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  1. 3 mile walk on Tuesday, and today was another 10k on the bike, then 2x pyramid pushups sets of 5. Tomorrow I'd like to see how fast I can walk the route. Ideally I'd love to end up jogging/running it.
  2. Walked maybe 6 miles yesterday, carrying a fair amount for maybe 2 of them. Sore shoulders today. Desperately hoping that all of this will add up to something!
  3. Roughly 10k in roughly 20 minutes on the bike and a walk and a bit of strength training since last time. Hoping posting this will get me back on the bike today!
  4. For once I've been more active on the bike than on the forum! I'm loving it. Swimming was a bit of a disaster. Question: how can I be so much fitter on land than in water? I guess I don't have the upper body strength yet..? Back to my pushups to get through the wall (I think I got stuck repeating week 3 of the 100 challenge at least three times over). I also downloaded Zombies, Run! But I only managed 4.7k. Again, why am I much better at cycling long distances than distance running? I miss sprinting, but I know getting good at distances is good for me overall... I haven't kept a proper l
  5. Saturday Part of me: Aw. In the car all day and fell asleep when I got home. I guess I won't be exercising today. The rest of me: Get on the bike. Part: But-- Rest: Get. On. The bike. You ?%$. Quick 10km, nothing special but at least it was something.
  6. Thursday: 25km on the exercise bike Friday: Ditto, in an hour Saturday: Likely to be in the car for most of the day, but I hope to continue the 25km daily streak! Sunday: Hopefully same again, but I should also be going swimming. Goal: Try for 30km in an hour. Maybe attempt this tomorrow night, since it could be an easy goal - I just don't know yet! Hi all. If you're reading this and want to race me (virtually) I'd love that.
  7. Thanks so much for the advice! I'll definitely try these out.
  8. Alright, I keep failing in week 3 of 100 push-ups. I was column 3 easy for the first couple of weeks, but this is my third time repeating week 3 and I can still barely do column two. What gives? Is this normal? Anybody got any advice?
  9. I've done at least three challenges as a recruit with the hopes of becoming assassin, and while I've made a lot of progress, I never posted enough or defined my goals well enough to allow myself to advance. This time, I've decided to stop being so hard on myself, and here I am! Ultimately I'd really like to get good at parkour, and it would be really fun to be able to do "stunts" that require great strength and flexibility etc. I'm also tempted by poledancing as I really want to improve my strength and stability! I'm a very small person and it would be nice to feel I can really take care of
  10. I really struggled with today's pushups - not sure if I should go back a day or a week...

    1. Barfly


      Don't go back, just repeat this week. What program are you doing?

    2. amydoesthings


      Thanks for the advice, Barfly :) one hundred pushups. Column three was fine until the other day.

    3. Barfly


      check out alternative100pushups.com

  11. Thanks ldct! We'll make it in the end! Thanks J-man! Yes, that was my intention, but then I realised that might be pushing it a bit (excuse the pun)...but then I read the next comment, And thank you Xik - I'd actually never heard about this! I just did day 1, column three, and really enjoyed it, if that's the right word. Although I prefer the term "beginners'" to "girly"
  12. I tried, I failed, I tried, I failed (give or take a couple of tries) and I'm back. Goals: 1: Cycle 5k in under 8 minutes. 2: Do 100 pushups. 3. Cycle 20k in under 50 minutes. I beat my last personal goals so I'm going to keep challenging myself with endurance and strength. Got an exercise bike and a bodyblade I use for practise. I can currently only do about 15 pushups, and all this is with an aim to eventually filter through to join the assassins.
  13. Hey Crepuscular! I'm really impressed you ran a half marathon without training. I can barely run 500 metres before nopeing out. Great challenges, good luck with them all! I look forward to seeing how you progress. What sort of wallet do you have your eye on?
  14. I came here looking for the sign up sheet too - thanks for answering! As a third-timer attempting to complete a challenge, I jumped in halfway through the last challenge and completed my goals without realising they were too easy...should I still post in recruit? I think I'm going to still post in recruit...that was more a trial challenge than an actual one.
  15. Thanks everyone for your replies! It means a lot 1. I just did 5k in about 10 minutes 30, and I wasn't trying too hard for the first 9 minutes as I was planning to cycle for forty minutes, so I'm changing this goal to 5k in under 8 minutes. 2. Still pretty much exactly the same. 3. As I beat this one earlier I'll go for 20k in under 50 minutes. These should be okay goals for this time round, I hope - but I think I'll switch 2. for the much desired "do a hundred pushups". I dropped and managed 15 today. Oops. Hopefully the Bodyblade will help strengthen my twig arms! My one qu
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