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  1. I was pretty good about a year ago, I was planning on moving together with my 2-years boyfriend, I had a job and was planning a trip through Europe with one of my friends... so I decided I wanted to FINALLY start taking exercise seriously. I joined a gym, started aikido classes and it felt great. I even joined one 6-week challenge and was ready to SLAY IT. And then, 2 weeks later, everything started to crumble. I was taking a weekend off with my boyfriend at the coast, and after a great day at the beach I took a shower. And when I came out of the bathroom, I discovered that he were trying to
  2. Hey, I didn't drop the challenge, I am just too busy to get around here. I am going to do a small trip from Saturday to Tuesday and I need to work ahead so I can fully relax
  3. Oops, I forgot to update here! Day 4 was a pretty normal day. Day 5: I was supposed to go to Aikido, but everyone else wanted to see the football match (Spain - Netherlands) so the class was cancelled Anyway, I will count that as "done" because it was entirely out of my control. I ate a banana! Yay fruit! I don't know why I don't eat fruit more often, I really like it. I think it's the mess they create... But bananas have that convenient peel. I will buy more Unless I get up at 9am tomorrow (Sunday) I won't reach my goal of "at least once per week". I was planning on going out today...
  4. You should take pictures of yourself without shirt, front and side (you know, like those in the miracle products ads). You can't see the difference looking at the mirror by yourself, but comparing pictures of 2 different months can give some perspective. Tips aside: great work
  5. It seems you are doing great! Have a good night
  6. Thanks! We have to push that trip forward, I really want to do it. My advise: pick a thing and plan it (for example: your stops, number of days...). Then pick the next one... and so on. Eventually it will look doable
  7. Okay, yesterday wasn't bad. I struggled A LOT because I didn't want to go to Aikido (it was really hot and I wasn't feeling great), but I pushed myself and went. YES! I ended up sweating like a pig... The smell of victory! I didn't make it out of bed before 9am today, I was extremely tired after yesterday's Aikido class so I didn't even set up the alarm clock. I am grateful now for those extra hours of sleep. Also, I feel pain everywhere. I am the newbie in my class so I have to make an extra effort to manage to throw my classmates to the floor, and then I have to make an extra effort lear
  8. Now I can't wait to see you in cosplay
  9. Well, I kinda messed up yesterday because stuff happened (not valid excuse, but still true haha). What I did: - Getting into bed before 1AM. I almost missed it because I was watching the last episode of Game of Thrones, gotta be careful! D: - Avoiding fries and dairies. I had a moment of hesitation at dinner BUT I got over it - Choosing a frog to eat. What I messed: - Eating the frog. I lost track of time dealing with secondary tasks and I forgot about it. Anyway, I knew it was going to be extremely difficult to do everything everyday, so no big deal. I still can get Perfects in all 3 side
  10. Yep, I don't relate at all to those fears (walking alone/taking the bus at night) because my country and specially my city are pretty safe, but you should be careful. For the bungee jumping, I did it with a non-elastical cord because someone told me that the elastical cord gives you the feeling of having your guts trying to go through your mouth. It's scary, it's fun, it's exciting and I loved it, but I'll never do it again haha
  11. No, I left it blank because I was still up. I did go to bed in time! Success! By the way, I had the weirdest dream this night. I dreamt I had fries for dinner and I was desperate because I didn't want to mess up the challenge, but I couldn't help but eating them. It was horrible haha Edited: I totally misread your message, oops!
  12. Well, first day was a success! I just came back from Aikido, avoided fries at lunch and dinner, and hopefully I'll get to bed in the next 45 minutes (it's 12:15am). I even ate a fruit! We'll see tomorrow!
  13. I saw other people's posts and I think this is a great idea. I have a million things in my bucket list (and growing), so I'll write things as they come to my mind. I usually look like a lazy person because I am really calm and I don't talk much about my accomplishments, but the reality is I did (and do) a lot of things in my life. I am kind of organized, but not as much as I should be, given all these things that are going on. So the Dragon would be my inner self and, obviously, I don't want to kill myself, because I'm fantastic and, y'know, very modest too. Health Exercise regularly as a
  14. Edited, it should work now. The warning was for other people stepping by, you never know By the way, congrats on your progress! Keep it up!
  15. Yes! I used to eat a lot of processed donuts, bread rolls, buns, etc. but I stopped eating them for no reason (just stopped buying them). A few weeks ago I saw fresh donuts in my kitchen and I didn't even think of eating them. I just lost that habit
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