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  1. Diet is going well so far. Hit a low of 257 late last week, and now I'm hovering back at 261 as of this morning. -- 11/16/15 Max Attempts Squat 405, 430, 445 (failed) Bench 265, 275 (failed), 275 (failed) Deadlift 420, 440 (failed), 450 (failed) 11/9/15 Deadlift 350 4x4 Bench 225 4x5, 235 2x3 Tricep Ext 67.5 4x8 DB OHP 50 4x8 EZ Bar Curls 75 4x10 11/11/15 Squat 320 AMRAP=10 Deadlift (Every Minute on the Minute, beltless) 260 10x1 Pause Bench 135 4x5 BFR Accessory work 11/13/15 Close grip Bench Press 185 1x12, 3x10,9,8 Pendlay Row 185 3x8 Romanian Deadlift 315 3x10 (w/straps) BFR Accessory Work (bis, tris, flys) 11/16/15 Deadlift 370 3x3 Bench 220 2x5, 235 4x3 Tricep Ext. 72.5 3x8 DB OHP 55 3x8 EZ Bar Curls 85 3x10 High/Low Flys Lat Pulldown Shoulder rehab circuit
  2. Diet is going fine. Workouts are easy since I'm planning to max on Friday, so I'm just staying loose. 11/2/15 Bench 225 3x2, 210 3x5 Squat 315 3x3 DB Curls 30 4x10 Lateral Raise OHP 11/4/15 Bench: 140x5, 170x4, 195x3, 210 2x3, 225 2x2 Deadlifts: 285 4x3 RDL 2x8 Row 2x8
  3. I was going to sit this round out since I'm not doing anything overly interesting, but I like looking back at older challenges to see my progress, so here we are. Goals: 1. Cutting at 2600cal Aim for ~220g protein dailyFlexible dieting for the remainder of the calories2. Get a 1200lb total I'm pretty close to this right now (1,155lbs) and I'm testing new maxes on Friday. This should be obtainable. Doing a round of programs from Strengtheory.com (excellent website for lifting advice), 3 days per week: 3 days benching, 2 days squatting and deadlifting.3. Keep losing Inches Over the last two weeks I've lost about 4lbs, and 4.5 inches total from 5 measurements. I'd like to keep pace with this for the duration of the challenge. Thanksgiving is going to be a challenge (and probably a day off of the diet), and I also have a Friendsgiving on 11/28 that will also be a day off.
  4. I've been pretty lazy about updating for most of the challenge, but I've stayed on track despite that mold issue that sidelined me early on. Moving forward, I'm going to keep cutting and doing this 3-day a week program I've got going. I'll just give my last couple workouts. 10/16 Bench 225 AMRAP=9 reps Squat 315 3x2, 225 2x5 Sumo DL 275 3x6 Cable Row 168 3x8 Curls 35 DB 3x8 10/19 Bench 225 4x3, 210 3x6 Squat 340 5x5 DB Curls 30 4x12 10/21 Bench 140x8, 170 2x6, 195 2x5, 210 2x4, 225 3x3 Deadlift 350 6x3 RDL 225 4x8 Yates Row 155 4x10 Grip training 30sec static hold 2x2 95lbs Cable Fly 32lbs 4x10 Reverse Fly 7.5 4x10 10/23 Squat 365 1x5, 3x3 Bench 225 AMRAP=4 reps Assorted accessory work (curls, tripcep ext, closegrip bench, hammer curls)
  5. Sorry for being MIA for a bit here. Ended up taking last week off pretty much entirely, but I'm back to it this week. I've run into something weird happening with my squat, likely a mobility issue somewhere, so I'm switching (for the time being) to a program with less squat frequency and volume, while keeping deadlift similar and upping the benching. It's a combination of three of the programs from StrengTheory. Pretty fun so far, and should keep my bench and deadlift moving while I play with my squat a bit. Also, I'm cutting again, so that's exciting. -- 10/12/15 Workout Squat 6x6 320lbs (Achieved 3x6 before form breakdown)Bench 5x5 210lbsPause Bench 10x3 135lbsSquats 135lbs: 15, 11, 8, 8, 8DB Curls 4x12 25lbs20 minutes on stationary bike10/14/15 Workout Bench: 140x8, 165x6, 195x4, 195x4, 225x3, 225x3 Deadlift 8x3 330lbs RDL 3x8 275lbs (straps) Rows 185lbs: 8, 6, 5, 5 (cheaty Yates Rows a la George Leeman) -- On the food front I successfully bulk made a bunch of breakfast burritos, which are so good I want to eat them at every meal. They're a little heavy on fat, but if you use ground turkey or something along those lines it would lighten it up. Macros and process as follows: Yield: 8 big burritos Total time: ~1 hour if you're slow like me Ingredients: 18 eggs32oz breakfast sausage8 burrito sized tortilla8oz mozzarella cheeseSalsa as desiredMacros Total Cal: 746Protein: 39gFat: 48gCarb 38g Cook sausage, then cook eggs. Place in separate containers. I used a food scale for measurements. I placed whichever ingredient I was using, zeroed out the scale, then scooped out 3oz of egg and sausage, then 1oz cheese. I used a cookie sheet for set-up so that I'd have enough room for the tortillas etc. At this point they are refrigerated, and have kept well so far in that plastic tupperwear. They take about 1:30 in the microwave to get hot, and the only concern is the sausage fat that tends to leak out of the bottom. I would definitely recommend these. I might migrate the remaining ones to the freezer in a day or two.
