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  1. What is Miracle Morning? Tell me more. As a guy who sets his alarm for 6am then RE-sets it for the latest possible time I can without being late to work, I would be highly interested in making a morning routine for myself. I. Just. Cant. Get. Up. Anyway, welcome! And as a fellow false-starter, I really am glad to see you back in the game.
  2. Well, I had a bit of a regression in my challenge. Ran into some days where I just struggled to get off the couch or out of bed. But I made it in to work today. So I consider that a big win for me. Had an energy drink, but thats ok. Sometimes taking two steps forward requires taking one step back. You guys are an awesome community. And yes, AuntDinosaur, the heat here is downright nasty too. But we are supposed to cool off tomorrow so yay for that! I plan on finishing this challenge, even if I have to limp across the finish line.
  3. This is FANTASTIC advice as I sit here eating a giant plate of nachos and drinking a beer, hahaha. But I did write it down in my log! Day three- I finally went for my walk! Still energy drink free Logged all my food. Even the unhealthy stuff. Im trying to get over the "if I didn't write it down then it didn't actually happen " mentality. I do need to make some sort of baby steps on my savings goal. Its still untouched. Thank you guys for all of the encouragement so far!
  4. Day 3- Still energy drink free. Logged my food. Did well on macros. Minus the 2 beers I had after supper.... Went for a walk finally!
  5. I'm creating this topic as a placeholder for my training logs and the such. Accountability is a big motivator for me, so I will keep you all up to speed on my gladiator training. Currently what I am focusing on is getting out and walking. Every day. For at least 5 minutes. This will increase as my endurance does. I would like to implement weight training as well, but need to also focus on taking baby steps. I notoriously try to make a million changes at once and then proceed to fail at all of them. As far as my diet goes, I am going to focus on increasing protein i
  6. Man...this hits me. I am a chronic scroller. I got rid of Facebook last year and thought that would help, but I just found other apps to waste time on... You've got me thinking though, so thank you for that! It definitely illuminates the fact that I do have plenty of time in my day for a 5 minute walk.
  7. Those look like achievable goals! Welcome fellow First Timer.
  8. I like your clean sink goal. I am going to incorporate that into my next challenge. Its a love/hate thing, not having an automatic dishwasher. And I don't think my sink has been clean in months. (Ok, I know that sounds gross, but I don't have month old dirty dishes in my sink. I just never seem to get ahead of it.) I, too, have coffee in hand. Lets GOOOOOO!
  9. Day two was better. Still need to find a way to get out and walk. It's like I always find something else to do instead. I am on day 3 of no energy drink and actually not really craving it that badly. My office coffee seems to be doing the trick. Here's to improving a little more today.
  10. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the time unplugged and in nature!
  11. Alright, so day one wasn't perfect. But it wasn't terrible. ✅ Phase out energy drinks and replace them with coffee or tea ✅ Keep a food journal ❌ Walk for 5 minutes. ❌ Start a savings account and save $200 Room for improvement.
  12. Hey Ash! I too am "new" to Nerd Fitness, so let me be the first to say Welcome fellow Level One-er! I don't have a lot of sage wisdom to share with you, but I will be following your journey and cheering you on! Just remember that 50 is the new 40! How often do you train on your treadmill? Are you following a plan, such as C25k? Anywho, welcome again, and you totally got this!
  13. Hey guys, I'm Stickman. I used to be TrappedInAFatGuy, but I didn't utilize this community the way I should have (This was like 6 years ago) and since I am basically brand new to the forums again, I decided to change my name and have a totally fresh start. Looking back to 6 years ago, I WISH I was as "fat" and out of shape as I thought I was back then. But today is day one, and this is Level 1. Here are my goals for this challenge Diet: 1. Phase out energy drinks and replace them with black coffee or tea. (I am a Bang-aholic and drink two a day currently.) 2. St
  14. I am not very good with putting my thoughts onto paper (or screen). Currently: I am dealing with two major problems... 1.) About 15 years of inactivity built up with very little done to combat it. and 2.) Absolutely ZERO motivation to actually do anything about it. As far as the first problem, I realize that the past is the past and I can only look forward. But it seems overwhelming from where I stand. Which is at the start line. Which brings me to my second problem. I see the trail, I have the map, I even have the tools. But I can't seem to step over the start line
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