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  1. Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Therapy, Painting Miniatures, Reading, Writing, remembering to breathe.
  2. So I switched to 5/3/1 two weeks ago and today was my first workout of the actual 5/3/1 week and I went well. Now that I'm trying to remember, I can't be sure but I think it was 110 on the press based on the 90% of your real 1-rep max thing. One of the reasons I made the switch is that my squat rack and my bar are only rated up to 300lbs and with a squat at 270 and a deadlift at 275, I was facing some uncertainty in the near future. By switching to this program I can go longer without having to spend a lot of money. Anyone have and low-cost solutions to this issue? I have a baby on the way in October, so joining a gym is out of the question as is dropping $1k on a power rack.
  3. Yeah man, I just switched to 5/3/1 and I really am unhappy squatting only once a week, so I'm working it into my deadlift assistance exercises.
  4. I did 5x5's for about 6 months, and then switched to 3x5's in January. I found myself a lot more willing to do warmups on a 3x5 program than on a 5x5. I got burned out and was really inconsistent doing 5x5's too.
  5. I've been doing starting strength for over a year and have stalled on three of the lifts enough times that I decided to switch to 5/3/1. I've only done two days of it so far, so it's a little early for me to say how I feel about it, but what's most important to me is consistency and I think I'll be able to stick with this program a lot longer than SS.
  6. I see what you're saying now. For a librarian I sure am slow.
  7. In a linear progression program, wouldn't missing reps on a higher weight, and then being stalled at that weight be hitting a plateau? Maybe my definition of "plateau" is wrong. It probably is.
  8. Fair enough. But then, in your opinion, what do you think someone should do when they hit a plateau? Switch programs?
  9. No assistance exercises? Have you read the book? Chapter 7 is literally called "Useful Assistance Exercises."
  10. Rippetoe's marketing? What, do you work for Wendler or something?
  11. I don't see how this is relevant to someone working in a linear progression training program. I'm following Starting Strength (sort of, Rows instead of Power Cleans) and I'm hitting plateaus on Bench, OHP, and today, rows. So, instead of 3x5's on those, I'm hitting 2 or sometimes even one. My first solution to this is drop 20 lbs and work back up to see how that goes, but at what point do you give up on that and drop to 1x5 or start adding weight every week instead of every workout? When would you move on to 5/3/1 or something else like that? I still feel like it's early for me to move on to something else.
  12. Squat 270 3x5 Bench 215 2, 5, 2 Row 180 2,2,2 Booooo
  13. SQUAT 265 3x5 OHP 125 3x5 Deadlift 275 Today was great. YEEHAW!
  14. Bah! NEVERMIND. I must find another way to post.
  15. So this is a panorama of the jungle. Probably going to widen the "stairs" and maybe knock down the shed in the back. 2 is too many.
  16. I always try to keep the bar over the middle of my foot, so it feels like the weight is evenly distributed. I agree with what was said earlier. Try to drop some weight and check your form. If your heels are going up off the ground, then the bar is too far forward.
  17. There are not enough donuts in the world.

    1. Raincloak


      I disagree; I think there are altogether too many.

    2. Brawlrus


      I'm now picturing when Homer Simpson went to Hell and was force fed doughnuts, but Hell ran out, before he was full.

  18. Did you start light and work up to the weight you use now? You might want to think about backing off your work weight a bit and working back up to it to give your hands a chance to increase their grip strength along with your work weight.
  19. Rip's feet don't even leave the ground and it's in his fucking book! I'm overthinking this. I love how happy Lu X is after that lift. I
  20. That's really helpful. All y'all have been really helpful. Thanks!
  21. Thanks. That's pretty much what I was planning to do. I thought just starting with the empty bar and once I feel comfortable just doing a linear-progression with it.
  23. So I've been thinking about swapping power cleans in for barbell rows, but I'm a little hesitant to try them without coaching. because the movement is so complex. The instructions in Starting Strength seem to go against everything I know about lifting weights, but Rippetoe obviously has more experience with them then I will ever have, but I've also seen in a couple of places people saying that Rip's version of the Power Clean is wrong. It's the "jump" part that seems weird to me. Am I just overthinking it?
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