  6. He's listed it out in some of the other prep videos he has, but in a response to a comment he says he doesn't count macros/cals anymore and just makes sure he gets protein, fat, and carbs at every meal. When I prep again this weekend, I'll measure it out myself and post what everything comes out to. -- Found out today that the office next to mine is loaded with mold from a water leak last month, and I guess I'm quite mold sensitive. That would explain why all of my workouts have been such a garbage pile recently, as well as the brain fog, and general crappy feeling that I've had. I'm going to begrudgingly pause my workouts for the next couple days, and temporarily relocate myself to another area of the office next week until this is resolved.
  7. Did a solid meal prep this week, which has made not eating like an asshole a lot easier. Basically did Allan Thrall's meal prep, minus one of the carb options. Made kale, broccoli, bunch of chicken in the slow cooker, and white rice. I think I made just enough so I have it for tomorrow's lunch, so I might need a touch more next week. Overall, a much better choice than what I was eating last week. -- Workouts 9/26/15 Squat 4x6 315lbs Bench 5x3 225lbs Deadlifts 365lbs, assorted singles and doubles 5 sec pause squats 3x4 225lbs Pause Bench 4x4 185 RDL 4x10 135lbs 9/28/15 Squat 4x6 345lbs Deadlift 2x6 350lbs RDL 3x8 225lbs Cable Crunch 3x12 140lbs 9/29/15 Bench: 140x10, 190x10, 210x8, 215x6 Cable Row: 120x10, 132x10, 144x8, 156x6 OHP: 65x12, 95x12, 115x5, 135x2,2 Lat pulldown: 108x12, 120x10, 132x8 Cable Flys 3x8 32.5 each DB Curls 3x10 25lbs
  8. Yesterday's workout was pretty rough. My sleep has been really bad all this week (4-5 hours or so) and I felt it yesterday. Also my hips were super tight and fighting me all the way. Cut everything short, and going to hit squats and deads lighter tomorrow to loosen up a bit before next week when I start up the program again. Also looking at bringing my own lunches again starting next week. Too much Subway for my dignity and my wallet. -- 9/23 Workout Squats: 345x4, 315x5, 315x2 Deadlifts: 225x8, 315x4, 315x2 9/24 Workout Bench: 140x10, 190x10, 210x8, 215x6 Cable Row: 120x10, 132x10, 144x8, 156x6 OHP: (DB) 40x12, 45x8 OHP: (BB) 95x8, 95x8 Pendlay Row: 115x12, 135x12, 155x8, 205x6 Facepulls: 4x12 22.5lbs Close Grip Bench: 3x6 185lbs Tricep Exts: 4x10 32.5
  9. Stephen King is always a winner, although I've had an easier time getting into his newer books faster than when I try some of his older stuff. -- I've been over-eating/eating poorly the last week or so and I've gained a bit of weight. Finally made the trip to the store last night and made lunch for today so hopefully I can get back in that habit again. I googled around a bit for a meal plan that I could just follow, but I might just have to do the work myself instead. Been eating a lot of subway, which is unfortunately the only real close option if I don't bring my lunch since I walk/bike to work. I think once I get my carbs back under control I'll shed a bit of water weight and have a better idea of were I am. Also been giving in to my donut addiction, so I've gotta knock that off. Took Monday-Tuesday off lifting as a mini deload, and I'm back to it tonight with lower body. Then next week i start the cycle again with my new weights.
  10. 9/18/15 Workout Deadlift 405x1-4; 4 reps achieved. Belted w/ chalk. New PR -Warmup: 135x5, 225x2x4, 315x2, 355x1, 375x1 SLDL w/ DB 3x10 55lbs Standing Cable Crunch 3x12 96lbs New estimated deadlift 1RM is 441. -- Haven't decided if I'm testing next week or taking an easy week before starting a new cycle. My squat test affected my energy for a few days, so come Monday we'll see how I feel from the deadlift test today.
  11. Bench testing did not go as well as squat testing did on Monday. I think I flubbed my warmup this time and went too high before my work set, in addition to not being very well rested, and still feeling a bit beat up from Monday (upper back specifically was pretty tight). Bench 265x1-4: 2 acheived, w/ wrist wraps. -Warmups: 45x15, 135x10, 185x4, 215x2, 235x2, 255x1 Cable Row: 156x8, 168x6, 168x6 OHP: 105x8, 145x3 (+3 Push press), 135x6 Lat pulldown: 132x8, 156x6, 156x6 Close Grip Bench 3x12: 135lbs DB Curls 3x10: 30lbs Tricep Ext 3x12: 27.5lbs -- Eating is going well. Eating to support testing 97% of 1RM is fun, trying not to overdo it. -- I brought The Shining to work today, so now I just have to use my lunch break to read instead of the usual internet browsing.
  12. I have, The Gunslinger was the first King book I read, I believe, and Wizard and Glass remains one of my favorite books. I thought about revisiting the series to try to break this streak, but since I hadn't read The Shining yet (which feels like blasphemy) I wanted to give that a shot.
  13. Looks good! Sleep has always been (and remains) a weakpoint in my training as well. Good luck!
  14. 9/14/15 Workout Squats 395x1-4: 4 reps achieved (knee sleeves, belt, wrist wraps, chalked bar/shirt) -Warmups: 45x10, 135x10, 225x4, 315x2, 345x2, 365x1 (last 2 sets sleeved and belted) Deadlifts: 280x4, 290x4, 300x2 Yates Rows: 135x12, 185x12, 185x8 Romanian Deadlifts 225: 3x8 New estimated squat max: 431lbs Next week I have the opportunity to: test new maxes, restart program with projected maxes, or deload week. I've got bench and deadlift to test still, and I'll decide what I'm going to do later in the week or over the weekend.
  15. Nice, we're pretty similar in BW and total. Good luck!
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