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  1. Week 6 Day 2 Food: So, I made the conscious choice to break the strict "no gluten&soy" streak that I had going because this past weekend was our second (and last) camp out with the kids for the summer, so I decided to partake in the s'mores because this was the last time until next summer. Also, I knew that on the 31st (yesterday) I would be starting my Pre-Camp Whole30. So, my food was a fail, but it was out of choice. Workout: Sunday night I did some yoga, but mostly for stretching purposes. I'm not going to count that as a workout. Today was the real thing though. Dumbbe
  2. Week 5 Day 4 Food: Pass (Tracked on YouFood) Workout: Circuit X 3 Lunges X 20 15# KB Swings X 20 Mountain Climbers X 20 Potty Training: Still doing good, still no accidents
  3. Week 5 Day 2 Food: Pass (Tracked on YouFood) Workout: Circuit X 3 20 Step-Ups (second step) 10 Incline Push-ups (third step) 10 Inverted Rows Potty Training: Still plugging along
  4. Yay to saying no! I'm working hard on putting myself first too, and it's really paying off in the sanity department. Keep it up! And keep your chin up! Only 2 more weeks of the challenge and less than 6 more weeks until camp!
  5. Week 4 Day 7 Food: Pass (tracked on YouFood) Workout: Yesterday was the Insane Inflatable! It was a good workout, even though I didn't run any of it. Potty Training: No accidents in a few days, and he is starting to know when he needs to go! I've been down on myself over the last month about how little I have gotten to the gym to use the weights since the kids started summer vacation, and have been mentally rolling my eyes at some of the workouts I've done from home (thinking they weren't good enough or that my strength/athleticism is going to go backwards until I can get
  6. Week 4 Day 3 Food: Pass (tracking on YouFood) Workout: Monday I did about 10 minutes of yoga (mostly stretching) in the evening. Today I did probably my only real workout before the race on Saturday. I'll probably try to fit in some yoga at least once more before then. 2X20 KB Swings (15lb) 2X20 Mountain Climbers 2X20 Incline Push-Ups (table) 2X20 Each Arm KB Rows (15lbs) Potty Training: No accidents so far this week. I'm still asking him to go use the potty, but yesterday he came running in to the bathroom while I was showering and sat on the potty to poop all on his o
  7. Week 4 Day 1 Food: Pass (tracked on YouFood). I did get a few cake crumbs at yet another birthday party on Saturday when I was licking the frosting off of the cupcake my daughter didn't eat My girlfriend makes AMAZING cakes, so the fact that I abstained from eating a cupcake was a big deal, but I was not going to let her homemade buttercream go to waste! Also, this weekend we went to a local pizza place that specializes in quick-fired pizzas and has lots of gluten-free, vegan, and organic options. It was so cathartic to go and order a pizza like a normal person! Not to mention it was
  8. Week 3 Day 3 Ok, so it's obviously been a while since I've updated. Oops. Last week: I avoided gluten and soy, although it's getting harder. Why did I choose a month where I have 3 birthday parties to attend?! Cake, pizza, ice cream (that likely uses soy as an emulsifier) galore. Ugh. Also, my hubby had his AF pt test this month, so he always takes a few days to "cheat" afterwards. It's probably the hypo-blues, and the fact that I am about the start Shark Week, but the food is really starting to get into my head. It wasn't this bad when I did the Whole30...that was easy compared t
  9. Week 2 Day 2 Food Days 1-2 = Pass (logged on YourFood) Workout Day 2 Goblet Squats 5x5 45# Bent Over Dumbbell Rows 5x5 25#(2) Incline Push-Ups 3x10 Potty Training = I will make the chart tomorrow...I promise!
  10. I'm just glad that I managed to get in all three workouts. Talking myself out of it is a big issue for me at the moment.
  11. Week 1 Day 7 Food Days 5-7 = Pass (logged on YouFood) Workout Day 5 OHP: 3x5 45# 1x5 50# 1x2 50# Cable Pull: 5x5 70# Deadlift: 1x5 115# Negatives and Dead Hangs: To Failure Workout Day 7 Still massive DOMs in my Lats, so no upper body today Prisoner Squats: 2x20 Lateral Lunges: 2X20 KB Swings: 2x20 15# Potty Training Bought the stuff for a chart. Going to make that tomorrow.
  12. Week 1 Day 4 Food for Days 3-4 = Pass (Tracking via You Food) I talked myself out of the gym today (sigh), then had a hypo-blues break down, and after all that couldn't fit a workout at home because of time/kids. Tomorrow is another day. Potty Training Nothing today
  13. Today's mantra - Feed Yourself First Seriously , I can't stand how selfish that sounds as I'm typing it. But it's true. I can't even begin to imagine how many days during my Postpartum Depression that I probably had nothing but coffee/tea until my husband came home from work and I made dinner. Sure, I fed the kids. Healthy meals too! Always made sure they had a fruit/veggie on their plates. But then I didn't eat. I see this happening right now. I don't have the desire to get up and make myself food. But I know I need to eat. So my mantra today is Feed Yourself First. Because t
  14. Week 1 Day 2 Food for Days 1-2 = Pass (Tracking Via Two Grand/You Food) Workout Prisoner Squats 3 x 20 Inverted Rows 3 x 10 Incline Push-ups 3 x 10 (third stair) Planks 3 x 45 sec Dead Hang 3 x 15 sec Potty Training He asked to sit on the potty once (Big Deal!!) but he did nothing that time. However, he had 1 successful trip to the bathroom today.
  15. Week 1 Mini Challege Complete! http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/69257-wildatheart-trains-for-the-insane/?p=1578272
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