you!
  2. I'm from Southampton... Did the south-west meet-up ever happen last year? if not we could try and get it done?
  3. Thanks! I was so disheartened the week before, and I've started eating like 1.5X what I was eating when gaining weight and somehow it's all working perfectly now
  4. I like how by offering your gym out for people to use you've actually become their personal trainer hehe
  5. Awesome work maintaining DefCon 1, don't think I could do it right now haha. Hope it continues to go well
  6. Wow that dinner looks amazing! I'd love to do something like that, it sounds like an awesome experience to have all that wonderful stuff cooked up for you with the right wines to go as well... Very jealous over here
  7. That's why I think it's worth paying the flight... eventually... in a few years maybe haha I didn't know also just wondering but why Scotland? I'd of thought something more middleish where more people can make it easily would be better? Plus if the vote had gone the other way I'd of needed my passport . Saying this I do know that Scotland is beautiful and have wanted a hiking holiday around there for a while haha
  8. I know right?!?!?! I'm so so happy after gaining last week I think I've finally got a handle on my diet Day 14: Body Fat % - 25.3% Westeros Journey - 143.4km/140km +10.4 - Goal Complete! Woop! Weight Training - 6/12 +1 Hours Spent Fasted - 231.5/448 +16.5 Self Improvement Hours - 14/28 +0.5 Finished my kms goal for this challenge a lot earlier than expected thanks to the fitbit giving me motivation to get up for walks!
  9. It's awesome you manage to stick to 'not two days in a row' we all have bad days but coming back from it so strong is awesome!
  10. Well the UK does have some beautiful places that'd make awesome camp sites. But I understand how difficult it'd be, and I assume there are a LOT more NF'rs in the states than here.
  11. It is indeed, now I just need to charge the battery on my car tat hasn't been driven in 4 months and I'll be able to drive about too!!! Day 13: Body Fat % - 25.3% -1.1% YES! I've gained 1.2lbs muscle and lost 1.8lbs fat!!!!! It can be done! Westeros Journey - 133km/140km +3.4 Weight Training - 5/12 Hours Spent Fasted - 215/448 +13 Self Improvement Hours - 13.5/28 +1 Slowly slimming down for Australia.. woop! We had some friends over for a BBQ yesterday and I had saved up loads of calories in the day because my friend said she'd bring a special gluten free dessert for me... she didn't, so I didn't eat as much as I thought I would at least... but still... dessert!!!! Luckily someone else brought party rings so at least there was something sweet for everyone else. It was an awesome BBQ though, got to see some work friends that I haven't seen the whole time I've been ill which was so lovely, and we set up our fold out pool table in the garden and had ice cream shaped bunting Good day all round Today we're going shopping for Australia clothes and bits... I'm not holding out much hope as Autumn is now in full swing and I think most of the sales of summer stuff are over but got to love a scavenger hunt hehe.
  12. Day 12: Body Fat % - 26.4% Westeros Journey - 129.6km/140km +23.6 (some from day before that hadn't been added) Weight Training - 5/12 Hours Spent Fasted - 202/448 +17 Self Improvement Hours - 12.5/28 +2
  13. Yeah but I understand, hard to keep up with so many conversations at a time, I'm constantly looking back at what's been said before I ask a question in case it's something I should already know but more often than not I'll just ask again and eventually it'll stick I know how to make it better!!! Bring it to the UK hehe j/k but would be AMAZING!
  14. Sounds hellish, better you than me... however my hamstrings still ache from my single leg deadlifts :-p
  15. Wow you've done so well, and still losing so quickly, you're amazing! Can't wait to see your artwork
  16. Sounds like you're well on your way out of self sabotage land already, keep up the good work
  17. Wow it sounds so intense and awesome, bet it'll be amazing!
  18. Ahhhh... I didn't know what pistol squats were so I looked it up... they look hard!
  19. Thank you! I did! I walked 3.4kms and fitbit said it was 3.2kms so I'm not worried now about having to work out my stride length, I think the estimated one for my height must be able right and I'm not thaaaaaaaaat bothered by the exact distance, if I ever want to know the exact distance of a walk or run I'll use mapmyrun like yesterday. SO!!!! the big question, how did I feel? AMAZING!!!! ...well not exactly, I have a stitch half the time, probably because I had just eaten before I went out, and I had a bit of a headache by the time I got back but who cares?!?!?! I have independence again! Next stop: driving my car again (assuming it'll still work after 3-4 months of no use... it could probably do with a dusting off )
  20. Thanks! I think as I get stronger and the weights I bought are too light for me I will probably take you up on it... But that's a very long way off, however I get PRs every week at the moment so fingers crossed it doesn't take years hehe Those jackle lantern kettlebells are going to look amazing!!! Also good work on turning all that food down, you're stronger than me
  21. Oh I do lift, I just have to weight my lifting gloves or my hands hurt more than my muscles Camp sounds sooooo amazing! Especially getting PR's and helping others to as well. I've already discussed with my partner that one year we will take a holiday in America during the NF camp weekend and he wants to come with me!!!!! It'll take a lot of saving up and probably won't be next year as we are also saving to buy a house but by the time we make it I'll hopefully have a lot more NF friends to make the experience even more gratifying. Also your costume looked amazing
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