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  1. Hallo El Gordo, ich bin auch bei der Academy und kann dir hoffentlich weiterhelfen. Kosten: also die 149$ waren die einmaligen und auch einzigen Kosten. Es kommen keine weiteren auf dich zu (außer du möchtest einen anderen Kurs, wie z.B. den Ring und Handstandkurs oder den Yogakurs). Für den Anfang reicht die Academy auf jeden Fall aus. Emails: du wirst noch ein paar Mails erhalten, die hören aber dann auch mal auf. Im Prinzip sind die auch nur dazu da, um dir zum Anfang ein paar Quests vorzuschlagen. Auch wenn die Mails nicht mehr kommen, kannst du dir ja auf der
  2. Hi DorgEndo, first of all: 93lbs lost, wow . I know your issue with the consistent training on my own. Perhaps you could start your own log in the Daily Battle Log in this Forum. There you get support of many other users.
  3. Wow, that tower is a really great idea. Even if you just have an balcony you can plant many vegetables.
  4. Thank you for your response. I think I'll take a closer look to the app again.
  5. Has anyone tried the "7 minutes superhero workout" app of sixtostart, who also created the "zombies, run!" app? In that app you're a superhero and you have to defend the world against aliens. Therefor for example you have to charge a reactor or activate your weapons by doing triceps dips, push ups or something like that. It works somehow with motion tracking. It sounds interessting, but I'm not sure if it works and if it's reasonable. I'm in doubt about it.
  6. So week 5 is over and did I attain my goals for the week? Nearly... After the last week when I didn't make it even once into the gym this week started very well. I went to the gym as conducted, went running as conducted (I'm repeating week4 of ZR5K, that's why my progression bar is standing still) and I ate healthy as conducted - until yesterday evening. Until that evening everything went fine. After enduring the semifinals of the FIA worldchampionship without any alcohol and any snacks and after using my joker day for a wedding on saturday it seemed that I would get the whole points for thi
  7. I totally forgot to mention one huge success I had last week: a dress fitted perfectly again which didn't fit nearly a whole year. At the waist it was even loose-fitting. I didn't notice that I lost about one size. Now I'm happy again, yeay! (Don't know how I could forget that. Might be the age. Next year there will be a big 3 in front.)
  8. This Weeki wasn't as successful as the weeks before. Although I went running 3 times and I ate healthy (excluded my joker day), I didn't make it even once into the gym. Shame on me . I'll do my very best for week 5. But man, those lost points are annoying !@#$%^&*.
  9. I don't like the treadmill (in my case: cross trainer) either. It's so boring. I allways feel like running for ages, but in realtime it were only a few minutes. I finished week 4 day 2 of Zombies, run! 5k this monday. It worked pretty well. Indeed I still can't run those 15 minutes free form run without a short walk in between. But compared to the begining I became so much better. And it still fun to run with the ZR5K App. I'm really looking forward for the next mission this evening. In the meantime I had shin-splints and problems with the iliotabialband (what a professional term, perhaps
  10. Hi, sorry for not updating this thread but now, but this week started quiet busy. On Monday, i first had to work longer, then I had to go running (=> challenge) what now takes 50min with the ZR5K. When I came home I only had time for a quick shower because I had to go to a public broadcast of the soccergame Germany - Algeria (which took until 12:30 a.m.). On Tuesday it was nearly the same. That's why I post but now. To cut a long story short, in week 3 I've been successful and attained my goals again (hell yeah!). Now I'm officially level 1 . Last week passed so fast and without any probl
  11. Probably you’re right. Perhaps I should explain more detailed to my parents why I’m doing this “dietâ€.
  12. If I'm ever able to run 5k I'll feel relieved. Really cool.
  13. Week 2 is over and again I could accomplish my goals. Yaayyy! This week was more difficult than the first one because I got shin splints while running. Also my family wasn't really supportive. Although they know that I'm trying to cut off sweets and cakes, my mom brought me half a cake because a whole one was too much for her and my dad. This cake looked so tasty and he never stopped talking to me "eat me, I'm so delicious". I'm glad my husband ate the most of it so I really ate just one piece on my joker day. I hope week 3 gets easier, but I'll make it.
  14. Maybe the the tiny bit of extraweight are just muscles.
  15. First week over and …(drum roll)… goals attained! Quest 1: go “running†3 times a week I managed to go even 4 times for a run. On Wednesday I really didn’t want to go running because it was so hot and I’ve been tiered, but I was afraid that I probably wouldn’t make those 3 runs for this challenge. Afterwards I was glad I ran because it was the best run I made so far. Quest 2: go to gym twice a week Accomplished. Quest 3: spend 6 days of a week without sweets Accomplished. I changed that quest to no sweets and no alcohol. Alcohol is as bad as sweets and in the next few weeks
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