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  1. Oops, sorry, never done a ruck before, but still sounded like you did really well, you didn't chase down a taxi at any point
  2. OMG you just made me want a bigger garden and a tree, you must let me know how it goes if you do it! I would love to be good at something like that, people seem to look so beautiful with it when they know what they're doing. Also... Progress Pics... Go for it!!!!
  3. Money beats trophy every time Make sure you buy something pretty with your wins!!
  4. Oh alright then! *pulls out exercise diary* (Didn't know if you wanted TMI hehe) The Plan - Upper Body: DB Bench Press 3x8 Bent Over Row 3x8 DB Shoulder Press 3x12 Tricep Ext 3x12 DB Curl 3x12 Lower Body: DB Squat 3x8 Deadlift (alternating between stiff leg and not each time) 3x8 Step Ups 3x12 Standing Calf Raise 3x12 Hamstring Curl 3x12 (swapping this for good mornings next time as these are hard to do with dumbbells) So that's the plan then as soon as I can manage 3x8 or 3x12 I up the weight by as small an increment as possible, rinse and repeat I won't list weights for all but currently Squat and Deadlift uses 8.5kg dumbbells and Bench uses 7kg dumbbells (I don't have anyone to spot me so feel safer using dumbbells) They're only little weights at the moment but I lost a lot of muscle before strarting to lift and have only been lifting for 5 weeks
  5. I do Upper/lower split and cardio twice a week, I lift as heavy as I can at the moment, lifting is generally 40 minutes (that's with a 60s break between sets) Oh I know, it was only short term before a holiday, But I've since decided that I'm not going to make a significant enough difference in 3-4 weeks so I'm going to relax a little more and just worry about keeping my protein intake up and eating 90% healthy foods, calories drive me made But thanks for the advice (my BMR is about 13-1400)
  6. I did pretty much the same today... except it ment my total was 1500 instead of 1200.. which means I'll probably gain weight :-O wish my metabolism would speed up a bit
  7. Good work so far! You should be so so proud that you even managed to go to the gym and stop thinking of reasons not to
  8. Well it certainly didn't sound like you were the worst out there, by far, you weren't a casualty at any point and carrie dlots of other rucks, you sound pretty damn amazing to me!
  9. Wow that's a lot of congratulation I'll have to give... I'll sum it up quickly: CONGRATS you awesome lady you! Also, if it counts, you look a lot less than 185lbs to me, must be a lot of muscle there like you said about pants slipping down even though you were the same weight when you bought them as now Have you done silks as well? Which is your fav?
  10. Day 3: Body Fat % - 25.9% Westeros Journey - 39km/140km +9.5 Weight Training - 2/12 +1 Hours Spent Fasted - 50/448 +17 OMG!!!! I did a bad! I bought unflavoured BCAA's and they arrived today and it's the most horrible thing EVER!!!!! So I regrouped and bought a flavoured one that's supposed to be nice. I don't even think I can stomach the unflavoured stuff whilst I wait for the delivery of the new stuff... Will have to ebay it I guess but BLEUGH!!!!!
  11. They are pretty awesomes hehe, I still have some in the freezer to break out hehe I hear ya, I used to do ADF with 500 calories on alternate days, but it's just not sustainable but 16-17 hours a day really is doable, it's just missing breakfast really. I did the accidental starvation thing as well recently, was doing 1-2 hours cardio a day and following paleo without counting calories, worked out afterwards I was burning at least 500 calories a day and eating less than 1000, I think it led to a lot of muscle loss that I'm just now managing to build up again
  12. Ah I definitely couldn't do that, the skin on my hands are so thin I think they'd bleed with my weights if I didn't wear gloves
  13. Your exercise plan looks good, and the only way you get better with flexibility (or anything fitness related or otherwise) is to keep trying so you're doing all the right things
  14. Only have access to my stairs at home, can't wait to see the look on my partners face when I start running up and down them Also my first mini challenge so woop!
  15. Wow, I maintain weight on half of what you lose weight on.... *le sigh*
  16. Wow you've had so many victories already this challenge, first size Medium fitting and then the invert, by the way it looked awesome, makes me want to try pole dancing hehe
  17. I made these a while back and forgot to post I think. But here we go Blueberry protein muffins pirate style [emoji12]
  18. Yay for spotting beautiful men and getting the motivational juices flowing, in no time at all you'll be sautering up to men like that without worrying about your dorky side, or even better, wow him with your dorky prowess
  19. Meat mountain sounds amazing! Also yay food porn and food games! ... which remind me... did I ever post my Blueberry pirate muffins.... *checks old thread*... I must correct this error
  20. I'm finding it really easy as well actually, I started with an 11am-7pm eating window because I don't like eating too late at night, and for the past couple days I've found I can easily save eating for 12, so I have a 7 hour eating window and then if we end up having dinner late one day I don't need to worry about it. And that way my body has a whole 17 hours of fasting to shift some stored fat Well the BCAAs are supposed to prevent muscle breakdown whilst fasted, it's like eating the protein you need without the calories. So I'm not willing to start fasted exercise until it arrives as I'm scared of losing what little muscle I have. Did you do a 24 hour fast in the end? I've done them before but since you're supposed to get good results on 16 hour fasts I don't think I'd do it again.
  21. That's awesome that you were able to just make those changes slowly, I think over the past 4-5 weeks of weight training I've gained a bit of muscle, added water reserves to my muscles (so they look bigger ) and gained a bit of fat. So for the next 3-4 weeks before my Australia I'm going to try just losing fat and maintaining muscle, basically same as you for the PVP Your plans for the next 6 months or so sound awesome, I think the longest term plan I have is, eat healthy before Oz, try my best to eat healthily in Oz, then get back and continue building muscle and losing a little fat along the way. But then you have a much more important goal than me 14 hours a day of manual labour have to say it: "better you than me" but I'm sure you'll be brilliant !!!!!
  22. Yay for PRs, but wows do you wear weight lifting gloves?
  23. Haha congrats on getting your shapes working. Ah don't worry about the time spent on it, I'm constantly reading and re-reading sentances trying to understand what they're saying Day 2 looks great, I wouldn't call 50 minutes of anything a warm-up, sounds pretty intense! And then dancing and surfing to boot? you're a machine!
  24. Wish I could help with the workout routine but I'm really not even close to experty, I know my upper/lower split works for me and they're mostly weighted exercises which are luckily increasing well at the moment (noobie gains for the win) Might need your help when I go to Australia and one of the three weeks I definitely won't have access to a gym so I'm going to design a body weight workout plan that I can do in the hotel, trying to maintain as much strength/muscle as possible whilst out there.
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