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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's amazing that you've been doing well food wise since I definitely would be emotional eating at this second. Great job on two amazing workouts too. You are rocking it! *hug*
  2. You have been doing AWESOME! So much dedication and hard work. You broke running PR's. You've been cleaning your house. You were super motivating during the Spartan race and honestly, you're a huge inspiration to me. Keep it up, you're amazing! And... being a spoiled brat myself as a teenager, I can definitely attest that most teenagers really don't care. Which is sad. Because it took me a few years to realize how all that work was good for me too and that I should have thanked my Mom and Dad for al they've done. So, I agree that making them work for it is a good idea. They will probably appreciate it more, even though they will bitch about it, haha. Good luck!
  3. Happy belated birthday! Sorry it wasn't as you had wished, but you still did some positive actions and your idea for next year sounds awesome! Nobody knows us better than ourselves and they, indeed, can't screw up the cake if you are in charge. ;D Keep rocking, you've been doing great!
  4. Whew, I've been gone for a while but you have been ROCKING this whole time. Good job on the 5k's and beating your PR. Good job on the eating well even though you were stressed. Good job all in all for being awesome and pushing yourself even when you feel down OR sick. You're amazing.
  5. A-MA-ZING. Honestly that doesn't sound easy at all and you killed it. Congrats!
  6. Alright I'm back and will do a few hops today and tomorrow, but I will go full force once I'm all moved. Go Rangers!
  7. Oh my. That beer tower is glorious. Enjoy Genève my friend! Might I be creepy and say you have a beautiful smile?
  8. Wow, so much progress in one week and so much awesome! Such progress. Much PR's. (I really am not good at memes). But yes, that ice cream was well-deserved especially since it was time spent with family and you won't see your brother for a while! High-five for an almost perfect week and for you being awesome and kicking ass!
  9. Keeping up with threads with no spare time is a struggle. Let me tell ya. So don't feel bad about it, you already have so much to do in a day! Takeouts are an evil beast... So convenient yet so bad for you and so expensive. :-( But I have faith that you'll do great this week! Especially since you've done PERFECTLY with everything else. Major congrats my dear cyborg, you rock!
  10. I also agree with you that there were quite a few signs showing you that the job at the hotel wasn't meant to be. I mean. QUITE A FEW. You're on the right path, both for work and recovery, and the future is bright, I can tell. Yay for party preparations! That hat will be a-do-ra-ble. Good job on the free-for-all workout. You rock Pixie and don't even feel bad about not following my thread. Take time for you and enjoy your last week of complete freedom.
  11. The scale most of the time is a liar, so if it doesn't represent all your great efforts: DON'T LISTEN TO IT. You did an amazing workout and you should be proud. I miss walking. It truly is a joy! Drinking tea with the Mad Hatter; sorry for any typos, sent from Tapatalk.
  12. Welcome to the Rangers' guild everyone! *hands a Butter Beer*
  13. What a powerful image. Maybe you could just increase the difficulty of the exercises to make it harder? There's tons of variations on the web that could be helpful.
  14. Wow, Megawolf. Following your progress is such an inspiration. You've been doing great in all areas of your life and even at McDonald you found a way to eat somehow healthy so that's victory in itself. I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to give me some support on my thread, it really means a lot. Don't worry about following everybody's thread. Summer is busy for all of us and we all need some rest. Keep on rocking, you're amazing! And congrats on the diamonds push-ups!!!
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