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  1. Hello everyone :-) I'm looking for an accountabilibuddy (is that how you spell it) in the area of Anaheim! Hit me up!
  2. Hello, everyone! Fia here! I joined Nerd Fitness months ago, took on too much, and eventually imploded (classic mistake, right?). Then I gave up. Oops. Anyways, there's research showing that for most people, before fitness becomes a habit they stop and start multiple times. Maybe this is the time where it becomes a habit for me! I'm ready to jump back on the wagon and try again! My main thing that I have to (and I mean have to, because my body is a little messed up) work on right now is flexibility. I'm carrying a lot of stress and tension right now, and I can't even do a proper bodyw
  3. Hi. Sorry I've been out of it, what's been going on? The challenge is over now, right? I can tell you about some of the stuff that happened since the last time I was here, but if nobody's following this anymore I don't see a point. I failed this challenge hard
  4. Hello everyone! Fia here! I recently went to a crossfit gym with a friend and the guy training the two of us told me that my hips are way too tight, which is why I'm having trouble doing squats and deadlifts properly. He showed me some really fantastic stretches to help loosen them up, and suggested I work on my back as well. That's all great, but I still want to do some sort of strength training, especially anything that will speed up weight loss. I'm kind of at a loss as to what I should do - there is so much out there! So, suggestions, anyone?
  5. Update, 08. July: Went to a crossfit gym after all my classes with a friend, where he met up with another friend. The guys showed me form and my friend's friend figured out that my hips are just insanely, ridiculously tight, which is keeping me from doing proper squats and deadlifts. He showed me a bunch of stretches and said I should make it a goal to work on stretching out my hips and back about every other day or so. They were super helpful and super nice. Midterm at 8AM. Best get cracking. - Fia
  6. Update, July 08: I spend all day looking at tiny print, so big print here on this post. Yay. I'm quickly reaching the NOPE threshold. I've reached the point where I've begun to skip meals and showers (I know, ew) to study, but I've magically found the time to lift twice in the past week. I walk everywhere. Everywhere. And I overheat in anything but flip flops, so I wear flip flops, but I have really high arches which aren't getting support, and my ankles hurt. I've even got flip flop tan lines... So yep, bitch, whine, complain. My books are taking over the condo, there are 19 of them piled
  7. So I'm not entirely sure if I SHOULD lift again today, since I quit yesterday and left. Like, some muscles still got used. Do they need time to heal? There's no soreness at all. Other than that, it's just after mid-day, and earlier today I took the bus to the farmer's market and went a little overboard. The fridge is now crammed with strawberries (I LOVE STRAWBERRIES. Seriously, I will make myself sick on strawberries and then do it all over again the next day), leeks, bok choy, carrots, radishes, yellow summer squash, zucchini, broccoli, AND I found a pie stand with strawberry-fucking-rhub
  8. Well, personal experience has shown me that there will be some initial weight loss and toning up because hey, look at that, your body is moving for once, and then NOTHING.
  9. Update, 05. July 2014: Rage quit studying today and walked to the gym, where I met up with a friend. Didn't quite manage 3 sets of 10 bench press with just the bar, it was more like 10-8-6. I argued with my friend over fitness topics (usefulness of all those machines, his claim that weightlifting doesn't build cardiovascular endurance, etc.), got upset, and left the place. I really shouldn't care if somebody is wrong but I feel like if I say "I've spent a lot of my time reading about these things" they should at least consider that before blowing off my point. Like, I'm pretty sure it's no
  10. Update, 03. July 2014: I had a nice long walk on the beach today. It wasn't much in the terms of exercise, but I'm running myself absolutely ragged and I'll take what I can get. I just had some sort of mental moment while I was out there. Warning: some pretty intense sharing is coming up. But I've done a good job of keeping my identity anonymous thus far so it's not like I feel TOO exposed, and if you are going to judge me, then I guess you'll just stop following me if you feel so strongly about it, won't you? I'm not going to say much about it, but the real reason I left the school a y
  11. Keep it up! Love seeing you succeed (and yes, I DO think you are succeeding) - Fia
  12. OH MY GOD I WAS TOTALLY GOING TO UPDATE TODAY. I lifted weights today! My friend and I went to the gym and he showed me proper form for deadlifts, squats, and bench press, and observed me while I tried it. It felt GOOD. But I can already feel the soreness coming on. Also, I was super scared of bench pressing even the bar because I've alwaays been on the weak side, but in total I must have done almost 40 reps (I know, I know, unnecessary, but he really wanted to make sure I had proper form!) Five pounds down. Wish I could have done more but it's time for midterms. I'm noticing that the exerc
  13. Update, 24. June 2014: Failing so hard at this challenge. No exercise these past few days beyond a lot of walking and moving boxes around so I could get all settled in to the new condo...it's a lovely living situation, I think, I'm just sad that it will only be six weeks, and then right back to my parents. My life is a mess right now. Problems with the bank, problems with the class schedule, problems with the landlord. Though I suppose, if I could make it past the last few weeks, and the next six weeks coming up, I can make it through anything, right? I'm back at my university, cramming 16
  14. Thank you! I have a question for everyone as well. Sometimes (and it varies depending on the workout), my energy levels go back up, and if it's a day where I don't have work or school, I get bored and antsy. Do I work out again, or do I just find something else to do and avoid running the risk of overuse injuries? Is it okay to do low impact stuff in this case? - Fia
  15. Great job with keeping up on the breakfast thing...I would have given up after three days or so I just fast now as an excuse >.> Keep it up! -Fia
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