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  1. I was offered an internship with Fish and Wildlife years ago with the possibility of a job. Yeah I had to be on fishing vessels for days at a time doing counts of fish species and other things. It would have been on the Great Lakes and I would have to travel to Michigan every couple weeks. At the time I looked at my husband and said no. He was going through therapy from an injury anyway and needed my help. Family won out over stink boat guys. Hey I hope you get the position.
  2. I hope you are feeling better and back in the water! You sick and recovering and the pool shut down for maintenance...LOL I think it means a pretty solid rest/recovery period. How is the food doing?
  3. So make that 4.5 points for the week used (17 out of 28 used). We opted for a different meal for dinner. Half a serving of ramen with pork and soft boiled eggs. Then the spouse came home with cinnamon rolls and well there went a point. Kind of irritated with my choice. Anyway ran a little yesterday and the foot feels great today. I am still going to err on the side of caution. We have our martial arts class again tonight so I will see come tomorrow if it is really all better. I walked 2 miles and did body weight strength work. I also worked on some bike speed intervals. Today we have a potluck for the two retired coworkers that passed suddenly since January. I packed food I knew I could eat and not use points just in case we have pizza tonight. Plus I do not enjoy potlucks when most is store bought crud that is so overly processed. Does not taste good to me and does not help me reach my goals. I have spinach dip and veggies I cut up to have with it. Today: B: egg & bacon (love our market that smokes it) and a biscuit my husband made (so I am at 5.5 points for the week and 18 total) L: veggies is all I know for now. D: ??? Again I am going to be very smart with lunch not knowing what dinner may be other than pizza. I can be fine with a single serving of pizza saving that 0.5 points if we do pancakes this weekend. I can still have a very small one and be okay point wise. I love working the points this way in that it really makes me plan and think about my choices. I am forced to decide if it is worth it now or save it for later when I know something is coming up. Does not mean I make the right choice every time (hello you lovely cinnamon rolls...glad I had a serving although I wanted way more).
  4. Oh tried having it for dinner a long time ago. That did not end well for my husband and I. LOL
  5. Noooo! With a burned hand as well....ouch. Hope you feel better very soone.
  6. Glad to hear you are back at it and feeling better.
  7. How is it going? Get through the 5 days?
  8. It has been a challenge. LOL It has only been 9 days since I had soda. Luckily I do not drink other drinks with sugars or in general. I am a coffee, water, tea (unsweetened), and soda once in a while kind of gal. Once in a while is once a week to every couple weeks on average but then there are weekends I drink more instead. Ugh. I thought it would be easier since I do not even have it every week let alone every day.
  9. Keeping it simple for the foot seems to be helping. I did a mile today with only mild tenderness before doing it and all is well. However with the added martial arts classes now I ought to give myself some time to adjust for now. Granted thanks to what I studied before I feel like the basics are definitely pretty strong but physically I guess I need to catch up. LOL I think in March we are picking up a second one. My husband can not wait longer and well if he is doing something that helps with fitness and something he loves doing in general then I am definitely game.
  10. awesomesue

