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  1. Come back...



  2. I was offered an internship with Fish and Wildlife years ago with the possibility of a job. Yeah I had to be on fishing vessels for days at a time doing counts of fish species and other things. It would have been on the Great Lakes and I would have to travel to Michigan every couple weeks. At the time I looked at my husband and said no. He was going through therapy from an injury anyway and needed my help. Family won out over stink boat guys. Hey I hope you get the position.
  3. I hope you are feeling better and back in the water! You sick and recovering and the pool shut down for maintenance...LOL I think it means a pretty solid rest/recovery period. How is the food doing?
  4. So make that 4.5 points for the week used (17 out of 28 used). We opted for a different meal for dinner. Half a serving of ramen with pork and soft boiled eggs. Then the spouse came home with cinnamon rolls and well there went a point. Kind of irritated with my choice. Anyway ran a little yesterday and the foot feels great today. I am still going to err on the side of caution. We have our martial arts class again tonight so I will see come tomorrow if it is really all better. I walked 2 miles and did body weight strength work. I also worked on some bike speed intervals. Today we have a potluck for the two retired coworkers that passed suddenly since January. I packed food I knew I could eat and not use points just in case we have pizza tonight. Plus I do not enjoy potlucks when most is store bought crud that is so overly processed. Does not taste good to me and does not help me reach my goals. I have spinach dip and veggies I cut up to have with it. Today: B: egg & bacon (love our market that smokes it) and a biscuit my husband made (so I am at 5.5 points for the week and 18 total) L: veggies is all I know for now. D: ??? Again I am going to be very smart with lunch not knowing what dinner may be other than pizza. I can be fine with a single serving of pizza saving that 0.5 points if we do pancakes this weekend. I can still have a very small one and be okay point wise. I love working the points this way in that it really makes me plan and think about my choices. I am forced to decide if it is worth it now or save it for later when I know something is coming up. Does not mean I make the right choice every time (hello you lovely cinnamon rolls...glad I had a serving although I wanted way more).
  5. Oh tried having it for dinner a long time ago. That did not end well for my husband and I. LOL
  6. Noooo! With a burned hand as well....ouch. Hope you feel better very soone.
  7. Glad to hear you are back at it and feeling better.
  8. How is it going? Get through the 5 days?
  9. It has been a challenge. LOL It has only been 9 days since I had soda. Luckily I do not drink other drinks with sugars or in general. I am a coffee, water, tea (unsweetened), and soda once in a while kind of gal. Once in a while is once a week to every couple weeks on average but then there are weekends I drink more instead. Ugh. I thought it would be easier since I do not even have it every week let alone every day.
  10. Keeping it simple for the foot seems to be helping. I did a mile today with only mild tenderness before doing it and all is well. However with the added martial arts classes now I ought to give myself some time to adjust for now. Granted thanks to what I studied before I feel like the basics are definitely pretty strong but physically I guess I need to catch up. LOL I think in March we are picking up a second one. My husband can not wait longer and well if he is doing something that helps with fitness and something he loves doing in general then I am definitely game.
  11. awesomesue

    Brulee 2.0

    Nope. I have a coworker that loves it but I have not tried it.
  12. Last night I got home and did home things. Ate dinner, showered, and completely forgot about the workout. On an up note I slept 10 hours. Wow! So today is strength work, kicking, and I will run but keep it to a mile until I know the foot can handle more. I am erring on the side of caution like you charlomechfry. Food went well and despite craving some junk I had none. I ate slower and stopped when satisfied but not full. Today: B: same as yesterday L: cauliflower soup, clementine orange, and a veg burger...I love our veg burgers! D: it is a breakfast for dinner night with kiddo so I think she is wanting us to make pancakes so we can slap some into the freezer. I should be able to ride tomorrow! There is enough dry road. In all honesty I could have ridden to work today. I slept so hard and long that no one in the house realized that I was not up already doing my thing. LOL As a result I had 20 to get moving, dressed, pack lunch, and make a breakfast for kiddo.
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