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  1. Potentially silly question, but I'm curious so I'm just going to ask anyway. I did my first challenge over a year ago, and that went really well...then I got really demoralized and kind of fell off the wagon. Then I got diagnosed with cancer. Anyway, I've now been cancer free for almost three months (yay!) and have built up enough stamina to where I can walk places without getting exhausted. Since I'm feeling like a normal human again, I thought it would be good to jump back in the challenge, because I'm so out of shape it's absurd. (I may have a good reason for being where I'm at, but n
  2. Hi. I had wanted to learn a martial art for a long time, wanting to be able to protect myself combined with something that had history versus a McDojo, so in the summer of 2011 I found a local Kung Fu school (Northern Shaolin) and went for it. I loved it. Loved it. Drank the kool-aid hard, went religiously and was sad on the days there weren't class, participated in the Lion Dancing (I was a Buddha) that enabled the school to run as a non-profit and keep class costs down. With classes and practice I was at the school 10-15 hours a week, happily sweating my little butt off. Then I busted
  3. Thanks for the kind words. Still floundering a bit, but getting a little better day by day, so I'll take it. Haven't hit the gym yet this week - I think I've fallen out of the habit already. Funny how long it takes to make a good habit and how quickly it reverts back to being a bad habit if you let it. I'm not beating myself up over it though, because I realized I needed to take one thing at a time. I was actually thinking of quitting the challenge this go round, with as much emotional upheaval I feel, but I figure I can at least keep doing parts of it and just try to get better eve
  4. I always did better when I worked out before work. Then you have no excuses or the entire exhausting day to talk you out of it, and it's just done, and I always found it made me more awake, alert, and happier (maybe because I knew I already did my exercise?) when I got to work than when I was still half asleep. I also think it made me eat healthier, because I had started the day off being so good. Man, now I really want to work out before work, because I've been sucking royally at the going after work this week. Maybe I should switch to 9 hour shifts so I can go in later. Going to the
  5. I'm still deeply impressed you're keeping up with any of it in your current situation, so kudos to you! The lunch thing is always tricky...maybe say that you'll out with them on Fridays (or whatever day strikes your fancy)? You can always say you can't afford it (you did just move across country and all), or say nothing and they'll just assume it's something like that anyway. As long as you're making an effort to go out with them on a semi-regular basis, then I don't think anyone will think you're being anti-social. My boss always asks if I want to go somewhere for lunch when I end up
  6. Yay for poetry! I think it counts, it's creative and gets those mentally juices flowing. It's not like you swapped reading for TV or something. I feel you on not caring so much about work now that your notice is in. I've still got two months left and it's definitely a struggle. There must be something going around though, because it seems to have been a crappy few days for quite a few people (myself included). I have all the confidence in the world that you'll get through it with flying colors though, because you're a rockstar. Working 10 days in a row is AWFUL and good luck on
  7. There seems to be quite a few of us that are in a bit of a rough patch, so know you're not alone! Besides, you killed the first week so hard that if you kept it up I would just think I was an utter failure in all things. It helps that we know you're human too. The dream thing sucks - I actually had one where a friend of mine died that was so realistic I called him at 4am to make sure he was okay. I just couldn't go back to sleep without knowing. What if it was that Hollywood moment where we're so connected that I had the dream because he's in trouble and I could do something whereas if
  8. Ouch...hopefully it was just a little 2.5 pound plate? :/ Yeah, the loss of strength was pretty hard for me. I remember leg pressing 40 pounds my first week of PT and how lame I felt. My PT was full of a lot of old people recovering from hip replacements and rotator cuff surgery though, and being half the age of everyone there helped me feel not so lame, since they were impressed with the fact I could do 40 pounds or step up on a step at all. It'll get better, and at least with the PT it'll get better faster. Take care of that foot!
  9. I did the same thing! I was thinking, "Well, I've never had rutabaga, but jicama, coconut, and bacon doesn't sound like it would be the most appetizing in the world..." Perhaps it's from watching too much Iron Chef/Iron Chef America... Which means we'd have to turn on the ice cream machine. Bacon ice cream! (I don't actually have an ice cream machine, but I imagine that would be delicious.)
  10. tl;dr: Quest 1: Quest 2: Quest 3: Life Quest: (that made me in the process though) The week went really good if we don’t count the weekend. Can we not count the weekend? Wednesday night my hetero-lifemate came back into town to pick up the last of his things and finish his move to California, staying at my place in the process, all during my work week. I think the only reason I was able to do as well as I was last challenge was because his daughter was in town, taking up 98% of his time, and he was running around getting things together for quitting his job, starting a new o
  11. Well thank you. If it's those fast zombies though, no amount of training is going to help. I just hope it's over quick. Look at that Atlantonian! Nice. I like rewarding myself. I mean, it's all about the achievements you're making in your life, the improved mobility and health, etc etc etc...but sometimes I just want some swag. I'm thinking maybe this one might have to be a reward for one of these times, maybe when I hit a certain lifting number or something: Yup, I'm in Vegas...but maybe not by October. My job end then and I'm not sure what's next, but probably relocation i
  12. Yay! Welcome to the lovely West Coast! I can't believe you have to start at work already! Definitely take the pass - you've got quite a bit on your plate at the moment. Here's to hopefully loving your new co-workers and finding the perfect place that is cheaper than you expect, right near the perfect gym, and not next to an In-N-Out.
  13. Are you referring to Uhauling, perhaps? (One to add to your hoarding, if not.) Aha! It used to just be for one convert though? Times have gotten tougher.
  14. Not a problem. One person got it at least, so I'm happy. There's this joke/saying here that when you "recruit" three straight girls to the gay side, you get a toaster oven. (Well, it might be for guys too, but I've only heard it amongst the ladies.) I'm not sure the background behind it, but I'm guessing some kind of play on our supposed evil agenda to recruit people or something? So I've recruited two people to Nerd Fitness. What's my prize when I get to three?
  15. Hi! I confess only went back a couple of pages (76 pages? Oy.), and I feel I may have stumbled in during a bad moment. So, to lighten the mood: I've recruited two friends IRL to venture over to Nerd Fitness and join me in the current 6 week challenge. I was going to crack some joke on my thread about being close to a toaster oven, or asking what the Nerd Fitness equivalent would be, but then I realized probably no one would get it. Then I remembered reading there was this thread, hunted it down, and posted it here, where people might find my joke funny. (Though now I'm also rememb
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