    Brulee 2.0

    Nope. I have a coworker that loves it but I have not tried it.
  11. Last night I got home and did home things. Ate dinner, showered, and completely forgot about the workout. On an up note I slept 10 hours. Wow! So today is strength work, kicking, and I will run but keep it to a mile until I know the foot can handle more. I am erring on the side of caution like you charlomechfry. Food went well and despite craving some junk I had none. I ate slower and stopped when satisfied but not full. Today: B: same as yesterday L: cauliflower soup, clementine orange, and a veg burger...I love our veg burgers! D: it is a breakfast for dinner night with kiddo so I think she is wanting us to make pancakes so we can slap some into the freezer. I should be able to ride tomorrow! There is enough dry road. In all honesty I could have ridden to work today. I slept so hard and long that no one in the house realized that I was not up already doing my thing. LOL As a result I had 20 to get moving, dressed, pack lunch, and make a breakfast for kiddo.
  12. Foot hurt a little yesterday after the run which was only a mile but today feels great. I am going to keep the runs super short for now until it sorts out. Did 500 punches yesterday, ran, and walked 3 miles. Today is strength, kicks, and bike fun. I want to get to commuting again. Food went as planned and at dinner I did over eat by just a smidge. Basically I ate a little too fast. I ended up skipping the soup for lunch because I was full after the salad and orange. By the time I was hungry it was time to go so I did not bother. Today: B - carrots, celery, pickled ginger, brown rice (not even a 1/4 cup), and avocado L - cauliflower soup and a very small salad with olive oil and vinegar for dressing D - left overs with roasted veg which will use a point So that is 3 points for the week and 15.5 out of 28 for the challenge. Feeling okay with that right now. Our meals are completely planned for the week like I said. A quick grocery yesterday on my way home (yeah for walking home carrying my back pack from work and 2 bags of grocery trudging uphill through snowy and slushy roads for fun...and it really was fun honestly) finalized out the food for the week so I can say it is all planned.
  13. GGGggggrrrrrrrrr! That was my best let's crush this growl. In our martial arts class last night one instructor said to make any noise that helps us feel powerful if we want and then they smiled. I growled which made people laugh including the instructor.
  14. Hope the past couple days have been amazing! Hey for each day you hit your goals give yourself 30-60 extra game time on that or another day...you can bank them for a mega game day even.
  15. I could not get that much sleep in no matter how much I try. LOL Pretty fantastic.
  16. Uh oh...I may have tanked on this one this morning. Numbers 2 and 5 are a no go after a few obscenities mutter regarding other drivers this morning on slushy roads. They did not hear of course but I made it known in the car to my hubby what I thought of those other drivers shall we say. :0 Great theme for the week!
  17. I do one egg unless it is a large banana and also like to add pumpkin puree to it. In those cases if it is a medium banana then I definitely use 2 eggs. Add some pumpkin pie spice then Bob's your uncle.
  18. That darn part of my foot is a little swollen again today. So I ran a mile okay yesterday, strength trained, played with Giggle the Sledgehammer of fun, walked about 2 miles, and we attended our Gongkwon Yusul class which was fantastic! Food stayed as planned for yet another win for the day. My muscles are a tad achy today but nothing bad and it is all good as well as expected. I feel bad I am not getting on other challenges much lately but with our changing schedule and all the fun to be had with signing up for ma classes now it is keeping me busy. Shoot in a couple months we want to add Haidong Gumdo to the mix. That along with what we started with are taught back to back so why not stay an extra hour and learn more. Today I will try another mile to two miles of running and of course some Gongkwon practice (30 minutes or more). Oh yes yesterday I did stop when satisfied and did not over eat at all. Being mindful of it has helped for sure. Food: B - egg, pork I had cooked in the crockpot and shredded before freezing, onion, and a ww bun...not a homemade but there are no additives so I am good with it. We rarely eat them since we make our own but this is good quality and no crud in it. L - clementine orange, cauliflower soup (oh yum!), salad (leaf lettuce and a vinegar with olive oil. I did not have time to add other items) D - chicken paprika with roasted veg (celery and carrots?) It will use 1 point since I am keeping the noodles in check and they are minimally processed and some sour cream will be only what is needed. It will most likely make dinner for 2 nights thus I will only have about 1 oz of sour cream a night. Feeling pretty awesome.
  19. Week 3: Planned: Monday:Strength + cross train - I am also going to try a short run at lunch today Tuesday:Run Wednesday:Speed work bike + strength Thursday:Run Friday: strength + cross train Saturday:Long run Sunday:Long ride Week 3: Revised! Run 1-2 3x Run 3 Bike 30 minutes speed Bike 1 hour long ride Completed: Monday: strength db lvl 3 A. made progress on push ups and dips but not there on dips yet + a few minutes of sledgehammer fun Extras: walked 2 miles, ran 1 mile, Gongkwon class Tuesday: kept run to 1mile (sore foot for the day but today it is absolutely fine!) Extras: walked 3 miles, ran 1 mile, practiced punches for a total of 500. arms are a tad tired but not bad. Wednesday: missed it all...what? I will make it up today plus do the small run that I will keep at 1 mile for now. Extras: walked 3 miles Thursday: ran 1 mile and doing fine with the foot, bike speed work, body weight workout to keep it simple. Extras: walked 2 miles and practiced kicks. Friday: Saturday: Sunday:
  20. Yep been stretching it and massaging it. It is right below the ball of my foot in a very specific spot. Today it is much better. Not 100% but better. I did not get in much walking or running this weekend so it had a fair amount of rest. Overall foods went as planned this weekend. What a relief! Last week ended with 5.5 points for the week and 12.5 for the challenge. I had all whole foods. Yesterday I enjoyed some fresh strawberries for lunch and dessert. Felt good. I spent most of the weekend taking care of a sick family but everyone is on the mend and I seem to be fighting off the crud so that is a relief. I am going to try a very short run today, strength, and cross training (sledge hammer happiness). We also have our martial arts class tonight so that is something to definitely look forward to. Oh I tried this delicious roasted cauliflower soup from the Scouts Kitchen thread. Oh my. I used frozen cauliflower since we did not have fresh. I thawed it some to remove some moisture and roasted in about 10 minutes longer. I used milk since we did not have the other options available. I did scald the milk to prevent any issues for me which worked. It is creamy and wonderful. I did use a cup less of the stock it calls for. Definitely going into the rotation of soups I like to keep made and in the freezer for quick meals. Honestly I can non remember most of the foods I ate. I skipped lunch on Friday and I know I kept it as planned for Friday. Saturday was eggs for breakfast with homemade bread. Lunch was that soup. Dinner was taco night with red cabbage. Sunday was strawberries, eggs, pears, bread, burgers, oven fries. I stopped eating when satisfied for all but one meal. Today food is: B: almond milk/protein/pumpkin puree L: cauliflower soup + lime greek yogurt (so that is one point for the week) D: left over taco items with red cabbage Pretty simple. I did not have to plan too much for this week. I am getting better at keeping that rolling in advance. Constantly looking ahead when at the store which makes it easier.
  21. awesomesue

    Brulee 2.0

    Doing great Kim! I go through period of IF and have had the same results. I will do it for a while then drop it and then pick it up again. Right now I am not doing it but will probably pick it up again in a month or two.
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