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  1. Hmmm I think I'll check out that youtube channel! Right now I can't afford classes or a gym membership so I'm sticking with what I can do for free. Thanks for the tips!
  2. Read for 20 minutes today. WORKOUT Rest Day FOOD Breakfast - Eggs, salsa & avocado 1/2 Lunch - Burrito bowl Dinner - Frittata & apple Snacks - Mixed nuts, cookies & ice cream - FAIL Had a stressful day at work and then was craving sweets so I binged on cookies and ice cream This has been my problem area for a while now - binging. Any advice on how to deal with it? I'm thinking about trying to make biking or walking my go to anecdote because I think doing something outside (or i guess really anything that doesn't require
  3. Good for you! I LOVE that you're putting your health first and are determined to keep up your good habits when you go to Dallas! I've heard a lot of great things about yoga, but have never actually tried it. It's on my fitness bucket list.
  4. TODAY'S WORKOUT Jogged a total of 17 minutes and didn't start walking until after 12 minutes. Makin' progress! Total (jogging & walking) I went 2.8 miles. Slow and steady! Interval Circuit 10 Backward lunges followed with single arm press (both legs) 10 Hollow Rocks 10 Single leg deadlifts 10 burpees x3 FOOD Breakfast - Eggs, salsa & avocado 1/2 Lunch - Burrito bowl (black beans, corn, rice, spinach, salsa, avocado 1/2, chipotle sauce) Dinner - Frittata & apple Snacks - Mixed nuts My food log for
  5. So fun discovery - I'm less fit than I thought! Haha good thing I'm gonna change that! For today's workout I did some pushups and could only do 3 consecutively. I thought I could do at least 5, but guess not! Also, my run was more of a slow jog with walking breaks. So here's to changing that! TODAY'S WORKOUT Jogged a total of 16 minutes. There was plenty of walking in between, but I stopped my watch during that time. Interval Circuit: 15 squats 15 situps 15 pushups x3 FOOD Breakfast - Eggs, salsa & avocado 1/2 Lunch -
  6. Great goals - they're very similar to mine so i'll be following along! I'm also now the heaviest I've ever been and so am also feeling motivated to change that. Also, your future home in China is SWEET!!!! I'm super jealous!!!
  7. I just finished grad school, landed a job, and am now starting to ease myself into adulting and feeling out my new home! In the past, I've always let school (and the stress that comes along with it) get in the way of me bettering myself physically and otherwise. Now that that excuse is gone, I've got nothin' but laziness standing between the me of today and the me of tomorrow. Now I need to muster up some motivation and just do it! GOALS: 1. NO GRAINS Exceptions: Rice. Also, I'll allow myself a beer on the weekends and an occasional lunch out with coworkers during
  8. Nice goals! Hiking the world is awesome. I'm super jealous. Good luck this challenge!
  9. In the previous challenge I did the 3 week superhero challenge during my nf challenge. The superhero challenge requires you to check in daily on the website and log your water intake, diet, and exercise. During those weeks, I met my nf goals perfectly. After those weeks ended, I didn’t do so well. Moral of the story: accountability is HUGE!! it keeps you focused on the goal and is something I need to do more of – sooo that’s the plan for this challenge: GOALS: Log food intake and exercise DAILYDoesn’t matter what food I eat this challenge, as long as I log it. When I give myself foo
  10. Interval running is tough, but it's great cuz the pain is shortlived. I run for the breaks! Plus, over time doing intervals improves your endurance. I've been doing 1/4 mile sprints run followed by a .05 mile walk 4 times and that's been helping me cut my 5k time. Keep up the good work!
  11. Week 4 Update: This past week was the last week of the superhero challenge. I didn't follow it perfectly (after day 18 I kinda caved. . .oops), but overall thought it was a good experience which I learned a lot from - nutrition wise and exercise wise. PALEO - Failed it. I started off great, but then I went home for fall break and didn't eat paleo much at all. I feel kinda bad about it since it was my goal this challenge, but not too bad. I don't go home very often and enjoyed trying out the new sandwich shop, cupcake shop, etc. at home. I DO need to work on portion control though and defi
  12. Is there a motivation charm? Cuz without one of those, that time turner won't do me any good!
  13. Great job beating your PB! Woohoo!! I think your goals for the second half of the challenge look good! Giving yourself a schedule is really smart. I've found that I work much more efficiently when I have a schedule set. Without one, I rarely get anything productive done.
  14. Time for mid-challenge measurements: Starting Measurements: Current Measurements: Change: Weight: 171.5 lbs Weight: 169 lbs Weight: -2.5 lbs Waist: 33.25" Waist: 32.5" Waist: -0.75" Hip: 39.75" Hip: 38.5" Hip: -1.25" Chest: 38.75" Chest: 38"
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